The first 100 days of the new White House have come to pass with nothing notable accomplished on a positive note. Truth be told, nothing at all has been accomplished except for pissing people off. The lowest approval rating of all time. I wish I could say I’m disappointed, but I can’t. Everything is going just as I predicted back in November when I was actually disappointed. You remember that far back, right? November 8th, 2016, Super Tuesday, America became a bad joke.

Trump is the definition of reprobate.

  1. 1.
    an unprincipled person (often used humorously or affectionately).
    synonyms: rogue, rascal, scoundrel, miscreant, good-for-nothing, villain, wretch, rake, degenerate, libertine, debauchee; More

  2. 2.
    (especially in Calvinism) a sinner who is not of the elect and is predestined to damnation.
  1. 1.
    unprincipled (often used as a humorous or affectionate reproach).
    “a long-missed old reprobate drinking comrade”
    synonyms: unprincipled, bad, roguish, wicked, rakish, shameless, immoral, degenerate, dissipated, debauched, depraved;

    “reprobate behavior”
  2. 2.
    (in Calvinism) predestined to damnation.

  1. 1.
    express or feel disapproval of.
    “his neighbors reprobated his method of proceeding”

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We’re about 150 days into the T-Bag Party and the chief strategy seems to be to just continue to LIE and DENY. A political infant’s administration in its infancy can’t learn to crawl let alone walk.

Fuckface Von Clownstick is having nearly every problem imaginable. If I could summon sympathy I’d have to go to church this Sunday and ask forgiveness. From the simplest task to the actual business of being a leader, he has shown us one failure, bad decision, and poor judgement after another. (this is putting it lightly)

What’s he to do? Attack on Twitter, make up statistics, deny investigations, fire those that oppose, (he’s running into a lot of empty chairs) appoint more unqualified family and friends to White House positions, or learn (at least try to learn) what the fuck he’s doing? The answer, of course, is the former.

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He has yet to fulfill a single promise he made. Most of them I thank God for. He keeps backing down. Reneging. Simply put…He’s a reneger.

Since he admittedly doesn’t read or use the internet preferring instead to watch TV, why doesn’t someone turn him on to House of Cards? Or, if he wants to continue his racist and anti-human rights agenda, someone can turn him on to Boardwalk Empire. The four horsemen of the apocalypse (Trump, Bannon, Pence, and Sessions) would love it! In either of these epic series one could learn how to “secretly” run a corrupt government and still actually govern.

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The Lyin’ King’s biggest problem, aside from his ego, is the fact that he can’t fill the key seats in the White House. Not because he can’t find qualified candidates, but because no one wants to work with him. Most people he has asked have gone on record stating they think he’s too unstable (yet predictable) and they worry it (He, President Lady Fingers) will ruin their political careers. This, of course, is leaving him with few options but to hire outside the government. i.e. A friends and family plan. It’s like an old fucking Sprint commercial! (Maybe he’s getting kick backs)

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I have a suggestion here…

Hey, Orange Douchecicle, hire illegal immigrants. They are already working the other jobs no one else wants! (he said in a speech though, he doesn’t want poor people in his cabinet. He has hired three Goldman Sachs Wall Street billionaires to take on the problems in our failing economy.)

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He can’t fill a cabinet, but he cancelled the agreement with Cuba. This deal only let US back in. He doesn’t like where the American dollar is going, nor what it’s being spent on. The Cuban government is taking the money. People, our government takes our money, and Shitfuck McTrump wants more of it.

He tells us he won’t do more than renegotiate “the deal” until they become more like America and practice diplomacy and democracy. Whu? Are you fucking kidding me? He refers to it as the “Castro Regime.” (Does he know castro is dead?) Should he, the master of nothing, The Donald, have his way we’ll be under a communist regime!

Just last week the orange idiot appointed long-time friend and family events coordinator, Lynn Patton, to lead the Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) region overseeing New York and New Jersey. She has, like Betsy Devos, Steve Bannon, Jared Kushner, and his loving daughter and dream girl, Ivanka Trump, zero fucking experience.

Today there was an announcement that he, Trumpelstilskin, is cutting affordable housing…Wait…that excludes the parts of it where he and Kushner make money.

True to form from Trump’s White House, she is a fat lying bitch. (Ha, try again to hold me liable. There isn’t a false word in that alleged slur.) But let’s face it, he needed a token black woman, right?

Her LinkedIn account states that she has a law degree from Quinnipaic School of Law, but when contacted the registrar stated she only attended for two semesters and certainly didn’t graduate. To her credit though, her account states that she has worked planning events (even the wedding) for the D-bag since 2009. Also, she was vice president of the Eric Trump Foundation (you know, Donald’s big-eared no-chinned son) which is now under investigation for funneling $110,000 to the Trump Foundation (D-Bag’s personal wallet it seems) that was meant to go to the Saint Jude’s Research Hospital. For those of you that don’t know, Saint Jude’s treats and does research for kids with cancer. But really, does a dying kid need a chance at survival more than Trump needs a giant portrait of himself. (I’m actually fighting back tears and vomit as I type.)

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Wait, I’m not done…

The Eric trump Foundation, legally, paid The (Donald) Trump Foundation 1.2 million dollars for use of the golf courses even though they (the Trumps) claim the courses were a use-for-free, no-fee family donation. Purportedly, the Cheetoh colored inhuman personally ordered his company to start billing the Eric trump Foundation for use of the property.

Here’s what happened…

The first years of the charitable event had a buy-in of $5000. A fun day at a basement price for the wealthy to play a round of golf, look good in the eyes of the public, and get a tax write off.

Donors were told that the money was going to Saint Jude’s when actually, half the money went to a few other charity organizations that had particular family interests. Hmmm. Oh yeah, the giant portrait of me charity, aka, The trump Foundation.

Adolf Twitler saw an opportunity. Keep raising the buy-in. Great! The kids win. No. The “donation” for the tournament went to $100,000 but Saint Jude’s got little more.

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So, take candy from a baby and you’re a dick. Take life from a baby and you’re the lowest form of fucking life on the fucking planet. This is the president Of the (un) United States of America?

Russian collusion? Who actually gives a fuck? People went to the fucking voting booths, mailed in ballots and gave this asshole the thumbs up. (HE DID NOT WIN THE POPULAR VOTE, BUT THAT’S BESIDE THE FUCKING POINT) I have to say publicly what I’ve said privately…You fucking ignorant fucks! (those voting for him mostly didn’t have gas money, so they loaded up in the back of pick-ups and rode out of the holler. Whooo)

My belief in the U.S. is waning. The fact that there have been no real attempts to eject this fucking deranged greedy asshole have me stunned. Reality is a TV series?  Get of your ass and scream!

The best thing I’ve read this week is the nearly media nonexistent Kellyanne Conway saying if she died Twitter would celebrate. Fuck Twitter, I’ll throw a party and the ENTIRE WORLD is invited. I do throw down a pretty good barbecue party…

We’ll consider the proposed Trump care bill soon. It was finally release to the public today, but I have finished this rant and am still seething.


Amid the in-fighting, nepotistic, unqualified, yet bitchy and whiny, White House allegory lies the issue of national healthcare and it’s need for reform.

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I’ve stated numerous times that Obamacare wasn’t a fit plan. In its inception, it was a good idea as it took most of the first draft from Hillary’s pitch back in 1993. For “republican reasons” the plan failed to pass congress.

The King of Combovers is waiting on Obamacare to “explode.” His moronic self can’t see the difference between “ex” and “im.” It’s caving in on itself.

Obamacare went through so many changes from proposal to bill it was hardly recognizable. The republicans kept deleting, adding, and rewriting the document until it was a freaking Frankenstein-like tome. Over 800 pages. Try to read the damn thing.

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I did love it when White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer brought the document to the podium and showed the size difference with the Trumpcare proposal looking like a fucking pamphlet sitting next to the “Affordable” healthcare act. (similar to Trump’s hands versus a man’s hands.) Mr. Spicer, you dumbass, that’s because Trumpcare had nothing to offer. It’s all a take away game. The filthy rich have nothing to lose no matter what coverages are delete.

This take away game looks like this…

  • No paid maternity leave.
  • No prescription plan
  • No mental health care
  • No emergency services
  • No pediatric care
  • No hospitalization
  • No rehab
  • No preventive care
  • No labs
  • No ambulatory services

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Well, tell me you fucking orange idiot, what the hell is left? Oh yeah, nothing. Well, that’s affordable.

The ugly Oval Office Ornament is now open to discussions with anyone that may know what the hell is actual healthcare.

I’m here to help, so here goes…

First let’s look at income ratios and expendable income.

The folks that voted for Trump are made up mostly of the “unenriched.” Those folks within and below the poverty level. (the ones freaking out about the threat of their free insurance being taken away) The ones putting down their Busch beers asking, “What have we done? This feller is taking away part of our free ride and is in cahoots with the danged Russians.”

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The next tier is the ever decreasing middle-class. The ones out working for a living and just getting by. Trying to get the slice of American pie. Ya know, buy a house, have a couple of kids, a dog, a retirement plan and some fucking insurance that they can actually afford! Ha! Bend over and grab your ankles folks cuz you’re getting’ reamed, and I don’t mean in that happy elevator sex kinda way.

The next tier doesn’t matter because the wealthy can afford healthcare.

According to our beloved government, expendable income is our paychecks after taxes. Not after paying bills, but after TAXES!

Let’s start here…

Expendable income should be based on the income bracket a person falls into, and the average cost of living in your demographic, and not a national statistic. Born from this we get a much clearer picture of what “expendable” income is.

Let’s look at this example…

Portland, Oregon

Median income: $55,000 ($4,583 monthly gross: roughly $3600 net)

Median home value: $406,000 (amortized over 30 years with average 5% interest rate=$1842 monthly)

Home owner’s insurance: $1400 annualy ($118 monthly)

Utilities: $170

Food and house/cleaning products: $500

Phone: $100

Car payment: $400

Car insurance: $160

Gas: $160

Expendable monthly income: $150

This is a MONTH, folks! Living high on the hog, right?

Basic health insurance via Obamacare based on 55K a year: $380

Do the fucking math! No wait. I just did.

So, if you take all the assurance out of insurance we have Trumpcare. Meaning no insurance. Yay!!! Though we have yet to get the proposed cost for nothing I’ll still bet it’s more than I can afford.

Let’s now reform this bullshit…

Since it’s obvious the disappearing middle class can’t really afford to have diarrhea because it costs too much for toilet paper and flushing we’ll have to approach this aggressively yet kinderly. By this I mean let’s Robin Hood the hell out of it.

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First off health insurance needs to mimic, in a way, car insurance. Modules. If you’re not going to need maternity leave, my man, then there’s no need to pay for it. If you’re a priest, nun, a eunuch, or Morrissey, you won’t be needing child or prenatal care. You see where this is going?

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Everyone, with the exception of the habitual welfare system abusers (I’ll explain why in a minute), should have the absolute right to beneficial healthcare. How do we get there you ask? Simple. We let the Trump’s of the world pay the way. They have true expendable income so their insurance should be “affordable” accordingly.

Related image

Let’s make the average cost of basic healthcare 1% of “real” expendable income. Johnny Brokeass living in Portland, Oregon that has $150 after working his ass off and paying his own way should have his health benefits for around $1.50 a month. This depends of course on the modules chosen, but for the sake of argument let’s include the essentials Trump wants to relieve us of minus what Johnny doesn’t need, but not forgetting Jane. She may have a module or two that she requires.

The guy with an annual income of 15 million bucks and has household expenditures (not fucking luxury spending) of $25,000 a month has $1,225,000 as expendable cash. His healthcare costs $12,250 a month. That’s total fair and completely reasonable, right? Argue with me. Please!

Now back to “basics”…

There will be four basic plans: Males 18-55; Females 18-55; Children from birth-18 and the populous 55 and above. Additional modules will cost a bit more and still work from the cost of living-income ratio.

The welfare abusers get dick. (please read, or reread, my post on welfare reform, published May 24th, 2016, before you start bitching) They brae like asses about Mexicans taking jobs but they won’t work. They have a blatant disregard of a “working society,” and a lack of self-respect. They abuse a system built to help those truly in need. This shall leave them with nothing. Since they don’t have income they get no fucking coverage. If they’re not participating then they’re wasting valuable resources. Message to those: Get a fucking job or die in a ditch that a Mexican dug you fucking air-sucking waste of skin! (I mean that in the nicest way. Really.)

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No more bullshit. No HMO. (health maintenance organization) No PPO. (preferred provider organization). No EPO. (exclusive provider organization) Moving forward there will only be AIM. (America’s inclusive medical. And yes, I just made that up.) And there is no medical professional exempt. All doctors will be paid the same regardless of who they see; Trump and Johnny Brokeass receive the same care. Period. This will also aid in weeding out the archaic practitioners and the fucking quacks that work for the pharmcos and those that simply work to milk the insurance company.

Prescription drugs are inclusive and nothing will be out of range because co-pays won’t exist. i.e. Drugs are free to the policy holder and the insurance company is 100% responsible. This likely will lead to the government capping the pharcos as the pillaging of the poor man’s bank account has been arrested.

We won’t need subsidies like Medicare and Medicaid or Aetna because our benefits will be fully comprehensive customized to our needs as we are the ones who put our modular plan together.

What happens to the jobs of those subsidy companies, you ask? Easy. They work for the ONE insurance company we now have. By law, the once largest legalized thieving insurance companies either merge or dissolve. They’ll be zero need for underwriters because there is only ONE company for insurance. Period.

Deductibles under this reform, if any, will be soley based on the income-cost of living ratios. Meaning NO set minimums or maximums.

The employees of Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House will be given an expense account with a cap and deductibles for travel, security, and hotels. No free dinners or entertaining on our tax dollars. This money will go towards aiding the health of the people, not the wealth of a slimy fucking politician.

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All medical research will be paid in full by the federal government, and in part, by stopping the frivolous spending of our tax dollars by the politicians.

As well, we need diplomats not increased military spending, or a wall. Fuck Donald-Fucking-Trump and save billions for the health of America.

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Planned Parenthood will be free to all, but redefined. The right to choose will be an absolute in given circumstances. It will not be an advanced form of birth control. If a woman is sexually assaulted, the baby is going to have a debilitating birth defect or will harm the woman then abortion is an option.

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Should this be a consensual act or “oops,” you’re having a baby. Adoption shall be a choice with no stipulations, but abortion is only for extreme circumstances.

A vasectomy or tubal ligation shall always be free and sans a waiting period.  Mandatory if you are a Trump. (“Make America Great Again” = No Trumps!) Contraceptives are always free to the public thanks to one less tank in Iraq.

Healthcare will include, at no cost, non- modular euthanization. It shall be mandatory for rapists, murderers, (not those in self-defense) child molesters, those not fit for society whether it be mental or physical disorders where they are dependent on the state. This includes welfare and SSI cases. In cases of zero doubt those unrehabilitate-able shall be put to death immediately. This cares for our health i.e. Healthcare. No sense wasting the tax money keeping them alive or paying for Trump to play golf while his wife shops in Manhattan. Our government isn’t broke; we are.

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So there you have it…


Now go plant a tree. We’ll discuss the environment,soon.

Trump Wars

On this site we celebrate, and take full advantage of, our 1st Amendment rights. This blog was taken offline again. (for the 3rd time)

It is merely a forum for discussion. Oppose, agree, rant, rave, protest, laugh, enjoy, hate, love, and, of course, comment.

The tweeting twat in charge of the button will receive a link to this blog-site today with warmest regards. I ask that you all spread the word to friends and family to join in the fun here.

Now, on with the show…

First the Word Game…

I love playing the daily word game. You know the one where you’re given a word and see how many other words you can make from its letters?

I played with “GOVERNMENTAL” today and came up with an astounding bunch of words that relate to our current predicament. i.e. Donald-Fucking-Trump.

Let’s play…

Govern (something he can’t fucking do)

Nerve (something he has a lot of)

Revenge (something he seeks on all those that oppose him. He is one busy motherfucker)

Rage (what I FEEL when I read the fucking news)

Tavern (where I go because he is in office and I need to drown my sorrows)

Voter (as one, I didn’t cast mine his way)

Game (how “The Donald” views the presidency)

Gamer (Steve Bannon)

Grave (our situation with T-Bag as President)

Tale (he tells a many)

Real (I can’t believe it is)

Verge (we are on the verge of being nuked)

Teem (as in his office is teeming with idiots)

Relent (I just can’t, but he should)

Large (not his hands, penis, or intellect, but merely his ego)

Meal (He’s taking funding from “Meals on wheels.” No more feeding the old folks under this administration. “It’s wasteful.”)

Lame (Kinda says it all, huh?)

Vent (what he does about his “enemies”, and what I do regarding him)

Ream (what Satan will do to his ass when he gets “HOME”)

Overt (his open ignorance of everything)

Real (like , I can’t believe this is, and “Let’s get real, douche nozzle, huh?”)

Lore (he and his “friends” setting the tone for history)

Term (the one he hopefully doesn’t finish)

Trog (as in troglodyte)

Elate (“It will elate me when this fucktard has shut the fuck up.”)

Alert (what will be sounded when the nukes head our way)

Lantern (what we’ll need after WWIII)

Love (what I don’t feel for this cocksucker)

Realm (as we are in the realm of HIS reality)

Mental (duh, see “Trump” in the forthcoming dictionary)

Leer (him looking at women)

Gore (his presidency thus far)

Groan (what I do every time I see his face or hear him speak)

Torn (see Paul Ryan)

Gone (maybe all of us, or hopefully, just him and his administration)

Great (what he is not making America again)

There’s more, but we need to get to the meat of it all…

Trump is at war. Not with just China, North Korea, Muslims, the elderly, Democrats, the Supreme Court, Republicans, facts, Obama, Mexico, the media, terror, all 13 intelligence agencies based in the U.S., the EPA, the State Department, smart people, women, the idiots that voted for him, the people that didn’t vote for him, immigrants, refugees, travelers, his staff, and healthcare, (“who would have thought it would be so difficult? Trump asked.) And where will he stop? NOBODY KNOWS!

Image result for trump war

His biggest enemy is himself. He is petty, weak, stupid, ignorant, maniacal, dilutional, racist, egotistical, arrogant, belligerent, obsessive, regressive, compulsive, erratic, misogynistic, totalitarian, sociopathic, bipolar, paranoid and a heaping pile of lying shit. (“And believe me, folks”, that’s the short list.)

As he goes about his days ignoring the morning briefings to watch Fox News, he allows those around him to speak for him. Kellyanne has all but been booted from interviews due to her lack of credibility, Bannon keeps us on track to a white America agenda, and Spicer can’t answer a direct question with any form of honesty.

Image result for trump insane

He is mentally unstable and seems buried in his paranoia and conspiracies. He’s jumped from birtherism to rigged elections when he was behind, voter fraud due to (3 million?) illegal voters when he lost the popular vote by over three million, then fake news, National Security’s immediate need for a travel ban on (radical) Muslims and now he has another crisis (distraction) in the form of “wiretapping” by none other than another of his enemies, Barak Obama. A completely fabricated accusation by Trumpelstilskin made during the continuing probes by the “real government” into his ties with Russia. He still refuses to produce any proof because he has none.

For real, the walking ball sack sent aides on an emergency run to get aluminum foil to wrap all the phones in the White House. It was reported he was screaming at Kellyanne , “Wrap it tighter!”

Image result for trump insane

Fortunately, Kellyanne clarified the “wiretapping” crisis in a broader spectrum. It’s in our fucking microwaves! Holy shit! (this morning I had a covert conversation with my coffee maker and fridge to watch that deceitful appliance that I reheat coffee in. Thank you, Kellanne, you stupid fucking fucktard, for the heads-up. My blog was taken offline again. Traitorous Fucking Microwave!)

Image result for kellyanne microwave

In his informed superiority, his highness read the news of his alleged wiretaps on Brieitbart. (you know the Alt-Right propaganda site? It has to be true if it’s on the internet, right? He’s a fart smeller. No no. I mean a smart feller) I predict he’ll be wearing a tinfoil hat soon to keep us from reading his mind.

Image result for trump tin foil hat

And then to make America great again…

He’s proposing cutting funds to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the State Department, environmental protection (which warmonger Mathis is against) and government jobs.

He wants to cut, in his urgency to create jobs, 30,000 employees from the FAA. (Federal Aviation Association) A single example of a 13 percent CUT in the transportation department alone. (yeah, he’s looking out for us)

“All American Steele to build the Keystone pipeline!” And then a shipment from Canada lands with Russian steel pipes. 28 metric tons so far.

A deal cock-blocked by Obama, the one to sell munitions to Saudi Arabia, is back on the table with T-RUMP meeting with his full approval. They aren’t on his proposed travel ban list, but they have been largely involved with terrorism on American soil. Remember 9/11? Fifteen of the assholes directly involved in the hijackings were Saudis. As well, Osama bin Laden was a Saudi!

Image result for saudi munitions trump

The deal has been approved by “HIS” State Department. 60 billion. (Oooh, look at all those zeros, Trump. You’re one of them. A zero that is.) Is this an act of treason?

Trump and Pence want “Roe versus Wade” thrown out. Abortion? Ladies your bodies don’t belong to you. You are property of the PO(U)TUS and his V.P. (way to grab ‘em by the pussy guys.)

Image result for trump abortion

(too bad his mother lacked the foresight)

Newly appointed U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is falling back to the 1930’s with “Reefer Madness” declaring weed “slightly less dangerous than heroin.” (did this asshole really go through high school and college without smoking some shitty brown Mexican weed?) Certainly, he’s never done heroin, but I’d be willing to bet he’s taken an (opiate) Oxy or two for some sort of pain. No? It is the doctors new “lollipop.”)

Image result for sessions marijuana

White House security and the Secret Service (Why it is considered a secret when everyone knows about it?) are in failure and trump is seriously worried. They caught a fence jumper on the White House grounds carrying two cans of mace. It could just as easily been a suicide bomber, ya know, one of those Radical Islamists, or Madonna even, to take care of the nation’s biggest problem. Maybe this guy didn’t jump the fence. Maybe security let him in?

Image result for white house fence jumper

Available on XBOX ONE and PS4…


The Trump team is playing America like it’s a roleplaying game. (little known fact: Bannon was the CEO of a World of Warcraft gold-farming company=selling “gold” online to the gamers)

In Trump’s “reality” his “team” knows what they’re doing and will conquer the world with ridiculous executive orders, lies and threats. “The Fake.” (Has anyone noticed that his advisory team is made up of idiots that have never been involved in government or real politics just like him?)

Image result for trump role playing game

In the real world, Bannon is running the show from behind the curtain. (think Wizard of Oz) Of course the King of Combovers is pissed at the media for reporting/suggesting this and throwing childish tantrums screaming, “I’m the president! I’m the president!”

Bannon is T-bag’s chief strategist and now part of the National Security Council.  I’ll point again to the role-playing game. With the help of Bannon, Trump is declaring war in his game. Stepping into the POTIS role, the Orange Idiot took no time in creating global chaos. His biggest opponents in this game are a group of real people that make up most of the rest of the world, and the shitbag isn’t happy. “I’m the president! Do what I say! Please? Wah-wah-wah! I don’t have my binky. Somebody get me my binky!”

Image result for trump with pacifier

On a happy note…

Dolphins use blowfish to get high. They nibble on it and pass it around like a bong, taking in little hits of the toxin. It has a narcotic effect, and they keep the fish alive for as long as possible. (There’s always a bogart in the crowd.)

Image result for dolphins getting high with blowfish

I love dolphins.

Trump Dictatorship?

What in the hell is going on?  I’ll tell you what…

Trump is driving our country like he’s a one-armed drunken redneck with crabs!

Image result for one armed man with crabs driving

Somebody take his pen and lock him the fuck up!

This tyrannical idiot is a fucking terrorist. He is the protagonist of widespread propaganda, panic and fear.

Stalin and Hitler come to mind. They too, had visionary beginnings in their reign’s and quickly built their egomaniacal-enigmatic selves into the worst despots in modern times.

Image result for stalin hitler

In one just week, he has done more damage than Reagan and Bush Jr. did in their combined 16 years.

The 1st Amendment…

So far, due to his man-child’s bruised ego, he has ordered the Twitter account of the National Forestry Service to be suspended because they showed side-by-side pictures of the crowds of his versus Obama’s inaugurations. (his much bigger with empty space)

Image result for inauguration obama trump

He also put a gag order on the government scientists that work(ed) for the Environmental Protection Agency as he plans to all but shut the program down. (Remember, in his reality, global warming doesn’t exist and he couldn’t possibly let facts get in the way of” his truth”. i.e. “alternate facts.”)

Image result for epa trump

In both cases, there are many, termed as “rogue”, accounts popping up on Twitter continuing to relay the truth. The real truth. Of course, they are being systematically shut down.

Cheeto is also trying to find a way to control, or shut completely down, “parts” of the internet. He said it is vital because our enemies, the “Radical Islamists,” use the internet to recruit. (Hmmm. So do all of my favorite porn sites.)

Image result for trump grab pussy

Back to serious… (not that porn isn’t serious. It’s what built the internet and is still it’s number one industry and source of traffic)

I have Muslim neighbors, though not the cleanest of people, pose no threat to me. I spent about two hours today with their children while they chased my dog around the pond next to my house. No one wore suicide vests, and no one yelled “Allahu Akbar.” We ALL, as Americans, had a great time.

His ego…

In his first interview he proved true that the focus was on himself and his popularity.

He defended his speech at CIA headquarters, where, of course, he made the ass of himself most of us depend on. He claimed a great relationship with the intelligence community. (It’s shit to say the least.) He, during his campaign, had not one good word to say about American intelligence agencies, the ones that have allowed him to live virtually without worry and kept him safe enough to rip off everyone he came in contact with. (don’t shake hands with him if you’re wearing an expensive watch)

Image result for trump cia speech

He brought his own staff, and others, to CIA headquarters with him so someone would applaud his bullshit. Of course, when this came to light, just as when his many other lies were exposed, he denied it and further stated that his was one of the best speeches ever and met with a “tremendous” response. “Tremendous” maybe, but certainly not on the positive.

I’ll slip away a bit…

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I do think that the CIA was instrumental in the death of J.F.K. He ordered the end of the CIA. He was dead soon after, and the CIA, then was the most powerful agency on the planet, (NSA is now number one) is still going strong.

He’s reaching for straws and calling for an investigation into voter fraud because he can’t accept that he LOST the popular vote by nearly three-million cast ballots.


The Orange Idiot actually proposed doing away with the electoral college. The very thing that put him in the White House. Fortunately, the redneck senator from Kentucky, Mitch McConnell, talked him out of it. I think McConnell explained to T-bag how he came to be the President. (On this subject, there is evidence to support that nearly 50 of the electoral votes were illegally cast as there were conflicts of interest including living outside of their jurisdiction to holding other offices.)

Incidentally, McConnell completely disagrees with Trump on the Muslim ban. (many republicans are shying/running away. Whether they believe it’s wrong, or that if they back the Orange Douche they are going down. Career over.)

Meanwhile back at the ranch…(A good friend that uses that term often. I love you, Jen.)

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Trump can truly only focus on one particular subject. His ego. His fixation on his popularity (lack thereof) takes up most of his time. He doesn’t attend morning briefings and he refuses to give up his personal phone so his Twitter account stays under his control.

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His unpopularity is historic. He has set another record. The lowest rating of all time and has just narrowed out the worst by a few hundred days…

Days until achieving MAJORITY disapproval from Gallup (the most reputable source.)

Reagan: 727
Bush I: 1336
Clinton: 573
Bush II: 1205
Obama: 936

Trump: 8. days.

(Interesting? Hmmm. 36% is still a positive number, right? Well, it’s only going lower and can’t exceed zero. To him, anything above zero is “Tremendous”)


There’s a true series of mental problems. His blatant bigotry and disregard for others are famous. This is defined as pejorative.

He’s obsessed with himself. This is defined as narcissism.

He sequesters himself and is lacking of a conscience. This is a sociopath.

Opinion: The Opinion of Leading Psychologists Is That Trump Is Mentally Deranged


John D. Gartner, a psychotherapist who teaches at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore…” Malignent Narcissism.“

“Donald Trump is dangerously mentally ill and temperamentally incapable of being president,” Gartner said, citing his movements and behavior, pointing out the president’s tendency for grandiosity, sadism, aggressiveness, paranoia, and anti-social behavioral patterns.

“We’ve seen enough public behavior by Donald Trump now that we can make this diagnosis indisputably,” Gartner added.

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Back to it…

His agendas show us that he will further divide our country on women’s, gay’s, middle-class and ethic rights. Only the ignorant still stand by him. He played that card throughout his campaign.

With purpose, this man told all of us that he would turn our country into a dictatorial state without ever using the word. He played on the ignorance of the ignorant. He made people afraid. They didn’t know he was who they should be afraid of. He said only he could fix it. We’ll do things his way. As Americans, as citizens, we have one choice. We agree with him, or we risk losing our rights and filling the spaces left in the jails left by the criminals he decides need, even if citizens, deported or, coming soon…executed. (see Stalin,Hitler, Hussein and Gaddafi) All this piece of shit needs is a mustache. Hair Club?

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He’s singled out races, religions, and countries. What and who do you think is next?

He’s already spent billions of dollars trying to control who is where. He’s building a WALL between us and the rest of the world, not just Mexico, because he has his “plan” to save us. Who is going to save us from him?

Executive Orders…

Just over a dozen so far. Some are not worth mentioning, however, a few of them need OUR immediate attention.

He has put a freeze on ANY new or pending regulations or laws.  “We have enough” he proclaims. We have no laws to protect us from him. His fellow republicans are in fear. They know if he continues what’s to come. He promises to decrease environmental and business regulations in an aid to…destroy the planet.

A new regulation can only be adopted if two others are withdrawn. (one step forward; two steps back)

He has, in creating new jobs, put a freeze on government hiring.

He has called for the building of his wall on the Mexican-U.S. border.

He has “temporarily” banned immigration from seven predominately Muslim countries, as well as indefinitely stopped the Syrian refugee program.

Next will no one be allowed to get out? Hitler tried to create what he called Utopia. A blonde haired -blued eyed world. (he didn’t belong) Are we all going to have to be orange and have really bad comb-overs , or will he, too, describe a race he isn’t part of?

A close friend just sent me a link that is supposed to be funny. “Trump’s Reality” Like the show Portladia, it would be funny if it ALL weren’t real and true. This is fucking terrifying.



To further his plight to become the new dictator of the United States, “The Fucking Donald” has filled the west wing with the highest of the lowest. We now have a Brietbart, the extreme Alt-Right, Strategy team. Steve Bannon, in his ever-expanding role, has been appointed Chief Strategist to Trump. And now joining in on the reindeer games is Julia Hahn (Brietbart reporter) as Bannon’s aide, and Sebastian Gorka (Brietbart national security editor) has joined in with a likely role in the National Security Council. Could there be a better assembly than them to help Fucktard spread far-right propaganda and fear to the predominately uninformed, undereducated, weak-minded rednecks that swallow his bullshit like it’s Cheez Whiz on a Ritz cracker with a can of Busch beer? The answer: NO!

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What War? Civil unrest? Why would he care?

Gorbachev made a statement regarding this past week, the one with Aquanet imposing his “reality” on us and hating the rest of the world, (with the exception of Russia, of course) and telling us it’s a horrible and scary place. One that he alone can save us from.

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Gorbachev said, “The world looks as it as poised for war.” This is the guy who sat in the seat of Putin. He had a handle on the right not to fight; the decision not to fight. Not only did he employ others systematically, (as does any world leader in hopes of peace) but was a diplomat himself bent on positive world relations. Trump has fired ALL American diplomats, as they would only interfere. The ENTIRE senior management of the State Department resigned last week. The ENTIRE fucking staff is now gone. Everybody! Trump assures us that HE is doing a “tremendous” job and there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

Has anyone told this fucking moron that these management seats can’t be filled by his family, fellow businessmen, (crooks) or anyone else he knows (more idiots and crooks)? These positions, like his, need experience, tact, and diplomacy as well as a knowledge of the ins and outs of the deep bureaucracy surrounding it? The answer: YES! The problem: The actual facts go unheard by him. He is too blinded by his ego,” alternate facts,” and his popularity (lack thereof) and what’s really happening.

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The seven-country immigration ban that’s aimed specifically at Muslims (including travel, those with visas, and, in some cases, even green cards) executive order signed by Trump this past Friday, has left the world stunned. In the week leading to his inauguration to now, Anti-Trump demonstrations haven’t stopped. Not only in the U.S., but across the world. Millions of people. “Tremendous” amounts of people. ( I swear, I hate his face, and I especially hate watching that little shithole between his nose and tiny chin form words.)

Image result for trump face hole

In Great Britain, the largest protest against a president in history gathered in anger at the immigration ban. Throughout the U.S. and other countries around the world folks gather by the thousands at airports enraged in protest.

Image result for britain protest trump immigration

(not even a 1000th 0f the people attending)

A few judges have installed a one week over-ride of Trump’s ban, but the results are close to zero. Airport officials and TSA employees seem to be using digressionary disobedience and sectarian methods of discernment.

Again, and of course, Trump denies the ban being aimed at Muslims.

Enter the truth…

Rudy Giulianni, former mayor of New York  and Trump supporter (perhaps also former) came forward regarding a call he received from the Orange Idiot regarding the ban on Muslims.

Image result for giuliani mayor

(fuck that guy)

“I’ll tell you the whole story,” he said. “So, when [Trump] announced it he said “Muslim ban.” He called me up, he said, ‘Put a commission together. Show me the right way to do it legally.'”

In rebuke, Kellyanne Conway said…

“These are countries that have a history of training, harboring, exporting terrorists,” told “Fox News Sunday.” “We can’t keep pretending and looking the other way.”

(I don’t know about you, but I have never “pretended” to look the other way.)

Here are more actual facts…


From 1975 through 2016, 3,252,493 refugees have entered the U.S.

Of those three plus million, 20 had a part in planning terrorism, 3 succeeded. Number of deaths? 3

For some reason that doesn’t scare me.

Real terrorists versus Trump agenda…

He has interests, business interests, in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, EAU, and Turkey are immune to the immigration/travel bans. Hmmm. Businesses there, Dickball?

There are serious constitutional conflicts here. These are factually accounted countries that have made terrorist attacks on the United States. The difference between Trumpelstilskin’s ban and the real threats lay in his business interests. Period.

Image result for trump banned country list

From 1975 -2016

Has an Iranian citizen  killed an American citizen? No!

An Iraqi? No!

A Libyan? No!

A Sudanese? No!

A Syrian? No!

A Yemen? No!

A Saudi Arabian? Only 2,369

A United Arab Emeriti? Only 314

An Egyptian? Only 162

A Lebanese? Only 159

Total of those on the ban list of citizens killing U.S citizens? = 0

Total of those not on the ban list that Trump has conflicting business interests in that killed U.S. citizens? = 3004


Image result for guns against trump

(add to that everyone with a brain that functions)

Don’t believe for a second that he gives a shit about you or me, or how comfortable we are. He speaks of the forgotten people. Who are they? He’s never considered you or me.

Are we really going to allow this Cheeto to describe us to the rest of the world? Will we let him lead us to civil or world war?

There are already Vegas odds on his impeachment. Hitler nor Stalin weren’t removed from power though their citizens wanted nothing more. But, alas, those assholes killed millions of people without nuclear fission.

There’s only so much I can cover in one post, and this mentally fucked asshole moves at lightspeed to fuck us all.

Other nations are arming nuclear weapons and are preparing to go for broke…

If we continue to do nothing more than gather holding signs and chanting his is the only way. He wants the world.



But who knows, his own quote may come back to bite him in the ass.

When we ask, “What can we do?”

“…nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”




Words of the Year…kakistocracy and post-truth


Image result for dictionary

Words of the year…

Kakistocracy: noun-Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Post-Truth: adjective-relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

Well, this pretty much sums it up and I could stop typing now, but of course I won’t.

But since we’re on the subject of important words…

Kellyanne Conway, in an interview on Meet the Press, defended incoming Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, after he literally lied through his teeth during a press briefing claiming that Trump’s inauguration had the highest attendance in history. Anyone paying attention knows better.

Image result for kellyanne alternate facts

Kellyanne told reporter, Chuck Todd, that Spicer was using “alternative facts.” WTF?!?!?

Chuck was quick to point out that she was just using other words for LIES.

Merriam-Webster, via the POTUS’ favorite medium for communication, Twitter, posted the definition of “alternate” and a link describing “fact.” they also posted a jabbing tweet regarding an early morning post from Trump where he said he was “honered” which he deleted, replaced with the correct spelling and then proceeded to delete the post again. Merriam-Webster tweeted “honer” was a person that hones. (fuck, I love them more than Oxford now.)

(There is a question of whether this deletion was legal, even of the first one with the misspelling. Once the full investigation is made clear I’ll update you.)

Let’s get to the rest…

On January 20th, 2017 the Cheetos-colored monolith of ignorance was sworn in in front of a much smaller crowd than HE expected, but larger than I thought. Most of us folks were too busy hating this fucker to be bothered to gather at the west front of the U.S. Capitol. We had other places to go…plus we didn’t want to listen to Heil to the Chief.

Image result for inauguration pictures

Left: 2009 Obama inauguration-Right 2017 Trump inauguration

Attendance at Trump’s inauguration in FACT, though not the smallest in history, (there have been some real shitbags in the Oval Office. See Bush Jr.) with an estimated turnout being somewhere between 700,000 and 900,000, but it met with an actual first place with an outstanding record-setting amount of protests. In D.C. alone there were at least a half a million in the Women’s March on Washington, and that’s not to mention the thousands of men doing their own thing. Then there are the literal hundreds of thousands more of outraged folks that span from Boston to Los Angeles. Add to that the several millions protesting in other countries around the world and total is in the tens of millions. (The Kremlin, though, gives their full support.)

Image result for womens march inauguration protest 2017

An important part of his day one agenda, after he finished his temper tantrum regarding the low attendance of his inauguration, was to change the White House website. Check it out. There is now the complete deletion of the Global Warming page. And, rightfully so. You see he has the inside scoop, and we obviously have all been propagandized by the Chinese government. There’s simply no such thing as Global Warming. (do you smell the rose laden fart of sarcasm?) I’m truly not sure what China has to gain by this considering they have an air quality ranking among the worst in the world and they largely contribute to the verified holes in the ozone.

Image result for global warming

Second on the website was an update to remove Plastic Woman’s clothing line on QVC from her bio. What the fuck are they thinking? I love QVC! Oh yeah, the conflict of interest thing.

On that topic, Shitbag McFucktard has yet to divest himself from his business ventures. His plan was to hand the reins over to his “children”, but perhaps he doesn’t trust them with his money because they aren’t him or Jews. He also still has interests in foreign countries, as well, the hats worn for his inauguration were made in the motherland, China. This all is a total contradiction to one of his inaugural quotes; “Buy American. Hire American.” (I guess, like most things Trump, it only applies to everyone else.)

When Trump took the podium, he waved just like (his idol perhaps) Adolf Hitler. I imagined him with a little shit-wipe mustache and it made me laugh. Then he went on to quote a pre-WWII white supremacist after being advised not to. Better still, he plagiarized Bane! (see Dark Knight Rises) The address was almost verbatim and ideologically identical. (really; check this shit out!)

Image result for trump inauguration speech

In typical Trump blow-hard speak, he promised that we, the people, (in order to form a more perfect “union”?) have met with an historic period where our country is now run by us ”Again”, as he stated. (I don’t remember ever running the country, but there was a time when I drank a lot and blacked out often.)


Plagiarism seems to be a theme in the world of Trumpelstilskin. First his wife “borrowing” from Michelle Obama’s 2009 address, Trump’s inaugural Bane quotes, and now onto…

Monica Crowley, a republican foreign policy adviser, was tapped to be the White House Press Secretary, but has since tapped out due to serial plagiarism. Too bad, huh? Now no one will remember her since Playboy no longer does nude pictorals.

Another of Trump’s cabinet picks dropped out before the swearing in. Not for plagiarism, but for playing around. Jason Miller was tapped to be the White House Communications Director, but backed out just before Christmas following accusations of having an affair with another “transition official.” AJ Delgado, a Trump advisor and blogger, says that Miller is her “baby daddy” at the same time Miller and his actual wife are expecting their second child. Delgado has frequently defended Trump on his sexual harassment allegations. Jerry Springer? Are you there?

In his first official act “the man without a plan” signed a “one time” waiver moments after being sworn in. This waiver overturns the mandate set to federal law that disallows a member of the military to take the office of Secretary of Defense. In steps James “Mad Dog” Mattis. He’s a man without planning experience (sound familiar?) who will now help Trump in his war on “Radical Islam.” This could be your Muslim neighbors that he has  the FBI searching through their garbage as I type.

He does, however, seem to be a great negotiator for peaceful resolution when it comes to our ‘“enemies.”

He says…

 “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

This man, as you can see, is a kind benevolent human being. His statement gives hope to all Americans wishing for peace. I’m truly hoping when he says all that he means ALL. We certainly wouldn’t want to leave civilian women and children to have the chance to breed more of these assholes, right?  We need total eradication of those that oppose us. Peaceful transition?

Image result for mad dog mattis

(a man that truly loves his work)

New Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon with ties to Russia, said, prior to King Aquanet’s swearing in, or his own confirmation…that the United States has to “send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.”

Image result for rex tillerson secretary of state

Despite sanctions against North Korea they continue to purge forward with their nuclear program.

Also prior to being sworn in, Trump “sent a message” to Baby Huey in North Korea when he said we would send missiles “at any time.” Of course, Dumbshit took to Twitter…

“North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the US. It won’t happen!”

Image result for north korea

Cleary, Baby Huey, a man that has had members of his own family executed publicly, doesn’t give two shits about what Cheeto has to say. (Putin is secretly throwing a party every night celebrating the absolute stupidity of our new president.)

Image result for north korea

Why out of the gate does this new administration poke the bear?


Putin helped an idiot to become POTUS by hacking the DNC. Rumor also has it that the Kremlin helped fund the Trump campaign. Something we may never hear the actual truth about.

Image result for putin trump

(“I’ve got you right where I want you.)

Putin is a brilliant tactician. My thoughts are that he will use the art of deception, which won’t be a difficult task considering Trump can be easily distracted by negative Tweets and then spend days posting his childish defense with more of the lies and denials he is famous for. Putin is undoubtedly funding and arming ISIS, North Korea, Assad in Syria, as well as China. His end goal is to recapture Soviet Glory. By funding the “wrong side” he will help spread ours, and other countries, military and intelligence agencies too thin to be effective. By not being directly involved in the conflicts (boots on the ground) he has a sort of clemency and will focus his attention to growing his military and arms. He doesn’t give a shit about the U.N. or any treaties, pacts or potential embargos. He’ll retake the surrounding geography, that since the end of the Cold War have ceded from the once powerful Soviet Union.

Let’s get back to his cabinet “appointees.” Only two of his proposed cabinet members were confirmed on day one. (Obama had seven confirmations his first day.) The aforementioned “Mad Dog” and another Marine General, John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security. He, as a choice, makes much more sense. His career, though evidently ineffective, boasts he’s an “expert” on drug smuggling and immigration and was overseeing central and south America’s land and waters.

Image result for gen john kelly

The rest of Perpetual Bad Hair Day’s cabinet picks (nicknamed ”The Swamp Cabinet”) in proposal consists of shady billionaires like himself and bankers. None of which have ever held a political office.  They’ve made careers, built extravagant lifestyles, and skirt the law as a practice. Greedy fucking loophole hunters dependent on high-priced attorneys to keep their asses out of prison by “reinterpreting” the laws. Money isn’t everything, but it can sure as hell beat the fuck out of the system.

Image result for swamp cabinet trump

In another brilliant move, President Know Nothing is seemingly playing into his former “reality” T.V. show persona and has fired all U.S. ambassadors without anyone to replace them. They were ordered to relinquish their posts by mid-day on inauguration day. While it isn’t uncommon for political appointees to resign at the start of a new administration, it’s certainly rare that there are no folks immediately assigned to their posts. Evidentially, being a bullying shyster businessman accompanied by a gung-ho General are all we need for foreign relations. Diplomats? Who needs ‘em?

Image result for trump you're fired meme

Keeping promises…

In his first hour after being sworn in and promising that the middle-class would be taken care of, the orange idiot kicked us in the balls. As though the ink in his pen might dry up before he could do more harm, he signed an order indefinitely suspending a scheduled cut in mortgage insurance premiums that will cost the middle-class at least $500 per year. Why was this so important to him? Why was it on his mind in the first hour after taking office to fuck most of America? Could it be that in helping the middle-class is a magic trick? “Watch me make this problem disappear. Hehehe, I’ll make them poor and come in and seize the crashing housing market. ”Again!” Another problem solved.

Image result for trump mortgage insurance

My favorite news bit came a few days leading to Douchebag’s swearing in. Scientists have named a moth “neopalpa donaldtrump” because it has a scaly head and similar hair. (Fuck yes! Science hates him too!)

Image result for trump moth

Today Trump reversed Obama’s Executive Action on abortion and has reinstated the Mexico City policy. What does this mean? it has nothing to do with Mexico City other than that is where it was first brought into order. What it does exactly is it prohibits foreign non-governmental agencies that receive funds from the U.S. government for International Development from promoting abortion services, including counseling that includes language regarding abortion.

Trump has made several comments regarding abortion and most infamously said that women who have abortions should be punished.

Image result for trump abortion

Speaking of Mexico…Trump’s “hypocritic” oath…

Cheeto has proposed a 35% border tax on Mexico that has economists predicting a resulting global recession that will hit hardest first in America due to driving up costs, especially in the auto industry. T-bag has targeted GM and Toyota in his first comments on the subject, though he promises to extend this to all companies doing business in other countries. (Wait. Toyota? Aren’t they a Japanese company that we manufacture for?)

During the presidential race the FACT  was brought up several times that he does business in other countries. Twelve other countries to be exact. Including Mexico.

When asked during the primaries in Miami why voters should trust him to run the country differently than his businesses he said;

“Because nobody knows the system better than me. … I’m a businessman. These are laws. These are regulations. These are rules. We’re allowed to do it. … I’m the one that knows how to change it.” (let me remind you once again that the hats worn at his inauguration were made in China. This was day one folks!)

Image result for trump hats made in china

He also promoted outsourcing as part of the curriculum at Trump University stating that it created jobs in the long run.

Seriously, these are comedic and frightening times.

I’m sure I’ll get shut down at some point for reporting fact as our thin-skinned POTUS will have the NSA searching for those that oppose him. There are no less than millions of us, so it will simply depend on the “firing order.” Though Madonna may be the first to be imprisoned. In a speech she made last night she stated she has thought about blowing up the White House since Trump is there.

Image result for madonna trump

There is simply too much to cover. This is the longest installment I have written to date, and believe me, I’m not even close to finished. Neither is Chettoh.

(And here I was worried about having nothing to write about post the election, but the Twitter twat that is now POTUS will keep me in plenty of material.)

Let us define this day with another word…

Shitbag: noun; a person of low scruples. See Donald J. Trump.

Peace out…or is it actually out with peace? Perhaps we should outsource it while we still have freedom.

Stay tuned…

(next up…healthcare, civil rights, the 1st amendment and much much more)



“I’m afraid of Americans.” David Bowie

Image result for presidential polls

The polls have closed, and for the most part the ballots have been counted. For the next several days, if not weeks, there will be counts, recounts and doubts. Facts still remain facts. The Orange-Fucking-Idiot is now the president elect. We should just as well have a cartoon as the future leader of our country.

Image result for trump clinton cartoon

(still read from left to right)

There has been no doubt for a very fucking long time that big government needs to be taken down. We didn’t have that opportunity in this election. There was simply no choice to make to make that happen.

As I think back on my first post; when this electoral race began; knowing I only reported facts coupled with my opinion. And it looked like this…

We had little to choose from. We had one qualified republican, Ted (Mr. No Personality) Cruz and pretty much zero in the democratic running. Hills offered a safe continuation of Obama, but there was virtually nothing else.

In the Hills corner was the idea that we have suffered with Obama and could continue until the next 4 years pass and hopefully find actual candidates next time around. Obama inherited the legacy of the worst president in history, G.W. Bush, and Obama failed to produce. Sure, it broke new ground to have our first black president, but he did little for our country as a country.

What ensued was the most sadly comical presidential race in the history of our nation. We had two candidates that no truly educated person could get behind, believe or trust.

Image result for trump clinton cartoon

I could get past Hills’ private email server built out of true American (convenience) laziness. (this is the fast food-fat ass capitol of the world) Her questionable Benghazi thing wasn’t a sole problem, but it certainly left her alone in the accusations as though she were the only one in the entire American government. Several other agencies were involved and our fearless (fearful) leader Barack Obama wasn’t held accountable.

Did Hills do the right thing? Fuck no! Did she trade or give up state secrets? Divulge classified information to the enemy? Fuck no!

Did Donald-Fucking-Trump slander, liable, defy and take advantage of a weak system of an under-educated southern and middle America? Duh.

This is a man that would be in prison many times over for fraud, tax evasion and countless other financial and civil crimes had he not abused the system he now vows to change.

Image result for trump in prison

This is one of the most frightening individuals on the planet at this moment, if not the scariest.

After all of his unapologetic xenophobic, homophobic, racist and misogynistic remarks of the past year and a half we saw in the final four days of his campaign his advisors and campaign staff pull his belt tight, take away his twitter account and threaten him with yet another one of his failures if he didn’t read the speech written by someone with a brain rather than him spew anger, hate, fear and threats of suing everyone that doesn’t like or agree with him. This plays perfectly into the average American’s short-term memory being less than that of a goldfish.

Image result for goldfish


Was I pro Hills? No. Emphatically NO. What I was, and am, is ANTI-TRUMP! Trump didn’t win. Hills lost. We really only had a polished pile of shit vs. a loud pile of shit.

We now have to take into account that we have a largely uneducated-redneck-hillbilly majority voting for and with a backward agenda in control of the United States of America.

Image result for hillbilly

We don’t just have Trump to consider, we have a full boat of a republican majority in the House, the Senate, and soon, the Supreme(ist) Court.

Executive orders thrown out, abortion will be outlawed and criminally punished, all civil, gay and women’s rights will be in decline, the first amendment at risk, mass deportation, discrimination against entire religions and a fucking wall! A FUCKING WALL, PEOPLE!

Image result for trump wall

Is this the death of the democratic party? The death of democracy? Both?

Trump opposes higher wages, he opposes higher taxes on the 1% (that he is rumored to be a part of), he hates, calls for nukes, praises a despot by the name of Putin and promises to make us great? Again? According to him, we were never great as a nation. He spent his life as a democrat that was never satisfied because there weren’t enough things for him to take advantage of. He sees bankruptcy as a business practice, a law suit as a way of defending himself against the truth and an American way decided by the guy with the thickest wallet. His tiny hands (and mind) depict a truth that if he had to get into a dick swinging contest Hills would have won.

Image result for trump vs hillary dick size contest

Hills failed in several ways…

  • She sucks at being human. She is stiff, has no bedside manner and is unrelatable except in defeat. Her most human moment was her concession speech.
  • She was following in Obama’s footsteps. A legacy only forlorn by G.W. Bush’s handed to Obama. Let’s not forget, Obama sucked.
  • Her Healthcare plan, a huge issue for me (refer to my first post), was just trying to reform a failed travesty. Obamacare.
  • She called half of america “Deplorables.” Stooped to Trump’s level. Bad form.
  • Back to number one…she is unrelatable. She just doesn’t connect. Her best work is, and has always been done, on paper.
  • She went into mining, steel and auto manufacturing states and said they were basically done. Truth is they are, but Trump lied and said they weren’t.
  • She let Trump grab her by the pussy.Image result for hillary grabbed by the pussy

America is driven by advertising, the promise of a better product and an easier way to achieve success. We have Tony Robbins, Depak Chopra, Oprah Whinfry and now…Trumpelstilskin. (Depak and Trump share the bad hair thing…hmmm.)

The only two positives I can see out of this Trump coup is the repeal of Obamacare and the fact that there is no more climate shift or global warming. One was given to us by an Abe Lincoln mistake and the other from the Chinese trying to take control.

Image result for abolish slavery

Franklin Delano Roosevelt said; “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Obviously, he never met Donald John Trump.

Image result for trump hitler

All Hail Trump!


Image result for smokes and beer patioIf there were any doubts as to what this post would be about let’s do away with them right now…

I had sat in rush hour traffic for an hour wondering if I would make it home in time.

There was no question that I needed to stop for beer and smokes as I had only two cigarettes in my pack and zero beers in the fridge. Whew, I made it with 20 minutes to spare.

I grabbed my laptop, set in my patio table, logged into Comcast’s live stream, opened a beer and sat my fresh pack of smokes next to the cold beer I had just opened.

Only two things left to do…

Grab pen and paper and order a pizza.

My chores of the previous ten minutes complete, I took a long pull from the beer and lit a smoke. I took a long slow drag and exhaled watching the smoke billow around the umbrella above the table and waited. Trying to relax in the anticipation.

As reporters prattled on about who was where in the building I was looking around the stage that was set at the convention center. The one and only thing that stuck out was the podiums. I haven’t read anything about this detail in any of the articles I’ve read today, and maybe I’m just being overly critical, (as if) but Trump’s podium was nearly twice the size of poor Hills. Ego? Perhaps. Maybe he was just compensating. You know what they say about guys with big podiums.

Anyway. Just as the two candidates hit the stage Comcast goes glitchfuck. The picture goes completely gray and the sound starts cutting in and out. I was in a panic! I tried refreshing. Didn’t work. I paged back and forth. Didn’t work. I logged out and back in. Didn’t work. Fuck! Then I remembered reading earlier in the day that Bing was streaming it. Bing(o)! Back in business.

Image result for first debate

The moderator, Lester Holt, a 35-year news anchor and fact checker, was visibly happy and anxious. Giddy.

The debate doesn’t disappoint. Trump interrupted Hillary 46 times in 26 minutes. Shear entertainment.

No hard issues defined. Just a bunch of childish rhetoric from the Cheetoh colored candidate and smiles from Hills.

Two more debates and we barely noticed a difference. None of it matters! So, I’m sitting here now with somewhere around 10,000 words of notes of comments versus facts. (Mark Twain said that’s the number any good writer would write in a year.)

If facts win the vote, Hills wins as Trumpelstilskin has been caught in over than 260 lies and/or exaggerations since the campaign began.  Fact checkers suck for the king of combovers and he says they should be banned from elections. Really? I guess so. We’re only voting for the next leader of our country, right?

Image result for fact checking debate

Controversies are the highs and lows of this particular fiasco we call the presidential race of 2016. We’re talking a Budweiser drinking, wife beater wearing, (domestic violence negotiator) welfare check cashing, food stamp spending white trash America kind of election! This is an episode of Jerry Springer that has lasted for a year and a half. And, it just keeps getting better!

We have less than a week, a scary fucking week, before the poles officially close and WTF is happening in our country?

Someone in Ohio dumped a ton of manure at the front door of the DNC headquarters in  Warren Country on the eve of all hallows eve. (much better than the flaming bag of dogshit on the porch, right?)

Image result for dnc manure

Another first in the history of a presidential election …again in Ohio…The courts have issued a restraining order against the Trump campaign banning from the voting booths to keep them from intimidating and bullying voters at the booths. Unreal!

A Trump video surfaced of more misogyny. His plastic robot wife defends saying, “he was egg on.”(learn the fucking language, Yoko!) Then a dozen women step forward to tell of “the Donald’s” unwanted advances and sexual assaults. (of course he will sue)

Trump takes time off to promote his new hotel that will be bankrupt next year. Hills is again in the spotlight over emails, though these are on a pedophiles laptop and the only details so far confirm that Hills hasn’t done anything wrong, but Anthony Weiner (what a fucking name) has proven himself a death by “public bleed-out castration” candidate!

There hasn’t been a scrap of evidence presented to indict Hills of ANYTHING in the new email probe! That’s not to promote her as angelic. We know she’s a lifelong politician. FBI director, James Comey simply says that there might be something “pertinent.” Another thing that may be pertinent is the FBI being under investigation with the FBI. An old Twitter account somehow sprung back to life and the FBI’s internal affairs is investigating. A tweet from an FBI Twitter account (@FBIRecordsVault) posted a confusing message about Trump’s father being a philanthropist at 4 a.m. October 30th and another regarding Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich at 9 a.m. November 1st. The concern is that it is strictly prohibited for any employee to use the bureau’s power to influence an election. (hmmm. Who do we know and love that is addicted to tweeting and up at all hours of the night doing so?)

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Trump and company have hidden and delete thousands of emails, documents and digital records against court orders to benefit him in court cases where he was/is being sued. He’s also guilty of “building walls” to make lawsuits drag on for years in hopes that the litigators will tire or run out of money.

Everything about this election boils down to the word “UNPRESEDENTED.”  (un-“president”-ed)

No one is paying attention to reforms, tax, immigration, healthcare or economics. This is a race of character: the biggest lack thereof. Trumpfuck wins this hands down. He actually found someone dumber than he to head his campaign, a woman no less, Kellyanne Conway. She has screwed up and accidentally admitted to Trump’s tax fraud, defended his twitter tweets by saying that some of them were “good” or “relevant” and has proven to lack what her boss doesn’t; the ability to evade a question by changing the subject. She just digs herself in deeper. But to her credit, Kellyanne calls her boss “a ridiculous man-baby.” (I’m stunned that he would hire such an ugly woman!)

Image result for kellyanne conway

The day after the final debate “T-bag” and Hills attended the annual Al Smith charity dinner, and once again, the orange asshole proved he had no tact and was actually booed during his address.

Plastic girl, Melania, is back in the limelight. The big issue she wants to take on as first lady is cyber-bullying. WHU? REALLY? Is this campaign being secretly run by Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Is Donald going to be the poster child?

Now he is being accused of raping a 13-year-old girl? Court date in December following his court date for racketeering and fraud in November) Even the promise of a bigger welfare check can’t forgive that! Please tell me I’m right. A creepy old man that wishes he could fuck his own daughter that admonishes another pedophile in hopes of catching votes should be our next leader? Our children’s president?

Give me the bitch that will lie about an email server and has a husband that likes chubby girls and cigars.

Trump recently got his 2nd newspaper endorsement. (the lowest number in presidential history) Number 2 is…you guessed it. “The Crusader” a.ka. the KKK’s official news outlet for the practiced and aspiring racist. His “campaign” denounces it, but the orange idiot hasn’t spoken about it personally. He needs all the help he can get waging his war on America’s need to be “great again.”

Speaking of the press…

Trump believes the 1st amendment has “too much protection” for free speech. “Our press is allowed to say whatever they want.” (uhmmm. Isn’t that kind of the definition of free speech?) In short he wants to be able to sue the press for fact checking.

Image result for trump 1st amendment

Who knew there were this many bigots in the country? Earlier polls found that 65 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim; 59 percent believe Obama wasn’t born in the United States; 40 percent believe blacks are more “lazy” than whites; 31 percent support banning homosexuals from the country; 16 percent believe whites are a superior race; and 20 percent disagree with Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed Southern slaves.

The rest of the population, aside from the 5% accidentally voting for Trump by casting votes out the window for independent and green party; the educated folk, are voting for Hills.

It’s amazing to me that the mention of more emails has tightened the race to a margin of 3% in the poles, but it has. Though 3% is still more than enough to win it’s terrifying to think that Trump has even come this close. We’ll find out on Tuesday. My ass is puckered in anticipation.

Right now, Hills seems to have it by the balls, but who knows? Trump could grab ‘em by the pussy…

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such is life

Hey kids…

Today I want to talk about life, love and the pursuit of happiness. I’ve written a few posting regarding my personal life and, for one reason or another, didn’t publish them. This is one of those posts.

Whether you are a friend that reads this because you know me, or a reader that is getting to know me, or it’s your first time here…here is my take on today…

We live in a world full of uncertainties, and if you believe in fate, we swirl around in it like turds in the toilet waiting on that particular moment that we disappear; flushed away…

Now he will wax poetic…

We are into the fall of the year. My favorite season. The temperatures cool, “the autumn moon lights my way.”, (bonus points if you know the quote) and the earth gives us its hearty bounty and prepares for its own hibernation and rejuvenation.

The kids are back in school and the house has grown quiet for the family folk. An almost eerie stillness falls over suburban neighborhoods. Folks find their routines again and life returns to “normal.” Whatever that is, I’m sure I don’t know and it will never so much as touch me.

My few attempts at it have been jokes at best. Not really in the funny sort of way, but should you try to turn spots to stripes you just end up looking silly.

I’m sitting on my patio in Portland-Fucking-Oregon drinking a beer and pecking at my laptop while my lady friend’s cat mewls behind me perhaps simply waiting just as I find myself doing.

I’ve been in Portland now for 16 long ass fucking years. In that time, I’ve had maybe 6 months combined where I thought I liked it, but the truth is the only reason I’m here is for my daughter. Or rather a promise I made to both of us. That promise is that I wouldn’t leave her. My promise, my love for her, is more than my desire to be somewhere else, do something else or be with someone else.

She’s going to be 15 years old in just over a few days and I hate it. I wanted her to be 8 years old forever. I’m going to hit my half century mark on Christmas day this year, and the best time of my whole life was the summer when she was 8. It was pure magic.

Now she’s a full blown teenager. Dad isn’t nearly as rad, and, for her, time is much better spent with friends.

In the middle of April this year I met my lady friend. She drives a beat to shit barely running Volkswagen something, dresses from thrift stores and has the furniture to match. She is beautiful, plain, nerdy, doesn’t wear or need make up, and is quiet and unpretentious.

We spent the summer playing. Taking motorcycle rides to nowhere just to be out and away. We had great talks, grilled many dinners just off this patio, foraged mushrooms and fucked in the woods. It was pretty fucking great. We, my lady friend and I, took a strong liking to each other, and in July she moved in with me.

As I move towards more history than future I can’t help but think about ending my affair with this city and retiring to a small town, open a little home cookin’ style café and live out my last days telling war stories in the local tavern with my lady sitting next to me rolling her eyes at how I embellish the tellings she’s heard no less than a hundred times. She enjoys my rhetoric, but wants to be home making dinner with me and then cuddle on the couch watching a movie once in a while. I tell her that though I’ve never been a huge fan of people, I’m ironically social. I need the interaction and entertainment of others. It truly has been my way.

The small town cravings of my mid-sized life seem so far away and so near at the same time. As my lady and I toured around on the motorcycle (the bike that I swear is my only real freedom) we stopped in depressed, yet happy, small towns and just observed. We talked about running away all the time, but knew that we wouldn’t earn enough to sustain the “golden years.”

Starting before my lady friend and I had met, I had taken a time out from kitchen work, well mostly, and figured that I should start thinking about the fact that I’m getting old. I guess most people do such things on approach.

I took my first corporate job. (as an under chef. My past had only seen me as the boss. No. Not Bruce Springsteen.) I took this position with a lot of enthusiasm as it offered good benefits, retirement, upward mobility and relocation potential that seemed more promise than potential.

Anyway, I wrote an entire post about that experience but my lady friend, more or less, talked me out of publishing it because, ooooh, Portland people would know who I was talking about. Suffice it to say, for me, the corporate job was a complete shit show and an untenable situation. In under three weeks I walked. No notice and no hard feelings. (I think)

My lady friend is in the same business and actually works at the restaurant literally two doors down. So after I grabbed my knife bag heading out of the corporate world, and on my way to my motorcycle, I texted her to meet me outside. I gave her the news. She knew it was coming, but I guess really didn’t expect it if that makes sense.

On my ride home (thank God for that motorcycle) my mind returned to the small town dreams of an easy life growing old and fading into an existence far away from the stresses of running kitchens, city life and “San Francisco cocksuckers” (more bonus points if you get that reference) and finding that certain white noise to spend the last few fleeting moments off the road well-traveled.

I went back to working with a friend that I had been helping out while I searched for this untenable corporate job. It’s pretty cool work, great hours that include three day weekends. It keeps a knife in my hand and offers pretty much zero stress. Completely different from running a restaurant. COMPLETELY.

About a month ago I noticed subtle (negative) changes in my lady friend that quickly became more pronounced.

As her changes became too pronounced to ignore I ask her to join me here on the patio, where I am sitting now, to discuss whatever the fuck is happening.

She with a glass of Rose and me with a beer we convene…I, in an emotional vent, said that sometimes love isn’t enough to make a relationship work. There are few truer statements. In that moment we agreed. A mutual decision was made to separate our lives, being changed by our time together, and to return to our lives without each other. Simple on paper, right?

She has uncanny way of falling asleep in a second, much like her cat, at any given moment. So she just went to bed without any reason or resolve of the problem I was addressing. I gave thought to the conversation of vagueness and the lack of issue regarding issues and, as is my way, took a mental inventory.

Our relationship had yet to be truly tried. There had been moments where things weren’t amazing, but duh, that is how it goes. We were, and still are, absent of arguments, yelling or calling names or any of the other insane bullshit most relationships bear. It would never come to that. And I say that with all honesty. Atypical I know, but true.

Within my ruminations of the past six months I found nothing actually wrong. She isn’t the greatest of communicators, but I have a fairly good read on folks. Especially on those I’m close to, but, then again, she is a quiet one.

In my life I have missed many things. Missed them because they weren’t there any longer. Missed them because I never knew them. Missed them because I failed to catch. So, I thought of my life before I met her. I thought of my life since meeting her. I thought of my life being with her. And then I thought of my life without her. That thought was grey. I couldn’t pull it into focus. And not to romanticize, but I felt it was because we weren’t done.

The next day we went about everything normally. After making love, we again convened on the patio. I gave her my thoughts from my ruminations, realizations and the lack of effort on both our parts. This is an ironic statement considering the quote from my past I spoke to her last night.

She then told me she had found a place but couldn’t move until the end of October. I thought to myself, okay, perhaps whatever is going wrong will right itself between now and then. It only got weirder. Worse.

A few days’ pass…we had both just settled in after our work day, and, again, on the patio…we talk…

The conversation begins where she says she doesn’t know where to begin, but suddenly she does. She goes into a soliloquy about her ex, and the fact that he didn’t have a job for the last three years they were together. (ok?) Then she goes on to say that she wants to go out to eat every night and we can’t afford it. (huh?)  Is this really what first comes to mind from my unpretentious little thrift store girl? Is this really issue number one? Umm…yes? money. Here’s where I go. “That should have been on page one and we would never have wasted each other’s time.” The sweet little woman I met back in April disappeared as the words past her lips. The lips I loved to kiss so much. I sat staring at her then not knowing who she was.

I have no aspirations of being wealthy in the monetary sense. That isn’t happiness. I’m beginning to realize I don’t know what either is, by definition, to most folk. Wealth or happiness.

The conversation continues, but it’s needless. Point number one was on the shallowest of ground that a puddle couldn’t form and all around me it was pouring down rain.

Here’s a situation presented where one of two has just said we don’t have enough. The other says I have no more. THE END. Right?

Then I actually really start thinking, wondering and questioning.

She, the month prior I’ve been telling you about, had brought home near constant talk of a new coworker. Her “only friend.” The Chef for a new, yet unopened place owned by the same people she works for. It all coincides with the changes I’ve seen in her. Just a coincidence? What would you think, dear reader? I mean given the scenario I just gave you, would you see something like a lie dripping off of someone’s chin?

I merely ask. I’m suspicious, but not accusatory. She gets fucking agitated, red faced and raises her voice.

It gets better…(worse?)

Her plans to move become immediate. She tells me that this coworker is going to help her move her things. “He’s all I’ve got. I have no one else to help me.”

Now whether this be my past making assumptions, or the truth of a lie I’ve been told, I tell her it would be a really bad fucking idea to bring him to MY HOME.

She gets verbosely defensive. Again. In my life’s experience, this is generally a product of guilt. I wasn’t angry before that point. Then, well, I got angry.

He will not be coming to my home. All of her will be vacant within my walls in two days’ time. The flow will become ebb. Calm will return.

But right now, I feel…I think…does it matter what happened? Whatever it was, it just happened.

It boils down to this…and correct me if I’m wrong…

It takes much effort to become effortless. Don’t pray for an easy life; pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. Or, if all you really want is money then pray the opposite. Greener pastures? Go for it.

Maybe a better way to put it is to quote something my mama used to say; “Want in one hand and shit in the other. Tell me which gets full first.”


Tonight I’ll sleep alone. Tomorrow morning I’ll wake the same way. My routine restarts. It’s coming into fall. The kids are back at school. Hibernation. Rejuvenation.


Hate Crimes and Humanity

There a very few reliable sources for news today. And by that I mean unbiased, unbridled, bi-partisan and trustworthy anatomically correct reporting: Al Jazeera, BBC, The Associated Press and (me)

Once again I have been accused of inappropriate verbiage and had my blog temporarily shuttered. It took me a few minutes to even be able to sign in after the embargo was lifted with the promise that I would be a good boy.

That being said…

Let’s talk about hate crimes for a bit, kids. (notice the political correctness? I wasn’t gender specific. sickening fucking bullshit, boys and girls)

We all know of the typical hate crimes involving race, sexual orientation, religion, etc.

Even here in Portland-Fucking-Oregon, the most white bread cracker-town in America, folks are getting wonky. Mostly in the passive aggressive Portland way. But…

I read this morning about a bartender leaving work after closing and cleaning up. He is a gay man that works at a gay club in Old Town.

Image result for portland oregon

A group of white punks (we just don’t have enough people of color here to perpetrate all the crimes) start giving him shit and the bartender asks them to leave him be. One of the punks proceeds to follow him and attack him at a crosswalk just a couple of blocks down the street. The bartender starts back towards the bar he had just left, presumably to get some help, when another one of the little fucks kicks him in the head.

When the cops arrive, the main instigator and the bartender are the only ones left that were involved. The cops arrested the punk kid, 20 years old and homeless, and cart his sorry ass off to jail.

The cops released a statement this morning warning people to be careful while walking in this neighborhood at night because it is dangerous. Really? Tell me you’re fucking kidding. Perhaps patrol the area? You know, do your fucking job?

This ties in to several issues I have written about here.

The homeless sympathy and subsequent crimes related to it are being coddled.

While there have been a few neighborhoods demanding the removal of homeless camps all that is happening is the “unhoused” (as mayor Charlie Hales puts it. more fucking pc garbage) are packing their stolen shopping carts and pushing them down the street to set up camp a few blocks away. It doesn’t solve a fucking thing. And now our police are telling US to be careful leaving work or strolling our neighborhoods! WTF?!?!?!?!?

Image result for portland homeless springwater

So here, aside from the obvious, is a hate crime in a much broader scope. You see our officials HATE to do their jobs. They HATE to admit the problems are severe, let alone exist. It’s a CRIME, dammit!

The PC thing to do is keep the problems quiet and draw accolades for helping the “less fortunate.” Let’s build the unhoused homes. Let’s set up more soup kitchens. Let’s start more handout programs. Let’s take tax dollars from our children’s education, the elderly’s social security and improvements to the fucking town to set these fuckers up real nice so they have a better place to go after they rob, rape, beg and beat on people leaving work. I want to fucking go to city hall and shit on the floor as a reminder of what the sidewalks look like where the homeless drug addicted and drunken criminal society drop-outs park their shopping carts. Let’s protest PC bullshitness. (oooh, a new word)

The burden of being politically correct is turning the country into a bunch of passive aggressive pussies. Except, of course, for the fucktards who take to the streets, including the cops, to create mayhem.

So now, born from hate, another ridiculous HATE group is on the scene. Blue Lives Matter. Huh? No, this isn’t about the Blue Man Group. (which would be a better cause, and, by the way, if you haven’t seen the show; do so! It’s awesome!) Blue Lives Matter is regarding the uptick in police shootings due to the uptick in violent demonstrations by Black Lives Matter. Just one more thing for folks to protest and fight in the streets about. I smell a civil war coming…

Image result for blue lives matter

Now let’s talk about some real hate…

Poli (many) tics (blood suckers): a hate crime all its own…

My big number one here is Trump. I truly HATE that fucking guy. Truly. Not a crime. An intelligent decision.

I am loving the slamming anti-Trump ads by the Clinton campaign. They don’t even have to take things out of context to make this idiot look like an idiot.

Image result for anti trump clinton ad

I’ve listed so many derogatory remarks uttered by the Cheetos-toned moron that I can’t remember them all, but when I think of them I laugh and puke in my mouth a little. (Do you know how to starve Trump to death? Hide his bankruptcy filings under the presidential oath. I just made that shit up! HAHAHAHA!)

A big hate crime in this presidential run involves military endorsements…meaning the military HATES both candidates.(the Hills later)

Trump boasts he has 88 military endorsements. 88? Out of tens of thousands all you can muster is 88? And of those 88 who stands out? Umm. No one. Four star generals and the other higher ups in the armed forces state they don’t recognize any of the names on the list. Could this be more of Donald’s make-believe friends? Hmm.

Image result for trump make believe friends

Of course, par for the course, Trumpelstilskin, has created a negative out of what was barely a positive, and has immediately slammed the generals of our active military.

Last night both shitbag and Hills sat with another idiot, Matt Lauer, for the Commander in Chief forum to discuss National Security. Another fucking sad joke involving this election. Do you remember when the seat for the presidency was a serious thing?

Trump’s earlier attack on John McCain for being a loser because he was a POW obviously wasn’t enough. During Trump’s difficult to watch national security commentary, he vowed to replace the generals that are in place currently because they aren’t doing a good enough job. Though Trump is a known draft dodger and can’t remember for sure when his bone spurs went away (poor Donnie) he was deferred FIVE times from the draft. Perhaps it would be in the countries best interest to abandon the idea of the military altogether. All our soldiers should enroll in college and see the doctor about their feet, right?

Image result for soldier bad feet

And if you’re a woman in the military, according to Trump, why wouldn’t you expect to be sexually assaulted? You are a woman after all. Trump asks, via his favorite form of communication, “What did these geniuses expect when they put men and women together?”

Image result for trump women in military

It’s really hard to take a man seriously that looks like he has an orange chinchilla glued to his head.

Image result for trump chinchilla hair

Are these not hate crimes? Perhaps civility and respect would be expected, douchebag.

Trump’s camp…hate crime to “infinity and beyond”…Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story circa 1995.

Image result for buzz lightyear

Seems like his campaign office has seen more changes than I have socks. It’s obvious, if you want Fuckface von Clownstick to act like an actual presidential candidate, should you want him to act and speak presidentially, you’re a long way from home in his campaign office, Dorothy. “You’re Fired!” (his campaign is very much like “reality tv”)

We’ll just discuss the one major roster change as his office has seen more come and go than I can count.

On August 17th, with just over 80 days left until the election sees us in the booths, Trump replaced Paul Manafort (manafort quit, by the way) with Breitbart executive, Steven Bannon as CEO. His campaign manager.

Image result for steve bannon bigot

Bannon is a troubled soul in his own right and promises to add fuel to the flaming idiot’s derogatory campaign. Bannon has been (allegedly) a wife beater, accused of sexual assault in the workplace and voter registration fraud and, of course, he’s a bigot.

Breitbart is a website, politically bent, that appeared to lean left. Mr. Bannon kept the covert cover while turning it into a shithouse that suited him. He called it the “alt-right.” (what the fuck does that even mean?) It just so happened it was very Trump-like. Anti-Jew, anti-Muslimism, etc.

Trump is a turd tornado. (paraphrased from a comment made by Ben Shapiro, former editor at large of Breitbart) i.e. A SHIT STORM. So why not pull in another country’s worth of outhouses? Trump has been called the most unfit and dangerous man to ever vie for the presidency and Bannon has been called the most dangerous political operative in America. Kismet?

Image result for trump turd tornado

Trump plays with the “Big Lie Technique.” Lies so big and outrageous that people just assume he’s telling the truth. At least those dumb enough to consider themselves his support.

A Trump supporter once said, “She told me she was bi-partisan. I told her I’d watch, but I’d never let another dude’s wiener near me.”

No one is fact checking anymore. The presidential race has become so comical and audacious that the public looks at it like the Sunday comic strips or Enquirer headlines.

Speaking of headlines…

Here are a few headlines from the Breitbart site under the reign of Bannon…

“Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy”

“Would You Rather Your Child Had Feminism or Cancer?”

“Gabby Giffords: The Gun Control Movement’s Human Shield”

“Hoist It High and Proud: The Confederate Flag Proclaims a Glorious   Heritage”

Beautiful stuff, right? Does this sound like would-be quotes from “The Donald”?

Image result for breitbart

Trump still tells us that he is not our best hope, but our only hope.

This week, Trump said that Putin was a great leader and much better than Obama. (Hmmm. If that’s what I thought and was running for President of the United States of America would I say this out loud? All hail Satan)

Image result for trump satan

(Did you know that when the secret service asked him to choose his code-name that he said “humble”? I was home alone when I read that and laughed so hard my balls hurt.)

Hillary, on the other hand, has her hands full. She controls a comfortable lead and will no doubt be the next leader of our country. But she is just a polished turd.

Amid the Benghazi controversy, which I’m surprised wasn’t as big an issue when it ACTUALLY HAPPENED and her email scandal (see Watergate) shows her only real strength is Trump’s weakness. His utter stupidity, lack of linear and/or lateral thinking and his ridiculous wavering on issues he actually knows nothing about give Hills a free run. The bitch is doing parkour all over the country while Trump looks on in a wheelchair.

Image result for hillary parkour

In Hills corner is a lifetime of political involvement, a certain savvy from a presence in the senate, a former presidential husband and a whole bunch of fucking politicians, both left and right, that don’t want her as president, but want Donald-Fucking-Trump to literally die.

She boasts 95 military endorsements. Again I ask, “Out of tens of thousands?”

The rub…

Hers are all notable career armed forces folk. Respected Generals and Admirals.

(Mitt Romney, whom I would have shit on before ever voting for, had over 500 military endorsements.)

Hills has shown a disregard for American lives, an avid disregard for the laws that are set to govern the nation and its security, and, unfortunately, doesn’t have an opponent in this race. What the fuck happened?

Image result for hillary benghazi what difference does it make

A vote for Trump is a hate crime. A vote for Hills is a hate crime. A vote for green or independent is a waste and a hate crime. So now what?

Let’s get to the real rub…

Dickface Baby Huey, Kim Jong-un, in North Korea banned sarcasm this week because it only played against his rule. He’s testing nukes bigger than the A-bombs dropped on Hiroshima and laughing his teenage little girl laugh.

Image result for kim jong un

Let’s face facts; this is a guy that has had his family and friends executed. Maniacal recklessness. Do you think he’ll actually hesitate to push the button when the tests results come back positive? (Perhaps it’s the Asian small penis thing? It would still look small in Trump’s tiny hand)

Putin is playing war games with live ammunition. Another one practicing to be a dominant world power.  More maniacal recklessness. And again I’ll state, Trump likes him.

Brown University is putting tampons in the men’s rooms. Melania Trump, the plastic robot wife of “The Donald”, an alleged former high-priced escort (whore) that is an alleged illegal immigrant, still hasn’t answered as promised to tell us the truth. She has just disappeared from the public eye. (I have a feeling more speech writers have been fired and they are currently vetting others) Apple has a new terrorist-friendly iPhone coming, and I want the death penalty to be nationally accepted and immediate in cases of zero doubt. And the best, and worst, part of it all is that it’s 100-fucking-percent true.

Russia and North Korea, as well as China, know our military is weak and divided in two actual wars and spread further thin by the terrorist gang known as ISIS(L). Why the fuck not take advantage to advance? In the wake of the debaucherous presidential race, we are a country distracted and comical to the rest of the world. The U.S. is fucked. Period. We are, simply put, a country at war. At war in Iraq, Afghanistan, quawkfuckinstan, with our own government and each other.

Every single fucking word you’ve just read is part of our actual today and tomorrow, and woefully unquestionable.

Trump is being shown that, aside from plastic prostitutes and failed casinos, he can’t buy everything. And Hills is being shown the way to the presidency due to the aforementioned.

Think of Mozart and then turn on the radio. Music has digressed to the point of a Cro-Magnon beating on a log again. It looks like current politics have mirrored it.

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Hills often quotes, “It takes a village to raise a child.” I say, “It takes a nation to build a president.”

So, who do you hate? What do you hate? And what crime are you willing to commit for it?



The Future…

let’s skip a rock a year ahead-ripples in the water

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first, we have a former first lady as the first woman to sit behind the desk in the oval office. (this excludes monica lewinsky as she was actually under the desk)-and we have the first lady of the first black president sitting in the senate- coincidence?-there’s no such thing

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walls are being broken down-or to use current parlance- “glass ceilings are being broken”-no walls are being built to keep people out- no banning of people-no creating division between citizens by our federal government, mr trump-today there are black folk and women in the highest seats of power in the land- they are in control of our present-our future-our children’s future

this year from today we see an ebb in racism-feminist movements-protests and people are starting to co-exist as people-be you gay-lesbian-transgender or simply check the box as “other”

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obamacare is on life support but not expected to pull through

national spending still follows the same path up the mountain of debt-do we actually care at this point?-it’s like monopoly money at this point

oil prices still fluctuate-but are doing so “stably” and we’re not paying five bucks a gallon which was sure to happen had the doink taken office

our troops are slowly but surely leaving afghanistan and iraq-of course our government is paying to rebuild the countries we have warred on needlessly for the last billion fucking years-we can thank the beedy-eyed bush jr (i’ve never understood that guy and I hate his face)

isis (isil) has all but been blown to shit-baby huey, the turd in north korea, is on the verge of being flushed away since putin has lost power-he’s running scared from the NATO alliance and has returned to simply torturing his own people

we are seemingly closing in on peace yet all the big problems still exist-tension-new problems are being built

what we had hoped for in the white house with Hills in the seat (the aid of hubbie bill) has been doused-bill’s parkinson’s disease has turned him into little more than a six foot vibrator-though hills is happy, our economy suffers

trump is more (in)famous than ever-he cries to the media that he wanted to shut down by “altering” the 1st amendment because he was “cheated”

he’s filed bankruptcy two more times-is being sued by nearly everyone that was involved in his atrocity of a campaign-employees of his businesses following his bankrupt bailouts-even the dumb fucking retards that voted for him

state and local governments burgeon with corruption because, still, no one is paying attention-hyper ignorance by the general public and the purposeful lack of an actual checks and balance system are the blind eyes blinders

of course, tax dollars are still diverted for personal and political gain, and the homeless are on the verge of becoming a new race of people

good news is…

i’ve been elected mayor of portland-fucking-oregon!-the nation’s capital of passiveness and sympathy-i’ve declared a sort of marshal law and have ordered the police force to “terminate” the homeless camps-the fucking tofu smokers have sit-ins in front of city hall and I invite friends to the roof to drink whiskey and throw BZ and tear gas (the occasional molotav cocktail or small pox blanket) and watch as they start tearing each other apart and rip each others flesh from their bones with their teeth-it’s my kind benevolence that gives me the warm feeling of doing them the service of putting protein into their diets-i’m a humanitarian you see (keep this under your hat-no one knows nor should they-humanitarian, remember?)

though i’m seen as controversial, (as always, right?) the entire country has taken notice-ptown has a near zero crime rate-one of the lowest, and still dropping, homeless populations-there’s a new found-the jails are nearly empty-a tranquility resembling the good old days when you could go to sleep without even locking your doors is settling in-the town that has the tagline “the city that works” is actually working -fear schmear-if you’re not a fucking douchebag you have nothing to worry about

hills requests meeting that i call luncheons-she wants to discuss alternate policies I should consider-i point to detroit and inner city chicago-i tell her that will never happen here-i tell her strength and power are what matters in governing-that reform isn’t anarchy-it’s necessary-results aren’t polls-results come from action

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my next order of business is the welfare system-my peaceful reform-i describe to hills my plan to put these pieces of garbage to work or out of business-i tell her that just because it’s a federal program that it has no statues governing what a local level can restrict or demand-i call it “creative diversion”-outreach programs will all but cease-i’ll divert tax dollars into investigations to prove or disprove eligibility-even if hills still wants them to collect my staff will have created a “no buy” list that will be uploaded to all retailers in city limits-unemployment will be employment and not just some visit to a workforce appointment and an online claim system-the unemployed will be required to show up daily to labor ready (daily job) roll calls at six fucking a.m. or their benefits will cease-the capable will work for a living-period

child care will be provisionally free-the eligible and qualified unemployed will run daycare centers-education will be mandatory-homelessness by choice will be prosecute-able and will not lead to the jail’s kindness of “three hots and a cot”-they will either be exiled or ordered to join the rank and file of the productive public under close supervision-lots of fucking jobs will be create using the same funds available that previously paid the lazy pieces of shit to be lazy

“keep portland weird” will have a new connotation-it’s clean-livable-affordable-free of sympathy for those that prey on it-the weirdness will be that it’s working

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i tell hills i will sit in her chair soon-she hadn’t had any competition for the race-trump is a known idiot-a racist-a misogynist and he is an idiot (did I mention he is an idiot?)

i tell her that my agenda is simple-do what is necessary and not just play to the right-leaning politically correct bullshit-that’s what has gotten us where we are-just solve the fucking problems-i don’t give a shit what anyone’s life choices are-just don’t be a fucking douche-be productive-self supporting and respectful

of course hills thinks i should be imprisoned (at least that’s her public opinion)-my “delicate approach” leaves her with nothing to do but sit with her hands in her lap-smiling because she knows i’m right?

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is she going to start emailing again?-fer sure-it’s her thing

one more year has passed and the new york times prints an editorial piece declaring portland-fucking-oregon the greatest city in the nation-stating perhaps in the history of the world

i’m elected to the senate as a seat was vacated due to a suspicious death of the person sitting that i had nothing to do with-really-it was the nations biggest landslide victory ever so i throw my name in the hat for the presidency next term-HA!

for real-look at the actual state of the union present day-tomorrow-keep watching as little or nothing actually changes-the real good news is that trump can’t win-we aren’t currently facing the apocalypse and beer still tastes good

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if there’s a moral to this story-or anything to gain from it-it may be this…

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we only sorta have our constitutional rights today-baring arms is nearly strictly prohibited-free speech, due to the ever growing annoyance of the politically correct becoming broader and broader in scope-i can’t fucking keep up- you can’t say midget?-african american?-fershitsake, some states are putting into effect the p.c. madness to a painful point where teachers can’t call students boys and girls due to the transgender controversy-what?-really?-why? couple that with the further corruption of attorneys and politicians raping the shit out of the constitution and we have the need for an english to politically correct dictionary-it’s starting to look like a david lynch created whorehouse movie where nothing makes any sense until you wake up tied to a bed with a frothing prostitute over you with a sponge and a chainsaw and then it doesn’t make any fucking sense-the difference between shit and a shit sandwich is merely two pieces of bread-right?-huh?-exactly

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our choice for president does matter-but it matters less than our choices in the towns we live in-local governments are where the changes that matter most will be made-the ones that truly effect what’s coming next on a federal level

there were 13 states when the constitution was penned (incidentally it’s the shortest document ever written to establish a standing government)-there were 4 million people total in those 13 states-everyone was interested and everyone’s voice was heard-a government for and by the people

it’s the lack of attention by most current adults today-the lack of education and care to our children-the progressive attitude attendants (meaning pussies)-the self-centered-self-serving majority that are ruining our country

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the problems really can’t be blamed on our government because we aren’t governing it anymore-WE allowed this to happen-the federal politicians are greedy cocksuckers that count on us not to pay attention

it’s like leaving your wallet in a bar-you deserve to lose your money and your license-dumbass



Before we get rolling here I need to set the record straight on my stance in this presidential election.

In my previous post I gave a brief breakdown of the conventions and some folks thought me to be a Hillary supporter after reading.

I had mentioned in posts prior that I can’t support either her or the orange ape. The last entry was merely my take on the impressions made regarding the conventions. And let’s face it, the DNC kicked ass and left us with a rose covered pile of shit, whereas the GOP spewed shit and left us with a shit covered pile of shit.

That being said, I want to take a few observations out for a test drive regarding the republican nominee for our next president…

Donald-Fucking-Trump. It almost says it all, right? End of post.

(It would be awesome if we could file a class(less) action law suit against this dumbass.)

He is the walking definition of pejorative. In less than 20 days after his acceptance speech at the GOP convention he has taken his campaign into the new depths of dung. Even in the wake of all the controversies surrounding the DNC, more emails and Hills “short-circuiting” comment, Trump has plunged himself so deep that roto rooter won’t be able to rescue him.

(a jurassic pile)

He is so lost. Literally lost. He can’t keep track of lies, geography, who he disagrees with or where his wife is from. Maybe he can claim Alzheimer’s?

Here is some of my favorite stuff from the past two weeks.

Melania’s Gap…

Melania of Slovenia isn’t sure if she misrepresented herself. (lied) She is just a poor dumb model, right? How did she immigrate to the US?

Visa schmeeza. I barely recognized her in the nude erotic lesbian pictures taken in 1995 because she hadn’t had her head and body replaced with plastic yet. Not because she hadn’t legally immigrated until 1996.

(pretty hot, though, huh?)

She isn’t too clear on the details of her life prior to her Trumpessness, or perhaps it’s just been wrongly portrayed by the media? Trump would certainly want us to believe that, but now there is the investigation into the matter.

The story unfolds post her partially plagiarized convention speech. She claimed how she would never break a law and blah, blah, fucking blah. Questions arise when pictures (purposely) pop up and the allegations start rolling in.

Allegations? Now it’s very clear that this is just another uh-oh in the Trump shit storm. The obvious, from her statements of going back and forth from Slovenia and the US every three months to renew her visa tells the story of a person in possession of B-1 or B-2 visitor’s visa, not the H-1B work visa that wouldn’t require renewal every three months.

(does this look familiar, Mel? likely not)

Newt-Fucking-Gingrich. One of the hugest assholes to ever suck oxygen and expel methane, stated in question, “This is the only immigrant in America you’re worried about. I think it’s amazing that the one person you decide to pick on happens to be the wife of Donald Trump.”  Uh, have you been paying attention you pretentious gasbag? Fuckface von Clownstick has based nearly all of his campaign ranting rhetoric on illegal immigration! Geez…

Trump says wifey-pooh will hold a press conference in the next couple of weeks (once they get their story in order) to address this “controversy.”

Melania gives bad oral…

(ok, you have to actually open your mouth, honey)

In regards to her plagiarized speech at the convention where she quotes Michelle Obama’s 2008 DNC convention speech, there was no one in the Trump camp to be fired. Perhaps literally. The news of the supposed speech writer, Meredith McIver, having her Twitter account suspended for not being a real person. We know that Donald has had a past of pretending to be other people to the press via phone interviews posing as his own press agent. But alas, McIver is a real person and has taken the blame as the plagiarizer , though claims to have never had a Twitter account. (methinks this may be true, but my money says someone in the Trump camp made one with her name attached. Donald?) On a side note, she co-wrote some of Trump’s books. Once he was questioned on the exaggeration of his loses by billions of dollars to make his comeback look better and he admitted to it, but of course, placed the blame elsewhere; “probably Meredith McIver.”

Funny Money…

Trump claimed to have watched a video. “A tape was made, you saw that, with the airplane coming in, nice plane. The airplane coming in and the money coming off,” Trump told supporters during a rally in Portland, Maine.

“That was given to us, has to be, by the Iranians. And you know why the tape was given to us? They want to embarrass our country, embarrass our president.” (This was the second time he told this lie in a week. Is no one paying attention?)

Friday Tweet: 

(Iran. Geneva. What’s the difference? $400 million in green bills. 4 hostages. They all look alike to me. Why apologize?)

I recall another video he watched. You remember the one that no one else saw either? The one with Muslims cheering at ground zero after the planes flew into the twin towers?

Speaking of Muslims…

“Many people are saying”…

Why the fuck does he keep saying that?!?!?!? Who are they and why are they only talking to him? Fuck. I grit my teeth at the sound of his fucking voice.

Anyway, there’s the matter of the Muslim parents of an American soldier that was killed by a suicide bomber in Iraq and the orange idiot’s attack on them.

Khizr and Ghazala Khan appeared at the DNC in opposition of Trump’s stupid slanderous bigoted remarks against the Muslim community.

I have to say I loved the part where Mr. Khan pulled his copy of the constitution from his pocket and gave “The Donald” the hi-ho fuck yo!

The thin-skinned king of comb over logged into his Twitter account and moaned about how unfair it was to him. He stated Mr. Khan had “viciously attacked” him. Khan had “no right” to question his knowledge of the constitution. (can I? because I’m willing to bet he hadn’t read it/had someone brief him on it, until afterwards)

He went on to imply that Mr. Khan had forbidden his wife to speak, again poking at religion. And again, why would he apologize? This is in line with his personified racism and his inability to withstand criticism. This is very reminiscent of his attack on the federal judge that Trump said wasn’t qualified due to Mexican heritage, and then he, Trump, made fun of a disabled reporter.

(pure gold)

Cry baby…

During a rally last week, Trump, while boring the hell out of people with his moving his lips and sound coming out thing, a baby cried. He seemed to try to play to the public and tell her it was fine; “I love babies. I hear that baby cry, I like it…” only to, minutes later, basically kick mom and baby out, and then proceed to make a joke at mom’s expense; “Actually I was only kidding, you can get the baby out of here,” he said to laughs. “I think she really believed me that I love having a baby crying while I’m speaking. That’s OK. People don’t understand. That’s OK.”

Kinda the old politician rule switch-a-roo. Ya know, shake hands and kiss babies to kiss hands and shake babies.

Oops, I fucked up REALLY BIG…

A call for the 2nd ammenders? “Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish, the 2nd amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the 2nd amendment people, maybe there is. I don’t know. (you never know do you, fucktard?) The Trump camp instantly went to work trying to interpret yet another incendiary remark claiming he was talking about “unification” and not “assassination.”

I’m all in for the right to bear arms, but aim your guns in the “right” direction. (uh-oh…did i just make an incendiary remark, too?)

Have a coke and a smile…

The sultan of slur finally tweeted something I may actually pay attention to, “I have never seen a thin person drinking a diet coke.” Hmmm.

In the wake of all his new bullshit, his advisers telling him to shut the fuck up, promising his family he would “act” more presidential and the obvious fact that he doesn’t pay attention to the polls that he is woefully waning in, he has this to say…

“Why would I tone it down? I’m winning.”

In a sad, sad era, we have Justin Bieber turning down $5 million to perform at the GOP convention (when they look so much alike), a probable tour of a Ronnie James Dio hologram superimposed in front of the tribute bad, The Disciples of Dio and have the two presidential hopefuls we aren’t hopeful about, we have no choice but to choose.

I personally don’t trust either one to make the right decisions from economics to war. Neither of them seem to care about much more than their own personal agendas. Themselves, in a word. The “Me” campaign.

As I lay melting under the heat of a balmy August 70 degree Portland, Oregon sky, I’m brought to quote someone much less evil than the choices we are left with…

“What a world. What a world.” – Elphaba, wicked witch of the west

GOP and DNC Conventions Wrap-Up

I laughed. I cried. I sighed. I cringed.

I watched and listened for hours on end…

The Republicans were admittedly harder for me to watch than the Democrats. Note: This was the first GOP convention without a member of the Bush family in more than 40 years. Some site this as the death of the republican party.

Trumpelstilskin failed miserably to bring support from his fellow Republicans, and understandably so. (did you know “The Donald” was a registered Democrat from 2001-2008?)

Unexpected though, was the showing of republicans speaking at the Democratic Convention against their parties candidate.

We have seen throughout Trump’s run a party divided. A party usually all apple pie, baseball and wheat field filled sentiment now afraid. More than a few are jumping the fence and voting democratic for the first time in their lives.

Let’s get to the meat of this thing…

The GOP convention was, well, a bunch of yelling and finger pointing without policy depth or an actual agenda other than to instill us all with fear. An amateur organized display at best.

The plebeians and troglodytes filling the speaking slots in place of the support from the republican party looked out at a less than full arena of poorly dressed mouth-breathing dimwitted fatfucks stymied, yet cheering, the train of morons.

To introduce his plastic robotic immigrant wife he stood behind a back-lit screen superimposing his fat square figure to the music of Queen. This is the second time he has used the “We are the champions” rock anthem without permission, and the first time after he was asked by Queen founding member, Brian May, not to. (this, in and of itself, shows us his disregard for others and his sense of entitlement. not to mention the possibility of yet another lawsuit)

He leaned his fat ass over the podium, leading with his scrunched up contorted orange face, repeating, “Thank you. We’re gonna win so big.”

The plastic Melania of Slovenia (i love how that rolls of the tongue) proceed to poorly read a largely plagiarized speech oddly lifted from President Obama’s wife, Michelle, from her 2008 DNC address. One hell of a way to kick off your acceptance of the nomination for the highest seat in the land, huh, Donnie?

The rest of the convention played out with a supporting cast of douchebag, offspring (douchebag), douchebag, douchebag, offspring, (and on the subject of Tiffany Trump; it appears he pulled out a little too soon. she is a spooky looking little thing) douchebag, douchebag, offspring (douche nozzle.) They were all mostly minor league players such as the grotesque and ignorant Chris Christie and a very confused consortium of golfers and businessmen and a few shitty politicians. The hardest to watch was his son, Donald Jr., with the same small chin, contorting face and sadly poor elocution.

His one saving grace was the choice of his vice presidential running mate, the ventriloquist dummy looking, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. (this is the state where the Supreme Court Justice lives that Trump attacked for being of Hispanic descent)

Pence is also a known bigot and has supported the public persecution of the LBGTs. He supported a proposed constitutional amendment declaring marriage as a union between a man and a woman only siting gay relationships as a cause of societal collapse. He also wanted to divert HIV/AIDS research money to fund CONVERSION THERAPY to help the LBGT community realize they’re in error and to help make them “straight.”

The highlight of the convention though, was Ted Cruz. This fucking guy rocked the house. He spoke on his platform and told the crowd to vote with their conscience or stay home. His sweet way of saying, “Do whatever you feel is best unless you’re thinking of voting for this fucking Cheeto. Fuck you very much!” Of course he was booed off the stage and left happy.

Trump’s attempt at a speech was a hollow rant filled with hate an fear. He told us what he would do, he just didn’t tell us how. Methinks this is because he is a clueless fucktard.

He’ll break trade deals, abolish the affordable healthcare act (not reform, leaving millions uninsured) lower the national minimum wage to $7.25, kick Muslims out of the country, build a wall to keep Mexicans out, give larger tax breaks to the wealthy, deny climate change leaving the environment unattended, destroy alliances and antagonize our enemies. He’ll do this all by himself. He told us so. “I alone can fix it.”

He’s for separatism, not only in the world view, but at home as well. He painted our country like a comic artist where we live in Gotham city and he is the billionaire vigilante.

He proposes the highest spending of any government in the history of the world, but promises to settle the national deficit in 8 years. (God forbid we have to look at this asshole for 8 more months, let alone 8 more years)

Following the close of the GOP convention and the opening day of the DNC, he, in a press conference in Florida, called for Russia to hack more DNC emails. This is borderline treason. Of course “The Donald” is back tracking and claiming he was being sarcastic. Watch this video and tell me it was sarcasm.

We are looking at a very dangerous man. There’s an idiom that starts, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Is there an idiom for an idiot that has no knowledge?

I have to admit he is a talented contortionist. He managed to pull his foot from his mouth, make another stupid comment, then reinsert his foot all while his head was shoved totally up his ass.

Donald Trump is simply a self-serving egoist that opposes only what the democratic party proposes. He has no reason other than he thinks that is what he is “supposed” to do. He has no answers. He speaks (yells) sound bites. He’s a dystopian with a small mind.  He has no filter and lacks temperament. Hillary said it best. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

The DNC…

Professional, well planned, organized and stacked with an agenda of purpose far beyond slamming the other party. Grace.

I have to say I was more impressed than I had been in any political convention. It may be that it was juxtaposed against the disaster of the GOP show. Regardless, it rolled out like this..

The pacing and cast of speakers was arranged, well, for lack of a better word, artfully.

The speakers on each night were stacked with purpose building toward the crescendo of Hillary taking a strong, well spoken stance on issues, explanation and plan. The peak of the narrative arc being Obama’s speech. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The biggest fuck up of the GOP convention, and an amazing gift to the DNC, was that “the people” were forgotten. Not really a surprise considering who was in control of the convention. This left the entire world open to ideas, ideals, grassroots America, blue collar workers (the ones of us actually building the country) and the ever republican swath of good old fashioned American tradition and values. I couldn’t believe my ears when Bill Clinton told the stories of their humble beginnings, struggle and triumph in the pursuits of the American Dream. He spoke to “the people.” We were introduced to the Hillary we didn’t know.

The organizers of this convention must have been as giddy as a high school boy on prom night after unsnapping the bra strap of his date in the backseat of his parents car. The GOP convention lacked anything remotely in the way of family values, ethics, peace or the American Way. The Dems got to run with the ball in any and every direction. They played with what would have normally been the Repubs platform as well as the democratic agenda. Such brilliance shown by the GOP and Trump to leave everything positive out of their convention.

Bernie Sanders got the strongest reception of any speaker, including Hills, in the convention. He spoke for several minutes about himself, his campaign and the triumphs in failure. It seemed he may have been headed in the direction of Cruz, but pulled up in the last few minutes to give his (feigned) endorsement to Hills. The duress of his endorsement merely stemmed from the only other real choice he had.

Michelle Obama’s speech was a heart wrenching history lesson that spoke of the barriers recently broken and that currently are being broken in the U.S. Her telling of living in a house being built by slaves and watching her children play on it’s lawn pulled everyone’s heartstrings and lifted their faith. Powerful stuff.

The entire first night was an extremely progressive line-up of speakers and issues. I wasn’t surprised. This was laying groundwork. Good strategy.

As the convention progressed the issues became more defined and the power of the contingency of life-long republicans speaking against Trump and backing a democrat for the first time in their lives coupled with the disabled folks Hillary has helped and stayed in contact with over the years pushed her public perception to new heights. She is becoming human in the eyes of America.

Obama’s speech took us through his career and fight for America. I’ve never made it a secret that I think he has been a shitty president, but he is one hell of a speaker. He had me in the palm of his hand. His eloquence, practiced sincerity and near-flawless depiction of his work in the past seven and a half years and the inclusion of Hills in his team post the 2008 election where she ran against him, spoke volumes. When he mentioned Trump the crowd jeered. He said, “Don’t boo-vote.” Nailed it! He had everyone undecided making a decision. His glowing endorsement, where he genuinely said that Hills was more qualified for the presidency that he or Hills hubbie Bill, iced the cake. The man hit a grand slam and left us proud to be Americans again.

When Hills took the stage she was visibly nervous and a bit choppy at first, but after the Xanax kicked in she was her old self with the exception of the one important thing…someone had finally coached her on her bedside manner. She spoke policy and goals. She was too the point and on point being careful not to regurgitate what other speakers had said like a cow chewing its cud. It wasn’t the strongest speech of the convention, but she capped it off damn near perfectly. She even had a few actually funny asides. She was as lighthearted a Hillary as we have ever seen, but still filling in the gaps, tackling hard issues and doing what her opponent doesn’t…give details.

There are tons of notes sitting in front of me outlining the ups and downs, speaker highlights, cringe worthy statements, fact checks on statements made by both candidates, (hills spoke waaaaay more truth due to the FACT that she is actually informed) and a fuckton of rhetoric. I could literally write until tomorrow morning, but I have to remind myself, and you, that this is a blog.

In conclusion…

GOP: in a word: DISASTER

The rub…Trump showed up

DNC: in a word: SLICK

The rub…Bernie Sanders. They tried hard to thank him and make him part of the “party.” He came off as a bitter defeated old man. I guess because he is. The unfortunate Wikileaks emails release just before the convention showing that some in the democratic committee were working to keep Bernie out of the running is a sore spot for many. He’s definitely feeling the burn.

He came out of the gate halfway through the race and failed. The dems on the committee acted out of, what I believe to be, the countries best interest. He doesn’t have the experience, wherewithal or charisma to take on the demagogue known as “The Donald.”

We are 100 days away from the election for the next leader of The United States of America. No matter who wins, this is an historic election. (one I hope never gets repeated)

I’m stoked for the debates and more of Trump’s contortionist prattle.

Come November when it’s time to cast your vote keep this in mind; a vote for the green party is a vote for Trump. Staying home is a vote for Hillary. Make your decision based on information, fact and as Ted Cruz urged, with your conscience.