My original topic of this post was to discuss America’s fascination with frivolous law suits and serial litigates, but in light of the event on Saturday night, June, 11th, in Orlando Florida that left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured, I’ve decided that that post can wait a bit longer.

It’s impossible for me to find any humor in the wake of this horrible event, but anger is easy…thankfully this piece of shit was put down. I pray it was a slow and painful death. Allahu Akbar, fucker!

Before I actually get started I have to address Donald-Fucking-Trump. He has simply taken one step deeper into the chasm of ignorance. In an act of egotistical masturbation he went directly to Twitter, seemingly his go to for everything given his limited knowledge and grasp of everything from diplomacy to the English language, to say, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical terrorism…” (Should a man running for the presidency actually “tweet?”)

Two words to the Orange Asshole: FUCK. YOU.

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My anger here has me in digression, but be assured I will take every opportunity to slap this dumbass around in our blog.

What we know of domestic terrorism isn’t exactly what happened in the Orlando attack.

Domestic terrorism, by definition, reads like this: https://www.justice.gov/archive/ll/highlights.htm

Terrorism, as a term in the United States, is categorically broad. This includes too many possibilities to state here, but range from anti-abortion activists to eco-terrorists and beyond.

Since the attacks on September 11th of 2001, 9/11, terrorism has a face. To most American’s this face bears a sparse wiry beard atop a body donning a thobe. (I find it odd that no one has correlated the events to the emergency code 9-1-1)

We know who our enemies are and they aren’t just Islamists. Russia is on a comeback and North Korea and China are big on the list. Then of course there is Trump; the biggest risk to national security.

The senseless acts of violence such as Saturday’s mass murder, by any name or cause, aren’t committed by the religion or the tenets of them, but by the flawed minds and understandings within. The truth is, as in any faith, there are those incapable of maintaining sensibility and sanity. The lack of mental health isn’t relegated to one religion.

Muslims are a passive, peaceful and passionate people by and large. And for the same reasons most in our country hate them, they hate us. Propagandists upbringing. For years it was the Russians, the Germans and Asian folk that drew our hatred.

Being called “radical” doesn’t give the acts any more or less reason. (The word best to describe these fucktards is SAVAGES.) The fact that it’s random, heinous, poisonous to the populous and deadly leads to the question of “WHY?”.Why target a dance club? a theater? a certain life choice? an iconic landmark? It’s just too unpredictable. Are they crimes of passion? Acts of a misinterpretation of scripture? What the fuck is it? There’s no thread.

Since 9-1-1 there have been no less than 28 documented terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. 10 of them by jihadist fucks, and the remaining 18 by bigoted Americans a.k.a. “the far right wing.”

How do we better assure the safety of America?

The far rights and the jihadists are hard to target unless we have some sort of foreknowledge. Religious fanatics come in many forms and aren’t always looking to hurt or kill those they don’t agree with. Nonetheless, they are folks of concern. Then those that act alone like the Timothy McVeigh and Charles Whitman are also a threat. Omar is one such asshole (maybe) and, as well, a native born American.

With the help of Google, the NSA, via the Patriot Act, is picking up speed on the ever growing database with profiles on virtually every American.(And know if you have kids, be confident that they’re already running a historic tab with our government.) They have engineered programs with algorithms to divide and discern our threat levels. Our “history” of searches on the web, including research, proving yourself in a bar debate or browsing the daily news sites are coupled with our actual records both public and private to define us in the eyes of homeland security.

So, what’s being missed here? A myriad of things.

For instance, not everyone uses the internet as a place to research or develop. Some are simply instructed by their “leaders” because they are part of the “flock”…the fucking sheep. In these cases people are attracted, lured and then become dedicated to a charismatic personality with an extreme agenda as opposed to forming their own opinion based on the facts and the true possibilities of an idea or ideal to move forward with a plan based in reality. (now that was a run on sentence!)

They’re separatists. Examples: Louis Farrakhan, David Koresh, Reverend Jim Jones and Marshal Applewhite. In a “nutshell”, cult leaders. I would even throw Jessie Jackson and Oral Roberts into this category.

So let’s make something clear here…ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is not an army. They are little more than just another cult. ISIL is just a politically correct courtesy coined by Obama (most likely one of his advisers) to broaden the scope of the anagram with the “L” to define a much larger area known as Levant. (BTW, ISIS/ISIL has now taken to referring to themselves simply as “IS” hoping to widen their “appeal.”)

“IS” is a loosely organized gang attacking with rudimentary weapons and tactics. The only reason Americans are dying overseas is because they are there fighting wars we have no business in.

Funny, in the not funny way, “the Donald” says there should be an increase in military presence. Another show that he’s an idiot. Our military can’t act on American soil.

Anyway, it’s my belief that these cult leaders simply became so fucking lost and corrupt in their own irrational misgivings that the answer was to gather the gullible in support of bizarre delusion.

One widespread cult that I love to point out whenever the subject of bullshit religion, self-aggrandizing fanaticism and manipulation arises, is Joseph Smith, the “creator” of the Mormon “religion.” Though they aren’t terrorists, they are funny. And something funny needs to be in this post…

“Good Old Joey” claimed he found a pile of rocks that, through God, told the past and the future (the seer stones) and laid out the world as it should be. He wouldn’t let anyone else see the rocks because he was told, by God, not to. This guy got folks to move across the country, many dying on the way, (also prophecy) to take up roots in Utah and spread the word. For the purpose of legitimacy, last year they released a picture of one of the stones.

Amazing! Now I’m totally convinced! I thought this shit was totally made up since they don’t believe in anything that isn’t in the bible. (the King James version, and no, not Lebron’s) To them the world is just over 6,000 years old, so dinosaurs never walked the earth. (Dinosaurs are scary. Did you ever see Jurassic Park?!?!?)

Foreign-domestic terrorism…

Until the attacks in September in 2001, there hadn’t been an act of war on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

What do we do?

More restrictions on immigration? Probably. More scrutinized itinerary analysis of those on the verge of the no fly list, either through association or destination? Yup. Better gun control laws? Yes.

Here’s the rub…

Omar had been on the FBI’s suspected terrorist list, not once, but twice. (the terrorist screening list)

In 2014 he was relieved from scrutiny after “intensive investigation” didn’t lead to an arrest. His travels back and forth to Saudi Arabia (keep in mind he is a native born American), his comments of wanting to kill to co-workers just wasn’t enough. Nor were his known associations with other suspected terrorists. Hmmm. The FBI, in their defense, states now that they were restricted by the “probable cause” restrictions.

Said to be a regular at “Pulse”, the predominately gay club he shot up, a member of several gay dating sites (dude was gay), his wife stating, “he’s unstable”, Omar declared his allegiance to ISIS in a phone call (hopefully not an iphone) to 911 as he began slaying innocent people. Acting on his own, as far as we know, Omar Mateen was allowed to purchase guns just days prior to the murders; An AR style assault rifle (sig sauer .223) on June 4th and a glock 17 on June 5th.

Now, considering the 29 year old’s past of suspected terrorist links and statements, investigations by the FBI, whether they bore fruit or not, should, in my opinion have been red flagged for such purchases. A nonstarter, ya know? A big fucking hole in the system to protect. It should have been obvious that he wasn’t going bird hunting. Hell, I got a DUII and can’t legally own a gun until March of next year!


Since these jihadist attacks stem from (aside from the obvious mental instabilities) religious impurities let’s play their game and get biblical on their asses. Eye for a fucking eye! (let me also state that I am totally against the insanity plea. If you’re no fucking good then be subjected to the decision to make the world a better place.)

Domestic terrorism shouldn’t be excluded from this equation either and should be punished with the same conviction.

We live in a country that is confused, afraid, stuck in a place that places too much importance on the “politically correct” without a sense of the absolute right thing. This makes us weak.

Our (lack of a true) justice system has been reduced to attorneys finding loopholes, interpretations of laws and “lack of proper procedure” to keep justice from being exacted. “corrupt bullshit” I believe is the legalese used to describe it.

So, unfairly, and without need of “Due Process,” others, unlike Omar, that didn’t meet Allah, like the remaining Boston Marathon brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are dealt with in a court of law. Allowed attorneys to drag shit out, go for the insanity plea then an appeal and cost tax payers money with their defense when they actually had none. Found guilty (duh) and take another bed in an already overcrowded prison, be protected from other inmates, isolated with special treatment and their names placed in the annuls of monsters that have made history committing heinous acts. The loved ones of those he killed will have to live with the courts decisions granting life in light of the deaths of the innocents they have slain.

After killing 3 people and injuring 260, admitting to doing so, Tsarnaev’s legal team actually asked for a new trial because the jury couldn’t be impartial. Then actual Americans protested that he was given the death penalty! WTF?!?!

True Justice…

I firmly believe that cases without a reasonable doubt should never see a courtroom, jail and certainly not involve an attorney.

The media should be called in to view, the public should be called to congregate and the execution should be aired over the internet, every network known to man, recorded and shown repeatedly followed by pictures of his body strung up and rotting on a light pole as a statement that, in the words of Dee Snyder, “We’re not gonna take it!”

good idea. bad idea.

And here we go…

As the poles closed on the final state caucuses we can now rest assured that we only have to hear the word “presumptive” for just a few more weeks. I really hate that word. Really fucking hate it.

As predicted a year ago when this clown show began, we have Hillary and “The Orange Menace”,  floating on top as we look down into the hole of the Porta-Potty, as the presumptive nominees.

The Mid-July National Conventions will hold no surprises just as the race hasn’t thus far. The only notices here have been just how fucked up this nation is and that it has gone so beyond repair that we have ended up with a female version of Obama and the dumber of dumb and dumber.

Actually, let me clarify…

Dumb folk are capable of learning and thus, dumb can be undone, but there’s no cure for stupid and “The Donald” has proven time and again that he is clearly stupid.

And why, I’m not sure, has Bernie pledged to continue until the July showdowns?

Not that we should expect less than lies from politicians, but his run is detracting from the most important issue in America right now. Keep Trump away from the White House! He shouldn’t even be allowed on the grounds as a tourist.

Bernie told us in the beginning that should he fail to capture the majority he would do the right thing and drop from the race and throw his support to Hillary. We see what that has become.

And though this is the weirdest fucking presidential run of all time, can he really believe that enough delegates will change their minds at the democratic convention for him to overpower Hillary? Homie, Puhleeze!

As you all know by now, Trumpelstilskin took a racist jab at Gonzalo Curiel, a federal judge, last week that has rocked the republican party. Paul Ryan, almost simultaneously, broke under pressure and gave his endorsement only to be appalled and then denounce Trump’s blatant bigotry. Then saying, of course, that he still backs him. Let’s see what happens with the lever behind the curtain, shall we?

Remember, he promised.

All week long Trump has displayed himself as himself and went full throttle defending his statements of racism but then tries to tell us now that his comments were misconstrued. What? He must have read my blog about the short attention spans and minute short term memory of the average American.

Clinically , “The Donald” is a pathological liar, a complete pejorative asshole (yep, that’s a clinical term) and a disassociative sociopath. Look it up!

Now even though the circus sideshows continue we can breathe easier knowing the primaries are over?

The skinny on the Dem side…

Even under the FBI probe and the (slight) possibility of indictment for email faux pas that I refer to as “Hillarygate” , we see a nation largely in fear of Trump. And for good reason.

Do we think the powers that be will, in majority, push to sink HRC knowing what will come of it? Ummm, no?

In and on defense of “Hillarygate”…brilliant tactics…

Four of Hills former aides are using the same lawyer. I can’t help but think this was a suggestion from a “higher power.” This little tactic enables a conference so to speak, within the former camp, to disavow claims against our democratic presidential hopeful. It’s not a difficult task to fill in the blanks here. Whomever made this idea an understood strategy is a fucking  genius. Confer, re-confer, consult, rely and lie, all with cohesive testimony. This is war and battle plans win wars. Defense should be offensive and that is what this decision offers.

The House of Clinton is trying to find focus under duress and formulate a game plan not solely built on slamming Trump. Good idea or bad idea?

My take is this…

If she changes tract and tries to be issue focused she is handing her party the nails for her nominational coffin. This entire push for the presidency has largely been driven by fucktarded Donald and no one involved has a single memorable moment speaking of, or regarding policy.

Its all been slanderous and liable and, to be honest, complete bullshit.

Should Hills get political she is going to sound like one of the adults on Charlie Brown.

Obama has sat on the sidelines, being mostly quiet, (except for some serious trump talk) waiting on today’s results. Tada! He plans a large tour to support and campaign for Mrs. Clinton. Good idea or bad idea?

The rub…

Today, Obama has his highest popularity rating (since his first moments in office) at only 50%.

Beats a blank, no?

The biggest problem here lies a true issue that has been swept under the carpet in lieu of the three ring circus of Trump, Clinton and Sanders. Obamacare. Dems and Repubs want it to disappear. Obama is currently under investigation for the misappropriation of some $15 million that, in his hands, slipped by the National Treasury to fund the fuck-up known as the affordable healthcare act.

He has also spent more money on war and personal agenda than any other president in history. Again, the debt clock is still ticking.


Stay focused on bringing Trump into the light for what and who he is. An idiot that has a sole agenda. Stroking his own ego. We all know his little hands aren’t up to the task.

This presidential hopeful is little more than a White Supremacist.  (He bears a striking likeness to the world’s biggest bigot when he takes off his “game face.”)

His blatant disregard of the melting pot, his world views and his statements to and about people based on sex, ethnicity, color and position (the press) speak volumes of his ignorance.

The Orange Idiot’s quote of the Week: Friday June 3rd at his rally in Redding, California. “Look at my African-American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest?”

The black gentleman on the receiving end of the clueless remark states he isn’t a Trump supporter.

Trump’s political views, if you can call them that, are based solely in his bigoted persona. I find it too bad, so sad, that there are enough inbreds in the country to get him this far.

Obama’s biggest strength here, as an aide to Hillary, is that he is a man of color and can rally the black population, and perhaps, the Muslims and Hispanic folk that have signed on to vote. The influence will help the Clinton campaign capture the vacated delegates that Bernie will inevitably leave behind.

The Repubs…

Presumptuous Trump has his popularity fading. Slowly, however, fading.

The judge shit has him in deep doo-doo. Even those that endorsed him are coming to see that, in the span of a week of critical error and a lame attempt at pity, and are jumping ship.

From the beginning of his bid he has seen resistance from the Repubs and claimed their ignorance at fault.

(This really happened!)

He also claimed to be a conservative. In truth, he is everything this country hates. A giant douchebag. From the birth of the nation to now there has been a growth in humankind. The archaic thoughts of one race or sex being better than the other has slowly deteriorated. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite gotten to the point of national evolution and the only reason trump has made it this far. A thing I didn’t realize before now is that there are those in seats of congress that are still thinking of the nation as pre-emancipation proclamation.

The only way you can get behind Trump is if you are categorically a racist, misogynist and retarded. None mutually exclusive. He is the whole package and so must you be to cast a vote his way.

Repubs against Trump…

Not out of character for this election…

Hillary’s camp started a website called:”republicansagainsttrump.org”

Who can love and laugh more than me?

The list of once in a lifetime career republican politicians that say that for the first time in their lives are going to vote for a democrat is growing exponentially. You’ll have to look it up because there are just too many to mention. It’s a blog, remember.

We will head to the booths in November and both candidates will head to court.

Hills for “Hillgate”, the email scandal with a (judicial helping) hand.

And the shitbird racist dumbfuck that is the result of a few centuries of shitting without flushing, “The Donald”, in the room for fraud. This certainly isn’t a new claim. It’s just the newest claim.

Trump has been involved in roughly 3,500 (1900 as plaintiff-1450 as defendant-150 in bankruptcy) law suits in the last several years with more than 100 current. Opposing his lie to never to settle because it would lead to more people suing him, has settled more than 60 cases.

It’s coming down to this…

Good idea. Bad Idea.

Our choice: The lesser of two evils or risk it all?

And, by the way, Donald, we just said goodbye to “The Greatest”: a Muslim black man.


next edition we discuss Sue-Happy America…Litigation…

It all started with a cup of coffee.

Bad Business

A bit more on the bid for the presidency. Specifically “The Donald”…(did you know he named himself that speaking of himself in third person? What a fucking dick.)

I really want to get off this subject, but like seeing a midget or Christina Ricci chained up in white cotton panties, I just can’t stop fucking staring!

In the wake of Hillary’s email scandal, (which yeah, she fucked up) there is the growing popularity of Donald-Fucking-Trump. Even Stephen Hawking, hailed as the one of the smartest people alive, can’t figure it out. He states what a lot of us know, “He is a demagogue that appeals to the lowest common denominator.”

Image result for stephen hawking

(Hawking didn’t like Obama either. Here Barack tries to strangle him.)

We know Trump openly hoped for the real estate crash so he could vulture in. “I’m excited for the housing crash. I always make more money in bad markets…”

We know he uses less than ethical business practices.Sometimes, part of making a deal is denigrating your competition.”

We know he has insulted veterans, specifically POWs. (John McCain) “He’s a war hero because he got captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

We know he is racist. (Speaking about an employee) “I think he’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.”

We know he is a misogynist.“You know, it doesn’t really matter what they (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

There are entirely too many quotes to list that make up the true wealth of this dumb-fuck. Megalomaniacal-Induced-Hatred. (Yeah, I made up another word. (and a new term. a hyphenated adjective actually)  Shakespeare made up over 300 words. I’m allowed a few.)

We know he’s a fucking liar and less than a great businessman…

(here he is again talking about the size of his penis and how it will make America great again)

The speculation (not really speculation at all) is that he refuses to disclose his tax returns is because he is a shady motherfucker. There’s little doubt he manipulates taxes, is a fraud and lies about his net worth. Hell, most everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and at best double talk.

His ego alone is a much bigger sum than his bank account. He claims to be “the richest, the classiest and the best of everything.” He says this shit openly!

First: The piece of shit has zero class.

Second: His wealth is questionable.

(I either have $2 or $200 billion. That’s for me to know and you (not) to find out)

And third: Best a what exactly?  Lying? He really isn’t even good at that let alone the best. He spews a lot of bullshit but is more often than not, called out on his lies only to deny them. Of course, he can’t tell us why it’s a lie or even make up an excuse as to how the truth became a lie then again became the truth.

There’s no doubt that his businesses generate revenue (most of the time) but how much of that money is profit or how much goes into his pocket? We don’t know be cause he refuses to show us.

We do know that he is selling off properties and businesses and accruing debt. This doesn’t sound like the wealthiest man to me.

He’s been taking campaign contributions after stating in the beginning of his run that he would never do it. He said he was financing his race for the presidency on his own.

His estimated personal debt is about $500 million.

Image result for trump in debt

Lots of businesses create what is known as cash flow. It is basically recirculating the same money to keep going. I believe Trump has been doing this for a while and now has run into the problem of pulling the money out of circulation to finance himself and is, in essence, fucking himself. Again.

Let us not forget that this idiot that has the potential (unbelievably) to “run our country” (into the ground) and has filed for bankruptcy 4 times!

He claims this: “I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing. I’m in business. I did a very good job.”

the breakdown…


His Taj Mahal casino racked up $3 billion in debt while Donald was on the hook for $900 million in person liabilities. He lost his ass! Here, taking advantage of the system that seems irrevocably broken still saw him lose his airline, yacht and half of his ownership of the casino. His ass basically.

The “richest” selling his yacht is telling of failure my friends.


Trump Plaza Hotel in New York (housing a casino), which he bought for $390 million in 1988 was in debt for over $500 million. This banckruptcy, again, saw him lose his ass. He gave his interests to 6 investors and was given the figure head position of CEO but he wasn’t getting paid. It was just an attempt to save face.


His entire empire which was called “Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts” which included the Taj Mahal casino (again) as well as at least three other casinos came up with $1.8 billion of debt. Ass losing repeated.

He lied and said this was only 1% of his wealth.


Trump Entertainment Resorts (formerly Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts), citing the recession, missed a $53.1 million dollar bond payment. He stepped down as company chairman and, not surprisingly, lost his ass. Again.

I see a trend here…

Trump’s four bankruptcies were all related. They were all casino businesses. Gambling establishments.

Now I’m not a gambling man but I would wager here that Trump isn’t classified as “lucky” at the craps table. Unless of course, you’re talking about taking an actual crap.

Our country has an astounding deficit thanks to Obama’s war on America. (at least he’s charming though, right?) The national debt clock still ticks away at an astonishing rate and as I type is rapidly approaching $20 trillion.

Our country isn’t even capable of paying the interest on this debt and our great great grand children will still be suffering from this near impossible huge deficit thanks to the current administration. Trump says he can pay of this debt in 8 years. Really? How, Ambassador of Aquanet? Tell me now before I vote for Hillary!

Answer: “I’ve been wheeling and dealing all my life. In pursuit of personal advancement, I have made ‘great deals’ to build my company and my net worth. Elect me president of the United States and I will place those talents and services at your disposal.”

So, if your betting on Trump to fix it…

America can file Chapter 9. Do you think he knows how?