GOP and DNC Conventions Wrap-Up

I laughed. I cried. I sighed. I cringed.

I watched and listened for hours on end…

The Republicans were admittedly harder for me to watch than the Democrats. Note: This was the first GOP convention without a member of the Bush family in more than 40 years. Some site this as the death of the republican party.

Trumpelstilskin failed miserably to bring support from his fellow Republicans, and understandably so. (did you know “The Donald” was a registered Democrat from 2001-2008?)

Unexpected though, was the showing of republicans speaking at the Democratic Convention against their parties candidate.

We have seen throughout Trump’s run a party divided. A party usually all apple pie, baseball and wheat field filled sentiment now afraid. More than a few are jumping the fence and voting democratic for the first time in their lives.

Let’s get to the meat of this thing…

The GOP convention was, well, a bunch of yelling and finger pointing without policy depth or an actual agenda other than to instill us all with fear. An amateur organized display at best.

The plebeians and troglodytes filling the speaking slots in place of the support from the republican party looked out at a less than full arena of poorly dressed mouth-breathing dimwitted fatfucks stymied, yet cheering, the train of morons.

To introduce his plastic robotic immigrant wife he stood behind a back-lit screen superimposing his fat square figure to the music of Queen. This is the second time he has used the “We are the champions” rock anthem without permission, and the first time after he was asked by Queen founding member, Brian May, not to. (this, in and of itself, shows us his disregard for others and his sense of entitlement. not to mention the possibility of yet another lawsuit)

He leaned his fat ass over the podium, leading with his scrunched up contorted orange face, repeating, “Thank you. We’re gonna win so big.”

The plastic Melania of Slovenia (i love how that rolls of the tongue) proceed to poorly read a largely plagiarized speech oddly lifted from President Obama’s wife, Michelle, from her 2008 DNC address. One hell of a way to kick off your acceptance of the nomination for the highest seat in the land, huh, Donnie?

The rest of the convention played out with a supporting cast of douchebag, offspring (douchebag), douchebag, douchebag, offspring, (and on the subject of Tiffany Trump; it appears he pulled out a little too soon. she is a spooky looking little thing) douchebag, douchebag, offspring (douche nozzle.) They were all mostly minor league players such as the grotesque and ignorant Chris Christie and a very confused consortium of golfers and businessmen and a few shitty politicians. The hardest to watch was his son, Donald Jr., with the same small chin, contorting face and sadly poor elocution.

His one saving grace was the choice of his vice presidential running mate, the ventriloquist dummy looking, Mike Pence, governor of Indiana. (this is the state where the Supreme Court Justice lives that Trump attacked for being of Hispanic descent)

Pence is also a known bigot and has supported the public persecution of the LBGTs. He supported a proposed constitutional amendment declaring marriage as a union between a man and a woman only siting gay relationships as a cause of societal collapse. He also wanted to divert HIV/AIDS research money to fund CONVERSION THERAPY to help the LBGT community realize they’re in error and to help make them “straight.”

The highlight of the convention though, was Ted Cruz. This fucking guy rocked the house. He spoke on his platform and told the crowd to vote with their conscience or stay home. His sweet way of saying, “Do whatever you feel is best unless you’re thinking of voting for this fucking Cheeto. Fuck you very much!” Of course he was booed off the stage and left happy.

Trump’s attempt at a speech was a hollow rant filled with hate an fear. He told us what he would do, he just didn’t tell us how. Methinks this is because he is a clueless fucktard.

He’ll break trade deals, abolish the affordable healthcare act (not reform, leaving millions uninsured) lower the national minimum wage to $7.25, kick Muslims out of the country, build a wall to keep Mexicans out, give larger tax breaks to the wealthy, deny climate change leaving the environment unattended, destroy alliances and antagonize our enemies. He’ll do this all by himself. He told us so. “I alone can fix it.”

He’s for separatism, not only in the world view, but at home as well. He painted our country like a comic artist where we live in Gotham city and he is the billionaire vigilante.

He proposes the highest spending of any government in the history of the world, but promises to settle the national deficit in 8 years. (God forbid we have to look at this asshole for 8 more months, let alone 8 more years)

Following the close of the GOP convention and the opening day of the DNC, he, in a press conference in Florida, called for Russia to hack more DNC emails. This is borderline treason. Of course “The Donald” is back tracking and claiming he was being sarcastic. Watch this video and tell me it was sarcasm.

We are looking at a very dangerous man. There’s an idiom that starts, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.” Is there an idiom for an idiot that has no knowledge?

I have to admit he is a talented contortionist. He managed to pull his foot from his mouth, make another stupid comment, then reinsert his foot all while his head was shoved totally up his ass.

Donald Trump is simply a self-serving egoist that opposes only what the democratic party proposes. He has no reason other than he thinks that is what he is “supposed” to do. He has no answers. He speaks (yells) sound bites. He’s a dystopian with a small mind.  He has no filter and lacks temperament. Hillary said it best. “A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man you can trust with nuclear weapons.”

The DNC…

Professional, well planned, organized and stacked with an agenda of purpose far beyond slamming the other party. Grace.

I have to say I was more impressed than I had been in any political convention. It may be that it was juxtaposed against the disaster of the GOP show. Regardless, it rolled out like this..

The pacing and cast of speakers was arranged, well, for lack of a better word, artfully.

The speakers on each night were stacked with purpose building toward the crescendo of Hillary taking a strong, well spoken stance on issues, explanation and plan. The peak of the narrative arc being Obama’s speech. But I’m getting ahead of myself…

The biggest fuck up of the GOP convention, and an amazing gift to the DNC, was that “the people” were forgotten. Not really a surprise considering who was in control of the convention. This left the entire world open to ideas, ideals, grassroots America, blue collar workers (the ones of us actually building the country) and the ever republican swath of good old fashioned American tradition and values. I couldn’t believe my ears when Bill Clinton told the stories of their humble beginnings, struggle and triumph in the pursuits of the American Dream. He spoke to “the people.” We were introduced to the Hillary we didn’t know.

The organizers of this convention must have been as giddy as a high school boy on prom night after unsnapping the bra strap of his date in the backseat of his parents car. The GOP convention lacked anything remotely in the way of family values, ethics, peace or the American Way. The Dems got to run with the ball in any and every direction. They played with what would have normally been the Repubs platform as well as the democratic agenda. Such brilliance shown by the GOP and Trump to leave everything positive out of their convention.

Bernie Sanders got the strongest reception of any speaker, including Hills, in the convention. He spoke for several minutes about himself, his campaign and the triumphs in failure. It seemed he may have been headed in the direction of Cruz, but pulled up in the last few minutes to give his (feigned) endorsement to Hills. The duress of his endorsement merely stemmed from the only other real choice he had.

Michelle Obama’s speech was a heart wrenching history lesson that spoke of the barriers recently broken and that currently are being broken in the U.S. Her telling of living in a house being built by slaves and watching her children play on it’s lawn pulled everyone’s heartstrings and lifted their faith. Powerful stuff.

The entire first night was an extremely progressive line-up of speakers and issues. I wasn’t surprised. This was laying groundwork. Good strategy.

As the convention progressed the issues became more defined and the power of the contingency of life-long republicans speaking against Trump and backing a democrat for the first time in their lives coupled with the disabled folks Hillary has helped and stayed in contact with over the years pushed her public perception to new heights. She is becoming human in the eyes of America.

Obama’s speech took us through his career and fight for America. I’ve never made it a secret that I think he has been a shitty president, but he is one hell of a speaker. He had me in the palm of his hand. His eloquence, practiced sincerity and near-flawless depiction of his work in the past seven and a half years and the inclusion of Hills in his team post the 2008 election where she ran against him, spoke volumes. When he mentioned Trump the crowd jeered. He said, “Don’t boo-vote.” Nailed it! He had everyone undecided making a decision. His glowing endorsement, where he genuinely said that Hills was more qualified for the presidency that he or Hills hubbie Bill, iced the cake. The man hit a grand slam and left us proud to be Americans again.

When Hills took the stage she was visibly nervous and a bit choppy at first, but after the Xanax kicked in she was her old self with the exception of the one important thing…someone had finally coached her on her bedside manner. She spoke policy and goals. She was too the point and on point being careful not to regurgitate what other speakers had said like a cow chewing its cud. It wasn’t the strongest speech of the convention, but she capped it off damn near perfectly. She even had a few actually funny asides. She was as lighthearted a Hillary as we have ever seen, but still filling in the gaps, tackling hard issues and doing what her opponent doesn’t…give details.

There are tons of notes sitting in front of me outlining the ups and downs, speaker highlights, cringe worthy statements, fact checks on statements made by both candidates, (hills spoke waaaaay more truth due to the FACT that she is actually informed) and a fuckton of rhetoric. I could literally write until tomorrow morning, but I have to remind myself, and you, that this is a blog.

In conclusion…

GOP: in a word: DISASTER

The rub…Trump showed up

DNC: in a word: SLICK

The rub…Bernie Sanders. They tried hard to thank him and make him part of the “party.” He came off as a bitter defeated old man. I guess because he is. The unfortunate Wikileaks emails release just before the convention showing that some in the democratic committee were working to keep Bernie out of the running is a sore spot for many. He’s definitely feeling the burn.

He came out of the gate halfway through the race and failed. The dems on the committee acted out of, what I believe to be, the countries best interest. He doesn’t have the experience, wherewithal or charisma to take on the demagogue known as “The Donald.”

We are 100 days away from the election for the next leader of The United States of America. No matter who wins, this is an historic election. (one I hope never gets repeated)

I’m stoked for the debates and more of Trump’s contortionist prattle.

Come November when it’s time to cast your vote keep this in mind; a vote for the green party is a vote for Trump. Staying home is a vote for Hillary. Make your decision based on information, fact and as Ted Cruz urged, with your conscience.

Rise of Violent Crime


Displaying IMG_20160718_115216943_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160718_115216943_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160718_115216943_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160718_115216943_HDR.jpgDisplaying IMG_20160718_115216943_HDR.jpg

Let’s talk a bit about the rise of violent crime. Though it seems to be growing globally, we’ll focus on our country, America, and its role in it. Our role in it.

There’s a huge disconnect between law and law enforcement. There’s a huge gap between civil and complacency. There’s a lack of community in our communities.

We’re headed towards a veritable collapse due to lack of civil communication. There are separatists movements pissing off (established) separatists and cities are verging on war. Civil war.

The definitions of civil are; relating to ordinary people and their concerns, and then there’s the civil that relates to being kind and courteous.

We seem to only be involved in the former rather than the latter, but in the vaguest of terms. Even with the simple first definition implied, we have a multi- timbral confrontational expletive that has yet to be named. There’s no current nomenclature to truly define the present.

It’s more than religion versus religion, man versus man, black versus black, white versus white (the weakest of arguments) straight versus gay, race versus race (there are many of us) or black versus white.

Black versus white goes back, in America, just over 200 years, and it has been brutal for the black population.

Slaves. Fucking Slaves!

People were torn from their homes, their communities, their families and their countries and sold like they were farm animals. Robbed of their dignity. No say. No rights. Reduced to beaten and owned animals. How is that deemed civil by either definition?

The white men that “settled” America first attacked the actual natives of this country. Killed, raped, murdered, traded small pox riddled cloth for land and took away their entire way of life to plant themselves and force an entire race virtually out of existence.

Then that entitled white man decided on its own want for luxury to trap and enslave another race. Civil?

On January 1st, 1863, just at the tail of the civil war, a man by the name of Abraham Lincoln, whom at the time was the President of the United States of America, enacted the emancipation proclamation.

Abe did his thing under political duress, not because he was a kind humanitarian. He had to set his own slaves free in this process. He was only seen as a hero because he was strong-armed into it. He was a douchebag. (not as bad as Donald trump. But he will never be president)

For over a hundred years following, the black people in America (those that, either chose not to go home, or those that didn’t) have had a very difficult time making their way. And that’s putting it lightly.


Black folks weren’t allowed in most public bathrooms, schools, stores, restaurants or even bars.

Race riots made history about every 50 years following the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted. Public executions of people just because a person was black.

Oppression, and there again, there may not be a suitable word beyond yet.

Both black and white have stories to tell, but it still went down with people of color being viewed as inferior. A species of animal, not a race of humans, but animals.

The white man had a “tea party” to get them to this country. The black man had a series of mass brutal murders, rapes, pillages and kidnappings to get here. Pissed the fuck off is where I would be.

This, though, was centuries ago. Not part of me and I can certainly discount that as any part of my position.

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks made a difference. A real difference about being the same. A human being.

You know the story, right? She wasn’t going to sit at the back of the bus (my preferred spot, by the way) just because she was black.

In the early and mid-sixties there were more riots.

A humble Baptist minister named Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights, human rights, won the Nobel Peace Prize and was more than just a great man. He spoke of truth and freedom and the want for the equality we all still want. He was tragically killed while standing on a hotel balcony on April 4th, 1968 by an ignorant racist (his name isn’t worth the energy I would spend tapping to type it) because he was a black man.

Now folks, I’m a white guy, and…

The inferior white man I grew up with calling dad until age 13 (thank God he isn’t my father) was a part of the race riots during this time.

When I was growing up nigger was a household word and we lived in an all-black neighborhood. (well, aside from us) I had no idea nigger was a bad word. I was one!

The old man that lived with us, the one that I called dad, the brutal wife-beating cowardly bigot, was/is a piece of shit. He used the word as a derogatory while all the folks in my neighborhood used it as a call to their friends. Right or wrong, that’s how it rolled out. I had no idea until I was 8 years old that it could get me in trouble. (that’s another story altogether)

My first kiss was from a black girl on my block. There was no taboo other than we were innocent little kids smooching behind a garage and had feelings we didn’t tell anyone else about. We rocked it! (ah, if only she had had boobs then. she was so hot!)

Our secret, at least for me, wasn’t about skin tone.

Point here is that I didn’t notice a struggle between black or white. What I did notice was a class struggle.

We were poor by most people’s accounts, and that made a difference in how we were perceived.

Damn near everyone on our block had more than we did. If there was a shun based on our skin tone, I didn’t know. I liked playing in other kids’ yards with swing sets, horse shoes and lawn jarts. (That shit was fun.)

Years later…

I no longer know what it feels like to be in that neighborhood. But I do know this…

The most successful person I know is a black man. Education is no longer denied to anyone. I can sit in the back of the bus, and most people just sorta piss me off.

The violence of my past doesn’t compare to what is happening now.

Marathons, peaceful protests, political rallies, corporate conferences, movie premieres, wrong turns while driving, dancing in clubs, taking a trip on a plane or simply walking down the fucking street equals Ultra-Fucking-Violence!


As I have pointed out before, the lack of education, the growth of the ghettos and the fact that this country was founded on violence are huge contributors.

But that can’t be all.

The overall crime statistics in America have fallen. The rise is violent crime and it’s becoming more heinous suddenly.

The murder rate is higher, per capita, than anywhere else in the world. Anywhere!

(this statistic has always been higher and I’m going to refer back to this is how the country was founded)

Classism and racism are still the largest contributors of murders in America. Hate crimes. A sense of entitlement washes over a white man and a sense of historic social debt runs over the black man.

In violent crime statistics one in three black men will be involved and incarcerated for a violent crime.

Do I feel like any of us is owed a living or free pass because of history? Fuck no!

Civil rights have come a long way, but civility is in decline.

The fucking roaches that are the purposeful degenerate begging homeless are raising in numbers and raising the statistics in violent crime.

I’m not just talking guns and knives. Sexual assaults are numbered nearly as high as shootings and stabbings, and some bear the same events.

There are over 70,000 females raped a year ages 12 and up, and the number grows every year. 22% of these are gang rapes. That’s over 15,000! Should I tell you which race commits the most?

Child molesters / pedophiles come in at a 1 in 5 of prison inmates. Fucking gross.

I can’t speak on that subject for more than that as it makes me wretch and really want to commit a violent crime myself. Anyone that can do that kind of harm to a baby needs to simply be put down. End of discussion.

Domestic violence, also on the rise and accounts for more than 20% of all violent crime. another sore spot for me.

The FBI reports a significant increases involvement due to the severity and international domestic terrorism.

Civil unrest and the current politic climate spurned by hate mongers the likes of “The Donald” creating fear in the masses as well as more separatism.

The progressives and their media allies trying to deny the growing problems of the “Ferguson Effect.” This being created by the shooting death in Missouri of an unarmed black youth by a white cop. Race fed civil unrest exploded as we have seen in recent protest violence and the murders of police officers.

Easy targets. Fat people, large gatherings of a specific race or religion and, of course, wide spread hate of America by immigrant Americans.

Police violence, contrary to popular belief, isn’t on the rise. The media and cell phone videos only portray it as such. The fact is, the presence of the camera is a deterrent and, at times, leads to the officer being the victim of a crime when trying to apprehend an actual criminal.

What is happening is criminal violence is becoming rampant. Statistics depict it growing at a national rate of 17%.

In the last 5 years we have seen more mass murders than in the previous 100, and just months ago we saw 49 innocence slaughter in Orlando, Florida. The largest body count to date in the history of our nation.

It breaks down like this: (all upward stats)

17% in areas less than 10,000 people

12.4% in areas 10k and 1 million

10.8% in areas of a million or more.

It’s made up of every race, religion and background.

People, we are looking at nearly 10% of the population committing violent crimes. 10-fucking-percent!

The rub…

The U.S. government, in this area, hasn’t failed us. We have to put this on ourselves.

Our state and city governments and police departments are responsible for our communities, right?

Partially. Bitch all you want then buy a gun and learn how to fucking use it. Defend your family, your neighbor, your neighborhood and your community.

If you want to take it to the national level, then the answer will be gun reform. The next time you’re being shot at or robbed at gun point, ask the guy where he got his weapon. I’m pretty sure he won’t mention the gun shop down the road.

Lobbying the U.S. government will only take our guns away from us, the ones not committing crime, and we won’t be able to take care of ourselves. (legally)

Our local police and governments know where the concentrations are, right? We can’t depend on that. The police respond to calls. It’s an after the fact situation.

You see someone suspicious in your neighborhood, your yard or down the block; you here an argument on the street, a scream in the distance… What do you do?

The answer for most is nothing. Fucking cowardly nothing! Your parents must be proud to see you duck behind the couch as crime takes away your neighbors and safety. Your children must really look up to you as you cower in the closet with them. Way to set the example.

Come on, people! We have to be our own beat cops, patrolling our streets and protecting our neighbors, friends and families. We can’t sit on our asses and wait on the problem to go away.


Stand the fuck up and take back your fucking neighborhoods!








Sue Happy America

Isn’t the concept of a lawsuit to adjudicate and right a wrong? To collect for damages caused by others and they aren’t willing to pay?

This topic, actually sparked by Trumpelstilskin, had me start reading about some really ridiculous shit.

Frivolous lawsuits and serial litigation…

Over 15 million civil lawsuits are filed in the U.S. every year. 15-fucking-million!!!

Over 90% of these are what are deemed as frivolous. I think the legalese here is “bullshit.”

The good news here…wait for it…really…it’s a surprise…

80% of the world’s lawyers are in the united states. We are lucky to have such a force of “law interpreters” to handle all these important cases.

I mean, we certainly don’t want the “justice system” bogged down with murder, rape and other silly nonsensical crimes.

Like with moonshine and cheap whiskey we’re gonna feel the burn…

It all started with coffee burns on a 79 year old woman’s “pelvic region.” (Thank God there are those words to describe it.) She removed the lid of her paper coffee cup to add cream and sugar, squeezed the cup between her legs, the hot liquid responded to Boyle’s Law, the hot liquid soaked through her sweat pants and she suffered 3rd degree burns. (she was evidently, either on her way to the gym or had just gotten through with her workout)


MY EYES!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!

Stella Liebeck went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and spilled hot coffee on herself. The attendant at the window wasn’t negligent but her attorneys argued that the coffee being served was too hot at a temperature range of 180-190 degrees. Has an attorney ever brewed coffee? That is the fucking temperature required to brew coffee!

Now poor old Stella was injured, and I don’t mean to make light of that, but it was truly no ones fault but hers. She was awarded $2.8 million!

MY EYES!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!

Starbucks only replaced my cup of coffee when my dumbass ill-fit the lid and spilled it on myself. I think the statute of limitations has run out, but I bet I could find an attorney to take my case to court for the embarrassment I suffered. I mean, Starbucks is responsible because they sold me the damn coffee, right?

Stella’s case set a legal precedence for Americans…

We can sue for anything!

  1. Terrance Dickson, a thief mind you, sued a homeowner’s insurance company because he got locked in the garage of a house he was burglarizing. He was locked in the garage for 8 days as the homeowner was on vacation. Poor Terrance said he only survived by eating dog food and drinking Pepsi because the garage door was faulty and he couldn’t pick the lock to get back into the house. He had a great attorney and was awarded half a million dollars for emotional anguish. For-fucking-real! I think that was a little more than he was going to get for the T.V., no?
  2. Kathleen Robertson sued a furniture store because she tripped over a rampant toddler and broke her ankle. She was “awarded” $80, 000. Fortunately for her, she also got to punish the kid she tripped over when she got home from the hospital because it came from her womb.
  3. Poor Amber Carson threw a drink at her boyfriend during an argument at a restaurant and 30 seconds later, as she was storming away, slipped on it and broke her ass, literally. (her coccyx) Fortunately she too had a great attorney and the restaurant was ordered to pay her broke ass $133, 500.

This list goes on and on with stuttering amazement.

My favorite though, before I start to rant, is this…

Larry Rutman, a Kentucky boy, sued himself for throwing a boomerang that actually worked and it came back, much to his surprise, (PBR and lawn sports don’t always mix well) and hit him in the head.

Just as Larry’s luck would have it his attorney noticed he had an insurance policy in this time of need.

The courts saw it from Larry’s attorneys perspective and “awarded” Larry $300,000 for his negligence and carelessness that caused his bodily damage.

“I paid all this insurance for a long time just in case something unforeseen like this ever happened.”

Well fuck, you redneck dumbass, please, have this donation as a gesture of our remorse for insuring your .

Serial litigators are folks slightly smarter than the aforementioned, or they just have better lawyers.

These are the folks that look for the quick buck over and over, much less honest than the guy with the metal detector on the beach.

Doug Costello, a 66 year old fella, sold an old back and white printer on Craigslist for the outrageous price of $40. Much to his chagrin, the asshole he sold it to was a savvy repeat suer. (is that another word I made up? As this unfolds s-e-w-e-r may be the better spelling to describe Gersh Zovodnik. Better stated, something that floats in the sewer.

For six and a half years Mr. Sewer had Mr. Costello back and forth in courtrooms.

The sewer said the printer didn’t work and was missing parts. Being an immigrant from the Ukraine on political asylum didn’t understand nor accept Mr. Costello’s offer to refund the $40 and decided to file a civil suit asking for the maximum $6000. He only wanted justice for people stealing his money. That’s fair, right? Unfortunately for Mr. Sewer, his case was thrown out because he had no evidence. He had thrown the printer out. Aww, poor dumbfuck.

(Insert the voice and slicked back hair of Rod Serling and the familiar music…the twilight zone…

Mr. Sewer, represents himself in all his claims and wasn’t about to let this go.

After a rigmarole of utter bullshit, wasting court time and money, the Ukrainian sewer was “awarded” $30,044.07 for breach of contract on Mr. Costello’s part.

An appeal has been filed and the clock ticks away…Mr. Sewer has filed more than 150 civil lawsuits since his arrival to the U.S. in 1987. This is, as we all know, the land of opportunity.

Gersh Zavodnik poses in a room in his home, Tuesday,

(here he proudly sits with the files from all the lawsuits he has filed)

My favorite serial litigator is the Cheetos colored asshole, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the pretentious fucktard, yes indeed, I’m talking about the “Donald”.

Trump claims we can make America great again with him at the helm.

You know he’s a brilliant bankruptcy billionaire. You know he is orange skinned with really bad hair. You know he is a liar and a bigot. But did you know one of his favorite pastimes is suing folks?

He, as I posted not long ago, has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits since the mid-eighties.

At the beginning of his climb in the business world he sued two brothers for having the same last name as he because they were calling the corporation the Trump Group.

He sued his ex-wife, Ivana, for breach of contract and fraud because she, allegedly ( and who fucking cares really) promised not to talk about their relationship. Perhaps he was worried the truth would be told. Ya know, the old adage, “you know what they say about a guy with little hands?”

He sued Palm Beach county for $100 million because planes were flying too close to his resort.

He tried to sue the band Earth, Wind and Fire for not being an “A-list talent” when they didn’t sellout the show his company booked at the Taj Mahal Casino. Huh? The judge in this case was sober enough to throw it out of court.

He has tried suing his own attorneys for not winning cases, and, in many instances, has refused to pay folks for work they had done for him.

He sued a Miss America contestant for saying “disparaging things” about the pageant on social media.

There are literally hundreds more vexatious lawsuits he has filed, yet he claims that excessive litigation in the U.S. increases the cost of goods and services and limits job creation.

And let’s not forget, the fucker now wants to be a brick mason and build that wall…

Let’s face it, HE IS A DOUCHEBAG.

Many states are now setting boundaries on serial litigators, aka vexation litigators, and the attorneys that provide counsel to them by having cases get a judges approval before than will be heard.

What we are looking at here is the fact that attorneys put the laws through a prism and distort the true picture of legislation and make a complete mockery of what is referred to as justice. These “interpretations” have only help to build a large part of the corruption in our country.

They’re nothing more than spin doctors that with each case afford themselves bigger houses, nicer clothes and faster cars.

Shyster is another word I like as a descriptor. Few things are more dangerous than being a courtroom as a defendant with money sucking litigators on both ends of an argument.

Ben Franklin, an amazingly quotable fella, said, “A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats.”

Another great quote, though unrelated…

Mark Twain, one of my favorite egomaniacs, said,  “Lawyers are like other people–fools on the average; but it is easier for an ass to succeed in that trade than any other.”

And one more from him as well…

If you know a good attorney, I have a few cases I want to file now…

I want to sue AC/DC for the Axl Rose debacle.

I want to sue myself for being an asshole.

I want to sue Donald Trump for pissing me off so much.

And I want to sue the lawyer that started this all, Reed Morgan.

Coffee anyone?