“I’m afraid of Americans.” David Bowie

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The polls have closed, and for the most part the ballots have been counted. For the next several days, if not weeks, there will be counts, recounts and doubts. Facts still remain facts. The Orange-Fucking-Idiot is now the president elect. We should just as well have a cartoon as the future leader of our country.

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(still read from left to right)

There has been no doubt for a very fucking long time that big government needs to be taken down. We didn’t have that opportunity in this election. There was simply no choice to make to make that happen.

As I think back on my first post; when this electoral race began; knowing I only reported facts coupled with my opinion. And it looked like this…

We had little to choose from. We had one qualified republican, Ted (Mr. No Personality) Cruz and pretty much zero in the democratic running. Hills offered a safe continuation of Obama, but there was virtually nothing else.

In the Hills corner was the idea that we have suffered with Obama and could continue until the next 4 years pass and hopefully find actual candidates next time around. Obama inherited the legacy of the worst president in history, G.W. Bush, and Obama failed to produce. Sure, it broke new ground to have our first black president, but he did little for our country as a country.

What ensued was the most sadly comical presidential race in the history of our nation. We had two candidates that no truly educated person could get behind, believe or trust.

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I could get past Hills’ private email server built out of true American (convenience) laziness. (this is the fast food-fat ass capitol of the world) Her questionable Benghazi thing wasn’t a sole problem, but it certainly left her alone in the accusations as though she were the only one in the entire American government. Several other agencies were involved and our fearless (fearful) leader Barack Obama wasn’t held accountable.

Did Hills do the right thing? Fuck no! Did she trade or give up state secrets? Divulge classified information to the enemy? Fuck no!

Did Donald-Fucking-Trump slander, liable, defy and take advantage of a weak system of an under-educated southern and middle America? Duh.

This is a man that would be in prison many times over for fraud, tax evasion and countless other financial and civil crimes had he not abused the system he now vows to change.

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This is one of the most frightening individuals on the planet at this moment, if not the scariest.

After all of his unapologetic xenophobic, homophobic, racist and misogynistic remarks of the past year and a half we saw in the final four days of his campaign his advisors and campaign staff pull his belt tight, take away his twitter account and threaten him with yet another one of his failures if he didn’t read the speech written by someone with a brain rather than him spew anger, hate, fear and threats of suing everyone that doesn’t like or agree with him. This plays perfectly into the average American’s short-term memory being less than that of a goldfish.

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Was I pro Hills? No. Emphatically NO. What I was, and am, is ANTI-TRUMP! Trump didn’t win. Hills lost. We really only had a polished pile of shit vs. a loud pile of shit.

We now have to take into account that we have a largely uneducated-redneck-hillbilly majority voting for and with a backward agenda in control of the United States of America.

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We don’t just have Trump to consider, we have a full boat of a republican majority in the House, the Senate, and soon, the Supreme(ist) Court.

Executive orders thrown out, abortion will be outlawed and criminally punished, all civil, gay and women’s rights will be in decline, the first amendment at risk, mass deportation, discrimination against entire religions and a fucking wall! A FUCKING WALL, PEOPLE!

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Is this the death of the democratic party? The death of democracy? Both?

Trump opposes higher wages, he opposes higher taxes on the 1% (that he is rumored to be a part of), he hates, calls for nukes, praises a despot by the name of Putin and promises to make us great? Again? According to him, we were never great as a nation. He spent his life as a democrat that was never satisfied because there weren’t enough things for him to take advantage of. He sees bankruptcy as a business practice, a law suit as a way of defending himself against the truth and an American way decided by the guy with the thickest wallet. His tiny hands (and mind) depict a truth that if he had to get into a dick swinging contest Hills would have won.

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Hills failed in several ways…

  • She sucks at being human. She is stiff, has no bedside manner and is unrelatable except in defeat. Her most human moment was her concession speech.
  • She was following in Obama’s footsteps. A legacy only forlorn by G.W. Bush’s handed to Obama. Let’s not forget, Obama sucked.
  • Her Healthcare plan, a huge issue for me (refer to my first post), was just trying to reform a failed travesty. Obamacare.
  • She called half of america “Deplorables.” Stooped to Trump’s level. Bad form.
  • Back to number one…she is unrelatable. She just doesn’t connect. Her best work is, and has always been done, on paper.
  • She went into mining, steel and auto manufacturing states and said they were basically done. Truth is they are, but Trump lied and said they weren’t.
  • She let Trump grab her by the pussy.Image result for hillary grabbed by the pussy

America is driven by advertising, the promise of a better product and an easier way to achieve success. We have Tony Robbins, Depak Chopra, Oprah Whinfry and now…Trumpelstilskin. (Depak and Trump share the bad hair thing…hmmm.)

The only two positives I can see out of this Trump coup is the repeal of Obamacare and the fact that there is no more climate shift or global warming. One was given to us by an Abe Lincoln mistake and the other from the Chinese trying to take control.

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Franklin Delano Roosevelt said; “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Obviously, he never met Donald John Trump.

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All Hail Trump!


Image result for smokes and beer patioIf there were any doubts as to what this post would be about let’s do away with them right now…

I had sat in rush hour traffic for an hour wondering if I would make it home in time.

There was no question that I needed to stop for beer and smokes as I had only two cigarettes in my pack and zero beers in the fridge. Whew, I made it with 20 minutes to spare.

I grabbed my laptop, set in my patio table, logged into Comcast’s live stream, opened a beer and sat my fresh pack of smokes next to the cold beer I had just opened.

Only two things left to do…

Grab pen and paper and order a pizza.

My chores of the previous ten minutes complete, I took a long pull from the beer and lit a smoke. I took a long slow drag and exhaled watching the smoke billow around the umbrella above the table and waited. Trying to relax in the anticipation.

As reporters prattled on about who was where in the building I was looking around the stage that was set at the convention center. The one and only thing that stuck out was the podiums. I haven’t read anything about this detail in any of the articles I’ve read today, and maybe I’m just being overly critical, (as if) but Trump’s podium was nearly twice the size of poor Hills. Ego? Perhaps. Maybe he was just compensating. You know what they say about guys with big podiums.

Anyway. Just as the two candidates hit the stage Comcast goes glitchfuck. The picture goes completely gray and the sound starts cutting in and out. I was in a panic! I tried refreshing. Didn’t work. I paged back and forth. Didn’t work. I logged out and back in. Didn’t work. Fuck! Then I remembered reading earlier in the day that Bing was streaming it. Bing(o)! Back in business.

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The moderator, Lester Holt, a 35-year news anchor and fact checker, was visibly happy and anxious. Giddy.

The debate doesn’t disappoint. Trump interrupted Hillary 46 times in 26 minutes. Shear entertainment.

No hard issues defined. Just a bunch of childish rhetoric from the Cheetoh colored candidate and smiles from Hills.

Two more debates and we barely noticed a difference. None of it matters! So, I’m sitting here now with somewhere around 10,000 words of notes of comments versus facts. (Mark Twain said that’s the number any good writer would write in a year.)

If facts win the vote, Hills wins as Trumpelstilskin has been caught in over than 260 lies and/or exaggerations since the campaign began.  Fact checkers suck for the king of combovers and he says they should be banned from elections. Really? I guess so. We’re only voting for the next leader of our country, right?

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Controversies are the highs and lows of this particular fiasco we call the presidential race of 2016. We’re talking a Budweiser drinking, wife beater wearing, (domestic violence negotiator) welfare check cashing, food stamp spending white trash America kind of election! This is an episode of Jerry Springer that has lasted for a year and a half. And, it just keeps getting better!

We have less than a week, a scary fucking week, before the poles officially close and WTF is happening in our country?

Someone in Ohio dumped a ton of manure at the front door of the DNC headquarters in  Warren Country on the eve of all hallows eve. (much better than the flaming bag of dogshit on the porch, right?)

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Another first in the history of a presidential election …again in Ohio…The courts have issued a restraining order against the Trump campaign banning from the voting booths to keep them from intimidating and bullying voters at the booths. Unreal!

A Trump video surfaced of more misogyny. His plastic robot wife defends saying, “he was egg on.”(learn the fucking language, Yoko!) Then a dozen women step forward to tell of “the Donald’s” unwanted advances and sexual assaults. (of course he will sue)

Trump takes time off to promote his new hotel that will be bankrupt next year. Hills is again in the spotlight over emails, though these are on a pedophiles laptop and the only details so far confirm that Hills hasn’t done anything wrong, but Anthony Weiner (what a fucking name) has proven himself a death by “public bleed-out castration” candidate!

There hasn’t been a scrap of evidence presented to indict Hills of ANYTHING in the new email probe! That’s not to promote her as angelic. We know she’s a lifelong politician. FBI director, James Comey simply says that there might be something “pertinent.” Another thing that may be pertinent is the FBI being under investigation with the FBI. An old Twitter account somehow sprung back to life and the FBI’s internal affairs is investigating. A tweet from an FBI Twitter account (@FBIRecordsVault) posted a confusing message about Trump’s father being a philanthropist at 4 a.m. October 30th and another regarding Bill Clinton’s controversial pardon of Marc Rich at 9 a.m. November 1st. The concern is that it is strictly prohibited for any employee to use the bureau’s power to influence an election. (hmmm. Who do we know and love that is addicted to tweeting and up at all hours of the night doing so?)

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Trump and company have hidden and delete thousands of emails, documents and digital records against court orders to benefit him in court cases where he was/is being sued. He’s also guilty of “building walls” to make lawsuits drag on for years in hopes that the litigators will tire or run out of money.

Everything about this election boils down to the word “UNPRESEDENTED.”  (un-“president”-ed)

No one is paying attention to reforms, tax, immigration, healthcare or economics. This is a race of character: the biggest lack thereof. Trumpfuck wins this hands down. He actually found someone dumber than he to head his campaign, a woman no less, Kellyanne Conway. She has screwed up and accidentally admitted to Trump’s tax fraud, defended his twitter tweets by saying that some of them were “good” or “relevant” and has proven to lack what her boss doesn’t; the ability to evade a question by changing the subject. She just digs herself in deeper. But to her credit, Kellyanne calls her boss “a ridiculous man-baby.” (I’m stunned that he would hire such an ugly woman!)

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The day after the final debate “T-bag” and Hills attended the annual Al Smith charity dinner, and once again, the orange asshole proved he had no tact and was actually booed during his address.

Plastic girl, Melania, is back in the limelight. The big issue she wants to take on as first lady is cyber-bullying. WHU? REALLY? Is this campaign being secretly run by Trey Parker and Matt Stone? Is Donald going to be the poster child?

Now he is being accused of raping a 13-year-old girl? Court date in December following his court date for racketeering and fraud in November) Even the promise of a bigger welfare check can’t forgive that! Please tell me I’m right. A creepy old man that wishes he could fuck his own daughter that admonishes another pedophile in hopes of catching votes should be our next leader? Our children’s president?

Give me the bitch that will lie about an email server and has a husband that likes chubby girls and cigars.

Trump recently got his 2nd newspaper endorsement. (the lowest number in presidential history) Number 2 is…you guessed it. “The Crusader” a.ka. the KKK’s official news outlet for the practiced and aspiring racist. His “campaign” denounces it, but the orange idiot hasn’t spoken about it personally. He needs all the help he can get waging his war on America’s need to be “great again.”

Speaking of the press…

Trump believes the 1st amendment has “too much protection” for free speech. “Our press is allowed to say whatever they want.” (uhmmm. Isn’t that kind of the definition of free speech?) In short he wants to be able to sue the press for fact checking.

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Who knew there were this many bigots in the country? Earlier polls found that 65 percent of Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim; 59 percent believe Obama wasn’t born in the United States; 40 percent believe blacks are more “lazy” than whites; 31 percent support banning homosexuals from the country; 16 percent believe whites are a superior race; and 20 percent disagree with Lincoln’s signing of the Emancipation Proclamation, which freed Southern slaves.

The rest of the population, aside from the 5% accidentally voting for Trump by casting votes out the window for independent and green party; the educated folk, are voting for Hills.

It’s amazing to me that the mention of more emails has tightened the race to a margin of 3% in the poles, but it has. Though 3% is still more than enough to win it’s terrifying to think that Trump has even come this close. We’ll find out on Tuesday. My ass is puckered in anticipation.

Right now, Hills seems to have it by the balls, but who knows? Trump could grab ‘em by the pussy…

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