Trump Wars

On this site we celebrate, and take full advantage of, our 1st Amendment rights. This blog was taken offline again. (for the 3rd time)

It is merely a forum for discussion. Oppose, agree, rant, rave, protest, laugh, enjoy, hate, love, and, of course, comment.

The tweeting twat in charge of the button will receive a link to this blog-site today with warmest regards. I ask that you all spread the word to friends and family to join in the fun here.

Now, on with the show…

First the Word Game…

I love playing the daily word game. You know the one where you’re given a word and see how many other words you can make from its letters?

I played with “GOVERNMENTAL” today and came up with an astounding bunch of words that relate to our current predicament. i.e. Donald-Fucking-Trump.

Let’s play…

Govern (something he can’t fucking do)

Nerve (something he has a lot of)

Revenge (something he seeks on all those that oppose him. He is one busy motherfucker)

Rage (what I FEEL when I read the fucking news)

Tavern (where I go because he is in office and I need to drown my sorrows)

Voter (as one, I didn’t cast mine his way)

Game (how “The Donald” views the presidency)

Gamer (Steve Bannon)

Grave (our situation with T-Bag as President)

Tale (he tells a many)

Real (I can’t believe it is)

Verge (we are on the verge of being nuked)

Teem (as in his office is teeming with idiots)

Relent (I just can’t, but he should)

Large (not his hands, penis, or intellect, but merely his ego)

Meal (He’s taking funding from “Meals on wheels.” No more feeding the old folks under this administration. “It’s wasteful.”)

Lame (Kinda says it all, huh?)

Vent (what he does about his “enemies”, and what I do regarding him)

Ream (what Satan will do to his ass when he gets “HOME”)

Overt (his open ignorance of everything)

Real (like , I can’t believe this is, and “Let’s get real, douche nozzle, huh?”)

Lore (he and his “friends” setting the tone for history)

Term (the one he hopefully doesn’t finish)

Trog (as in troglodyte)

Elate (“It will elate me when this fucktard has shut the fuck up.”)

Alert (what will be sounded when the nukes head our way)

Lantern (what we’ll need after WWIII)

Love (what I don’t feel for this cocksucker)

Realm (as we are in the realm of HIS reality)

Mental (duh, see “Trump” in the forthcoming dictionary)

Leer (him looking at women)

Gore (his presidency thus far)

Groan (what I do every time I see his face or hear him speak)

Torn (see Paul Ryan)

Gone (maybe all of us, or hopefully, just him and his administration)

Great (what he is not making America again)

There’s more, but we need to get to the meat of it all…

Trump is at war. Not with just China, North Korea, Muslims, the elderly, Democrats, the Supreme Court, Republicans, facts, Obama, Mexico, the media, terror, all 13 intelligence agencies based in the U.S., the EPA, the State Department, smart people, women, the idiots that voted for him, the people that didn’t vote for him, immigrants, refugees, travelers, his staff, and healthcare, (“who would have thought it would be so difficult? Trump asked.) And where will he stop? NOBODY KNOWS!

Image result for trump war

His biggest enemy is himself. He is petty, weak, stupid, ignorant, maniacal, dilutional, racist, egotistical, arrogant, belligerent, obsessive, regressive, compulsive, erratic, misogynistic, totalitarian, sociopathic, bipolar, paranoid and a heaping pile of lying shit. (“And believe me, folks”, that’s the short list.)

As he goes about his days ignoring the morning briefings to watch Fox News, he allows those around him to speak for him. Kellyanne has all but been booted from interviews due to her lack of credibility, Bannon keeps us on track to a white America agenda, and Spicer can’t answer a direct question with any form of honesty.

Image result for trump insane

He is mentally unstable and seems buried in his paranoia and conspiracies. He’s jumped from birtherism to rigged elections when he was behind, voter fraud due to (3 million?) illegal voters when he lost the popular vote by over three million, then fake news, National Security’s immediate need for a travel ban on (radical) Muslims and now he has another crisis (distraction) in the form of “wiretapping” by none other than another of his enemies, Barak Obama. A completely fabricated accusation by Trumpelstilskin made during the continuing probes by the “real government” into his ties with Russia. He still refuses to produce any proof because he has none.

For real, the walking ball sack sent aides on an emergency run to get aluminum foil to wrap all the phones in the White House. It was reported he was screaming at Kellyanne , “Wrap it tighter!”

Image result for trump insane

Fortunately, Kellyanne clarified the “wiretapping” crisis in a broader spectrum. It’s in our fucking microwaves! Holy shit! (this morning I had a covert conversation with my coffee maker and fridge to watch that deceitful appliance that I reheat coffee in. Thank you, Kellanne, you stupid fucking fucktard, for the heads-up. My blog was taken offline again. Traitorous Fucking Microwave!)

Image result for kellyanne microwave

In his informed superiority, his highness read the news of his alleged wiretaps on Brieitbart. (you know the Alt-Right propaganda site? It has to be true if it’s on the internet, right? He’s a fart smeller. No no. I mean a smart feller) I predict he’ll be wearing a tinfoil hat soon to keep us from reading his mind.

Image result for trump tin foil hat

And then to make America great again…

He’s proposing cutting funds to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, the State Department, environmental protection (which warmonger Mathis is against) and government jobs.

He wants to cut, in his urgency to create jobs, 30,000 employees from the FAA. (Federal Aviation Association) A single example of a 13 percent CUT in the transportation department alone. (yeah, he’s looking out for us)

“All American Steele to build the Keystone pipeline!” And then a shipment from Canada lands with Russian steel pipes. 28 metric tons so far.

A deal cock-blocked by Obama, the one to sell munitions to Saudi Arabia, is back on the table with T-RUMP meeting with his full approval. They aren’t on his proposed travel ban list, but they have been largely involved with terrorism on American soil. Remember 9/11? Fifteen of the assholes directly involved in the hijackings were Saudis. As well, Osama bin Laden was a Saudi!

Image result for saudi munitions trump

The deal has been approved by “HIS” State Department. 60 billion. (Oooh, look at all those zeros, Trump. You’re one of them. A zero that is.) Is this an act of treason?

Trump and Pence want “Roe versus Wade” thrown out. Abortion? Ladies your bodies don’t belong to you. You are property of the PO(U)TUS and his V.P. (way to grab ‘em by the pussy guys.)

Image result for trump abortion

(too bad his mother lacked the foresight)

Newly appointed U.S. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is falling back to the 1930’s with “Reefer Madness” declaring weed “slightly less dangerous than heroin.” (did this asshole really go through high school and college without smoking some shitty brown Mexican weed?) Certainly, he’s never done heroin, but I’d be willing to bet he’s taken an (opiate) Oxy or two for some sort of pain. No? It is the doctors new “lollipop.”)

Image result for sessions marijuana

White House security and the Secret Service (Why it is considered a secret when everyone knows about it?) are in failure and trump is seriously worried. They caught a fence jumper on the White House grounds carrying two cans of mace. It could just as easily been a suicide bomber, ya know, one of those Radical Islamists, or Madonna even, to take care of the nation’s biggest problem. Maybe this guy didn’t jump the fence. Maybe security let him in?

Image result for white house fence jumper

Available on XBOX ONE and PS4…


The Trump team is playing America like it’s a roleplaying game. (little known fact: Bannon was the CEO of a World of Warcraft gold-farming company=selling “gold” online to the gamers)

In Trump’s “reality” his “team” knows what they’re doing and will conquer the world with ridiculous executive orders, lies and threats. “The Fake.” (Has anyone noticed that his advisory team is made up of idiots that have never been involved in government or real politics just like him?)

Image result for trump role playing game

In the real world, Bannon is running the show from behind the curtain. (think Wizard of Oz) Of course the King of Combovers is pissed at the media for reporting/suggesting this and throwing childish tantrums screaming, “I’m the president! I’m the president!”

Bannon is T-bag’s chief strategist and now part of the National Security Council.  I’ll point again to the role-playing game. With the help of Bannon, Trump is declaring war in his game. Stepping into the POTIS role, the Orange Idiot took no time in creating global chaos. His biggest opponents in this game are a group of real people that make up most of the rest of the world, and the shitbag isn’t happy. “I’m the president! Do what I say! Please? Wah-wah-wah! I don’t have my binky. Somebody get me my binky!”

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On a happy note…

Dolphins use blowfish to get high. They nibble on it and pass it around like a bong, taking in little hits of the toxin. It has a narcotic effect, and they keep the fish alive for as long as possible. (There’s always a bogart in the crowd.)

Image result for dolphins getting high with blowfish

I love dolphins.