About Us


Our Approach

Through humor, fact, opinion, and common sense we hope to inspire progressive thought with an en mass movement towards a return to normalcy so that we may truly Make America Great Again!

Our Story

Having been a centralist observer for most of my life I felt it time to speak out.

The circus of the 2016 Presidential election spawned critical concern and a new found hatred in me. It's only intensified since.

A predominately biased media is aiding and escalating the division in the once (mostly) United States of America. This rift grew from a crack in the sidewalk to a chasm dwarfing the Grand Canyon in a very short time once Donald Trump had a larger stage to spew his rhetoric, fear mongering, racism, hatred, misogyny, and blatant lies.

Ranting to friends and family simply isn't enough for me anymore.

Next Steps...

Read. Write.Rant.Unite.