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Image result for political environmentToday is October, 28th, 2018 and without question we live within the confines of the most toxic, divisive, bigoted, sexist and dangerous political climate in the history of our nation. Our Constitution is in crisis. No matter which side of the aisle you sit, it’s undeniable though your reasoning may sound different.

Here’s mine…

The most blatantly ignorant, stupid, lying, media whore that I’ve ever had the displeasure to lay eyes on is the POTUS.

Trump has made no secret since he declared his run for the highest seat in the land as to exactly who he is, what he believes, and, without directly telling us, he’s willing to lie, cheat and steal to get what he wants. Wait. He actually said something very similar to the guy that ACTUALLY wrote the famed “Art of the Deal.”

His incivility is his charm. That’s figurative because, as I see it, he lacks anything close to charm. His bloated egomaniacal wandering hate-filled rants were at first antagonist and provocative for his base; predominately the under-educated redneck sect. Then he somehow won the nomination and his rhetoric became brow-raising comedic sound bites.

We scratched our heads and laughed wondering who could possibly fall for this bullshit. The lies were so ridiculous. Then. Then he won the election.  The morning of 11-9 (2016) will forever be the worst day, so far, in the history of my time on earth next to the morning of 9-11. (2001)

He has continued with such prolific perpetuity and proliferation that, as I predicted on his scant attended, rainy inauguration, he would plow ahead until people became desensitized, stopped paying attention to the elephant in the room, and he would become his own problem when the time came that his base heard it so much that it becomes the truth he knows is a lie. Or does he? Trump is, in all plausibility, the dumbest person I’ve ever seen in any office. That includes grade school kids getting sent to see the principal. Trump is absolutely historic in his stupidity.

This week we have seen not one. Not two. But a trifecta of right-wing domestic terror attacks on our home soil. ALL are directly related to Trump and his lies and conflagratory rhetoric. His banal craving for attention has him at rallies more than the White House. Assuredly, much to the White house staff’s relief.

At the rallies for midterm Republican candidates he, of course, makes them all about him and his attacks on his enemies. He’s incessantly on his own campaign trail. It’s more than obvious he doesn’t think before he speaks. He simply remembers who he hates, and he wants his base, and you, to hate them as much as he does. The vile orange idiot spews bile for an hour on a nightly basis ramping up his dwindling unintellectual base. The average I.Q. for his base is diminishing with his following. With this following follows the result. Not the one the Donald hoped for, perhaps, but, the inevitable to those paying attention. Hyperbole, lies, wild conspiracies and hatred spat from the mouth of the first POTUS that is “simple” enough that they understand. As the larger crowds fall away you can see the glassy-eyed deranged stares of the fanatic more clearly.

Trump ramped up his bigotry during the rallies of the past few weeks claiming that Democrats, George Soros, a prominent (ACTUAL BILLIONAIRE) philanthropist that gives more than half his fortune to charity, and the “extremist left” are organizing and funding the caravan of refugees from Central America.

Trump ranted that the caravan was planned and timed for the midterm elections to make him look bad, something he needs no help with, and that in the mix of thousands of women and children there are criminals; rapists and murders, and the ubiquitous middle-easterners: translation: Terrorists coming to invade our country.

Three Trump followers took it upon themselves to help him this week.

First: A Kentuckian. Gregory Bush, avid Trump supporter, first attempted to enter the First Baptist Church in Georgetown, a predominately black congregation, but was turned away by a locked door. Service, by fortune, had ended an hour prior. George, in his determination to please his master, went to the Kroger grocery story and shot and killed a black couple, Maurice Stallard and Vickie Jones.

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Second: A Florida man. Cesar Sayoc, extremist Trump supporter, sent no less than 14 bombs to prominent Trump enemies. People that Trump has repeatedly attacked at his rallies and in his press conferences. The list includes political opponents, former presidents, Democratic donors, CNN, and celebrities that ALL vocally speak out against the orange idiot. The Clintons, the Obamas, Maxine Waters, George Soros, former CIA director John Brennan, and Robert De Niro are just a few of those targeted.

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Cesar is a 56-year-old former stripper and pizza delivery guy that lived with his mother, drove a van covered in pro-Trump stickers and crosshair targets over Hillary Clinton’s face among others, was arrested for mailing, the now known, 14 IED’s. All of them capable live bombs despite what you’ll hear from Fox News.

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Cesar is a Trump supporter of the nth degree. He’s what’s left after the exodus of those verging on triple digit I.Q.s. He went to rallies, wore the hat, the t-shirts, drove the van, chanted “lock her up” and earned his master’s approval.

Third: Yesterday: Robert Bowers, a Pennsylvania Trumpeon, had had enough. His leader had barked over and over that the “extremist left” led by the wealthy Jewish man, George Soros, along with his “following” was bringing in terrorists to HIS country. His solution was to enter the Tree of Life Synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood armed with an AR-15 and a couple of trusty sidearms to make dead this peace-less, inflammatory, potential world ending, gathering of family and friends during a child naming ceremony.  He saved us from a 92-year-old Holocaust survivor. Fortunate for Robbie, Hitler is born again in the form of the orange idiot some call president.

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Today: We watch, we listen to all the sadness, the confusion;,the hatred, the orange idiot repeating and amping up his defense, his denial and decisively dividing the facts. His is a story of his persecution in the media. To an extent, he’s absolutely right.

The media serves their masters (sponsors). They too are whores. They want, they need the ratings. They give Trump his craved attention because without him it would be news of people rescuing cats from trees, baby elephants chasing birds, and the World Series. Boring. Fox News, the out (right) “LIAR” is the worst of all because it is they alone that amplify the lies, the hatred, the division and are happy with having the sole attention of the lowest common denominator. It’s a truly fucked up nation that is, to us, our world.

Facts: Today is only different from a week ago today due to the fact that we factually know that Trump and Company offer us little more than harm and hatred, division and defiance, lies and liability without accountability. The consequences fall on us, our friends, our families, our neighbors, and fellow Americans.

Caravans have been coming to America, the United States, for over 200 years. Who’s paying? We are. the taxpayer. The average cost for HELPING in the past eight years is $500,000 per year. A half a million. Let’s give it perspective…

Trump’s internment camps, in the month of June, cost American taxpayers TWO BILLION DOLLARS. That’s a month folks.

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Violent crimes committed by refugees make up less than 1/10,000th of a percent. White males make up  69% of violent crimes in America. 69%! The cost of incarceration per day? $87.61 per day. That’s 31,977.65 a year.

So…Just three of Trump’s supporters are going to cost taxpayers $95,932.95 a year for the next 40, or until death, years. This isn’t counting all his friends, attorneys, campaign managers and aides that have been convicted so far.

I’ll leave you with this responsibility, folks. OUR constitution promises a government for and by the people. WE have a chance to take it back, before the civil war I predict must happen, on November 6th.  RED WHITE? BLUE?

It really is up to you…

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