Issue #4 Problems and Solutions. (the homeless and eugenics)

This is most likely to be a very controversial subject and post.
The humanitarian sort are surely going to be either offended, pissed or both. I’m definitely OK with that.
I speak my mind, and, as always, look forward to your comments.
I want to talk about some problems and possible solutions regarding the ever growing population of homeless in America.
I’m going to focus on Portland, Oregon, as that is where I have lived for the past 16 years.
When I first moved here in 2000 the homeless “situation”, the sheer numbers of beggers, (panhandlers) was huge, and continues to grow towards astronomical levels.* It is, by far, the worst I have ever seen.
It’s fucking beyond annoying!
We have more “sympathetic”programs here than anywhere in the nation. Don’t fucking tell me that isn’t a draw!  “I can live for free and it’s accepted?” duh. They’re “moving” here.*
When I first arrived, the homeless were migratory. They moved seasonally between San Francisco and Portland. Californians became intolerant and they (the “homeless”) decided, actually without choice, that this is the place to be.*
With the help of city officials, both past and present, it seems to have been the grandest of choices.
Enter Mayor Charlie Hales…
For the homeless; here is your savior. For the rest he’s simply a dumbass.
The Mayor of Portland-Fucking-Oregon, Charlie Hales, not only allows homeless tent camps, but endorses them, has restricted police from “bothering” them, gave them areas to set up camps, (mind you no where near an affluent neighborhood) so the rampant drug use, public deification and nuisance is now massive with the Mayor’s support. The crime in these areas has skyrocketed but the police aren’t allowed to intervine.
(He’s definitely voting for Bernie.)
A simple statement of challenge: If you choose to drop out of society then don’t fucking ask me for a handout. You made the choice and I work for a living , and that living isn’t in support of you!
This ridiculous concept is tolerated and supported. I can’t figure out why.
The predominance of the homeless population are addicts, drunks and lazy fucks that see the world as a place that owes them. They think they’re cute with their Sharpie written signs with the phrases, “why lie, I want a beer”, “family kidnapped by ninjas and need money for karate lessons” blah fuckity blah.
The deadlocked kids (with dogs) that are rebelling against their privileged upbringings, “traveling and broke down. Anything helps.” As from the dog, “my name is pooch, my humans can’t feed me.”
I have a way to help…merely a suggestion mind you, but this is how I do it… GET A FUCKING JOB!
Parts of ptown now look like a Woodstock music festival but lack anything remotely cool, and include only a band of fucking degenerates.

(Portland-Fucking-Oregon homeless encampment, in downtown, fer real)
Hales didn’t get this passed through city council, he didn’t even present it. He simply stated that there’s a housing emergency and there you have it.
I believe this retarded idea to be led by a visit from our less than aware governess, Kate Brown. (and if i’m not mistaken, it was her first) But she seems happy with her position, yet she was appalled by two things, both of which are coming to define Portland: potholes and homelessness.
The city so unoriginal that it had to steal its tagline from an actual cool place, Austin, (an oasis in the otherwise “go ahead an annex yourselves” state of Texas) “Keep Austin (Portland) weird” is weeping passive aggressiveness.
Unlike Austin, things here are weird in a completely un-fun way.
While the pothole for every person project seems to be going well the homeless encampment for every neighborhood sans where richfolk live, seems to be falling on it’s ass. (or perhaps, the governess and mayor are trying to build a population of homeless big enough to fill the potholes. Hmm, interesting thought actually.)
They, the homeless, have already begun to sprawl and stretch beyond the boundaries that Hales had set. Why not? He already disarmed the police in the matter, and it’s only a problem to the people in the few miles surrounding that are affected. (Collateral damage?).
This, in turn, is playing out like the welfare system. Just one more thing our tax dollars offer to be abused.
These sub-humans complain about the wait for free meals? Really? Shut the fuck up. I’m not sorry that there isn’t more free shit for you that I pay for.

Take this thought for a test drive……
Have the illegal immigrants in the little townity of Portland- fucking -Oregon, (which there is no shortage of either) be put to work cleaning after the fucking homeless.
Better yet…“de-port” the fucking homeless to the small villages in mexico and give the immigrants the camps? At least they will work for a fucking living, right?
Let’s face the simple fact that the illegals, even when allowed citizenship and become the “legals”, will do the jobs none of the rest of us want to do. All I ask is, please learn to speak English. Really. Make that the ONE single-most important requirement.
Where my daughter attends school they pay interpreters rather than require the students to learn to speak the national language. The fucking entire society of america has become such a bunch of fucking passive retards that being politically correct is more important than actually being correct. WTF?!?!?!
(a brief aside: when and why did the word retard become politically incorrect? The word means slow, people. Retards never thought being called retards as a bad thing. Who’s dried up vagina made it derogatory? Really, get a hold of yourself and perhaps think about something important like you’re granola community garden and where you’ll get your next jug of patchouli. Fuck. Liberal pussy bullshit.
It’s as though the “moral majority” has been castrated. No one has balls anymore. It’s stupid and sickening.
Alright, back on track…
I could break into the political failure that Portland has become, talk about the New York times retracting it’s article on Portland’s city model being great, the liberal cracker barrel that wouldn’t know liberal was even a word without the hack known as Ralph Nader, or the simple truth that the little town’s road and highway systems were designed by a fucking “retard”, but I won’t…

I’m staying on track here, people! Dammit!
Upon my arrival here in 2000 the last bits of the Reagan “reforms” were being played out. The funding to the state mental hospitals was cut and all the patients were turned out on the streets. Literally.
So, numbered among the homeless now are the truly insane, without medication, padded rooms, restraints and other “necessities” i.e. homes, are ambling about like short circuited robots. Screaming, talking, crying, arguing and laughing with NO ONE, being, on a good day, just a disruption and a reminder of our country’s failure to do what is necessary.
Until the late 1970’s Sweden still practiced eugenics. other countries, mostly middle eastern, still practice eye for an eye justice, and things aren’t nearly as out of hand there.
Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m speaking on direct issue and not the entire stream of governing, but I will say that if we grew up in another country then that norm would be our norm. right? There’s really no arguing that.
(Note: Some, as an act of temporal fuck ups that lose their “permanent address”, as I once did, fight and find a way out. Meaning we didn’t choose it, we landed there, didn’t want to be there, and found a way to a proper, more suitable sort of permanent address.)
You know where I’m headed with this?
Kill these fuckers! Black lives matter. White lives matter. Brown, yellow, green, piss burnt orange, blah fucking blah.
I now need to retract a statement; All lives shouldn’t matter. There are those weeds in the garden that should be pulled. Lives that are worth something matter. If you can’t function, if you can’t do more than walk about screaming into the air at nothing and nobody, if you are an unproductive piece of shit that play pitiful for the penny with a cardboard sign and want someone to hand you money because you refuse to join the human race then ,please, just fucking die, would ya?
Let’s use a word, like retard, that too, resounds a situation by definition. INVALID!
Somehow the pronunciation is different by what you speak of. Like something that means nothing, offers nothing, is called, invalid. (in-val-id)
a person that can’t move (in-vuh-lid)
What’s the fucking difference between the two?
That’s right, the pronunciation.
Herbert Spencer, post reading Darwin’s “On the origin of species”, coined the term “survival of the fittest.”
It was an embraced concept beyond an idea. It’s the process of natural selection. The way of the world prior to western medical science’s “advances.”
The promises of the medical technologies is to allow the weaker species to survive and breed a weaker and weaker species through generations rather than allow nature to take it’s course.
Eugenics directly opposes this nonsense with making sense, by using real and actual logic. “kill it before it breeds!”
I know you’re thinking this is Hitler-esque, (provided you haven’t been reading the words as the science they enlist, but rather what you may perceive as hatred) but I’m far past the belief in a Utopian society, a perfect species or a peaceful world. And to further the Hitler thought that you have, these fuckers need a shower. (ooh, too soon?)
While we’re on this train of thought, can we include violent sexual offenders, child rapists and molesters, animal abusers (Micheal Vick) and O.J Simpson?

The real point here is that there are solutions. Problems meet solutions = less problems. Fact vs passive-politically correct-liberal bullshit = homeless camps that can’t be regulated or fucked with because blind eyes need to stay blind in favor of reelection by the 1% that rule the delegations. This is but one example of many.
Most of you want the problems to go away by themselves so you don’t have to see them; So you won’t have to make a “difficult decision”,; or, God forbid, do something to make the changes that are necessary yourselves.
Society can’t survive on favor or sympathy. Most people aren’t capable of true empathy and the rot festers. Society continues to degrade because you shut your fucking doors.
You think handing a dollar out the window to a bum puts you in God’s light? Does it make you feel “charitable?” You’re simply contributing to the problem by, not only allowing it to continue, but helping it grow.
My lady friend, who is a fantastic woman with her own opinions, asked, “Who has the power to make those decisions?”
Answer: the governing bodies that allow and create the atrocities that coddle to the purposefully homeless, the ones that make the decisions on abortion, gay rights, equality, taxes, the death penalty and welfare.
I know most of the homeless don’t read my blog because it lacks the taste, aroma and effect of cheap booze, meth, heroin, piss, shit, vomit and body odor. I’m good with that.
But the next time you’re stopped at a red light and someone is pacing with a sign begging you to help them continue a wretched, useless and invalid existence, just remember, you actually don’t owe them a fucking thing, and if you want to make a difference, run them the fuck over.

(the final statement is for effect and punctuation of a point, not intended for actual use. Dumbass)
*Many statistics were omitted from this post for the sake of keeping it a blog and not a book.

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