Rise of Violent Crime


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Let’s talk a bit about the rise of violent crime. Though it seems to be growing globally, we’ll focus on our country, America, and its role in it. Our role in it.

There’s a huge disconnect between law and law enforcement. There’s a huge gap between civil and complacency. There’s a lack of community in our communities.

We’re headed towards a veritable collapse due to lack of civil communication. There are separatists movements pissing off (established) separatists and cities are verging on war. Civil war.

The definitions of civil are; relating to ordinary people and their concerns, and then there’s the civil that relates to being kind and courteous.

We seem to only be involved in the former rather than the latter, but in the vaguest of terms. Even with the simple first definition implied, we have a multi- timbral confrontational expletive that has yet to be named. There’s no current nomenclature to truly define the present.

It’s more than religion versus religion, man versus man, black versus black, white versus white (the weakest of arguments) straight versus gay, race versus race (there are many of us) or black versus white.

Black versus white goes back, in America, just over 200 years, and it has been brutal for the black population.

Slaves. Fucking Slaves!

People were torn from their homes, their communities, their families and their countries and sold like they were farm animals. Robbed of their dignity. No say. No rights. Reduced to beaten and owned animals. How is that deemed civil by either definition?

The white men that “settled” America first attacked the actual natives of this country. Killed, raped, murdered, traded small pox riddled cloth for land and took away their entire way of life to plant themselves and force an entire race virtually out of existence.

Then that entitled white man decided on its own want for luxury to trap and enslave another race. Civil?

On January 1st, 1863, just at the tail of the civil war, a man by the name of Abraham Lincoln, whom at the time was the President of the United States of America, enacted the emancipation proclamation.

Abe did his thing under political duress, not because he was a kind humanitarian. He had to set his own slaves free in this process. He was only seen as a hero because he was strong-armed into it. He was a douchebag. (not as bad as Donald trump. But he will never be president)

For over a hundred years following, the black people in America (those that, either chose not to go home, or those that didn’t) have had a very difficult time making their way. And that’s putting it lightly.


Black folks weren’t allowed in most public bathrooms, schools, stores, restaurants or even bars.

Race riots made history about every 50 years following the Emancipation Proclamation was enacted. Public executions of people just because a person was black.

Oppression, and there again, there may not be a suitable word beyond yet.

Both black and white have stories to tell, but it still went down with people of color being viewed as inferior. A species of animal, not a race of humans, but animals.

The white man had a “tea party” to get them to this country. The black man had a series of mass brutal murders, rapes, pillages and kidnappings to get here. Pissed the fuck off is where I would be.

This, though, was centuries ago. Not part of me and I can certainly discount that as any part of my position.

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks made a difference. A real difference about being the same. A human being.

You know the story, right? She wasn’t going to sit at the back of the bus (my preferred spot, by the way) just because she was black.

In the early and mid-sixties there were more riots.

A humble Baptist minister named Martin Luther King Jr. fought for civil rights, human rights, won the Nobel Peace Prize and was more than just a great man. He spoke of truth and freedom and the want for the equality we all still want. He was tragically killed while standing on a hotel balcony on April 4th, 1968 by an ignorant racist (his name isn’t worth the energy I would spend tapping to type it) because he was a black man.

Now folks, I’m a white guy, and…

The inferior white man I grew up with calling dad until age 13 (thank God he isn’t my father) was a part of the race riots during this time.

When I was growing up nigger was a household word and we lived in an all-black neighborhood. (well, aside from us) I had no idea nigger was a bad word. I was one!

The old man that lived with us, the one that I called dad, the brutal wife-beating cowardly bigot, was/is a piece of shit. He used the word as a derogatory while all the folks in my neighborhood used it as a call to their friends. Right or wrong, that’s how it rolled out. I had no idea until I was 8 years old that it could get me in trouble. (that’s another story altogether)

My first kiss was from a black girl on my block. There was no taboo other than we were innocent little kids smooching behind a garage and had feelings we didn’t tell anyone else about. We rocked it! (ah, if only she had had boobs then. she was so hot!)

Our secret, at least for me, wasn’t about skin tone.

Point here is that I didn’t notice a struggle between black or white. What I did notice was a class struggle.

We were poor by most people’s accounts, and that made a difference in how we were perceived.

Damn near everyone on our block had more than we did. If there was a shun based on our skin tone, I didn’t know. I liked playing in other kids’ yards with swing sets, horse shoes and lawn jarts. (That shit was fun.)

Years later…

I no longer know what it feels like to be in that neighborhood. But I do know this…

The most successful person I know is a black man. Education is no longer denied to anyone. I can sit in the back of the bus, and most people just sorta piss me off.

The violence of my past doesn’t compare to what is happening now.

Marathons, peaceful protests, political rallies, corporate conferences, movie premieres, wrong turns while driving, dancing in clubs, taking a trip on a plane or simply walking down the fucking street equals Ultra-Fucking-Violence!


As I have pointed out before, the lack of education, the growth of the ghettos and the fact that this country was founded on violence are huge contributors.

But that can’t be all.

The overall crime statistics in America have fallen. The rise is violent crime and it’s becoming more heinous suddenly.

The murder rate is higher, per capita, than anywhere else in the world. Anywhere!

(this statistic has always been higher and I’m going to refer back to this is how the country was founded)

Classism and racism are still the largest contributors of murders in America. Hate crimes. A sense of entitlement washes over a white man and a sense of historic social debt runs over the black man.

In violent crime statistics one in three black men will be involved and incarcerated for a violent crime.

Do I feel like any of us is owed a living or free pass because of history? Fuck no!

Civil rights have come a long way, but civility is in decline.

The fucking roaches that are the purposeful degenerate begging homeless are raising in numbers and raising the statistics in violent crime.

I’m not just talking guns and knives. Sexual assaults are numbered nearly as high as shootings and stabbings, and some bear the same events.

There are over 70,000 females raped a year ages 12 and up, and the number grows every year. 22% of these are gang rapes. That’s over 15,000! Should I tell you which race commits the most?

Child molesters / pedophiles come in at a 1 in 5 of prison inmates. Fucking gross.

I can’t speak on that subject for more than that as it makes me wretch and really want to commit a violent crime myself. Anyone that can do that kind of harm to a baby needs to simply be put down. End of discussion.

Domestic violence, also on the rise and accounts for more than 20% of all violent crime. another sore spot for me.

The FBI reports a significant increases involvement due to the severity and international domestic terrorism.

Civil unrest and the current politic climate spurned by hate mongers the likes of “The Donald” creating fear in the masses as well as more separatism.

The progressives and their media allies trying to deny the growing problems of the “Ferguson Effect.” This being created by the shooting death in Missouri of an unarmed black youth by a white cop. Race fed civil unrest exploded as we have seen in recent protest violence and the murders of police officers.

Easy targets. Fat people, large gatherings of a specific race or religion and, of course, wide spread hate of America by immigrant Americans.

Police violence, contrary to popular belief, isn’t on the rise. The media and cell phone videos only portray it as such. The fact is, the presence of the camera is a deterrent and, at times, leads to the officer being the victim of a crime when trying to apprehend an actual criminal.

What is happening is criminal violence is becoming rampant. Statistics depict it growing at a national rate of 17%.

In the last 5 years we have seen more mass murders than in the previous 100, and just months ago we saw 49 innocence slaughter in Orlando, Florida. The largest body count to date in the history of our nation.

It breaks down like this: (all upward stats)

17% in areas less than 10,000 people

12.4% in areas 10k and 1 million

10.8% in areas of a million or more.

It’s made up of every race, religion and background.

People, we are looking at nearly 10% of the population committing violent crimes. 10-fucking-percent!

The rub…

The U.S. government, in this area, hasn’t failed us. We have to put this on ourselves.

Our state and city governments and police departments are responsible for our communities, right?

Partially. Bitch all you want then buy a gun and learn how to fucking use it. Defend your family, your neighbor, your neighborhood and your community.

If you want to take it to the national level, then the answer will be gun reform. The next time you’re being shot at or robbed at gun point, ask the guy where he got his weapon. I’m pretty sure he won’t mention the gun shop down the road.

Lobbying the U.S. government will only take our guns away from us, the ones not committing crime, and we won’t be able to take care of ourselves. (legally)

Our local police and governments know where the concentrations are, right? We can’t depend on that. The police respond to calls. It’s an after the fact situation.

You see someone suspicious in your neighborhood, your yard or down the block; you here an argument on the street, a scream in the distance… What do you do?

The answer for most is nothing. Fucking cowardly nothing! Your parents must be proud to see you duck behind the couch as crime takes away your neighbors and safety. Your children must really look up to you as you cower in the closet with them. Way to set the example.

Come on, people! We have to be our own beat cops, patrolling our streets and protecting our neighbors, friends and families. We can’t sit on our asses and wait on the problem to go away.


Stand the fuck up and take back your fucking neighborhoods!








Sue Happy America

Isn’t the concept of a lawsuit to adjudicate and right a wrong? To collect for damages caused by others and they aren’t willing to pay?

This topic, actually sparked by Trumpelstilskin, had me start reading about some really ridiculous shit.

Frivolous lawsuits and serial litigation…

Over 15 million civil lawsuits are filed in the U.S. every year. 15-fucking-million!!!

Over 90% of these are what are deemed as frivolous. I think the legalese here is “bullshit.”

The good news here…wait for it…really…it’s a surprise…

80% of the world’s lawyers are in the united states. We are lucky to have such a force of “law interpreters” to handle all these important cases.

I mean, we certainly don’t want the “justice system” bogged down with murder, rape and other silly nonsensical crimes.

Like with moonshine and cheap whiskey we’re gonna feel the burn…

It all started with coffee burns on a 79 year old woman’s “pelvic region.” (Thank God there are those words to describe it.) She removed the lid of her paper coffee cup to add cream and sugar, squeezed the cup between her legs, the hot liquid responded to Boyle’s Law, the hot liquid soaked through her sweat pants and she suffered 3rd degree burns. (she was evidently, either on her way to the gym or had just gotten through with her workout)


MY EYES!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!

Stella Liebeck went through the drive-thru at McDonald’s and spilled hot coffee on herself. The attendant at the window wasn’t negligent but her attorneys argued that the coffee being served was too hot at a temperature range of 180-190 degrees. Has an attorney ever brewed coffee? That is the fucking temperature required to brew coffee!

Now poor old Stella was injured, and I don’t mean to make light of that, but it was truly no ones fault but hers. She was awarded $2.8 million!

MY EYES!!!!! MY EYES!!!!!

Starbucks only replaced my cup of coffee when my dumbass ill-fit the lid and spilled it on myself. I think the statute of limitations has run out, but I bet I could find an attorney to take my case to court for the embarrassment I suffered. I mean, Starbucks is responsible because they sold me the damn coffee, right?

Stella’s case set a legal precedence for Americans…

We can sue for anything!

  1. Terrance Dickson, a thief mind you, sued a homeowner’s insurance company because he got locked in the garage of a house he was burglarizing. He was locked in the garage for 8 days as the homeowner was on vacation. Poor Terrance said he only survived by eating dog food and drinking Pepsi because the garage door was faulty and he couldn’t pick the lock to get back into the house. He had a great attorney and was awarded half a million dollars for emotional anguish. For-fucking-real! I think that was a little more than he was going to get for the T.V., no?
  2. Kathleen Robertson sued a furniture store because she tripped over a rampant toddler and broke her ankle. She was “awarded” $80, 000. Fortunately for her, she also got to punish the kid she tripped over when she got home from the hospital because it came from her womb.
  3. Poor Amber Carson threw a drink at her boyfriend during an argument at a restaurant and 30 seconds later, as she was storming away, slipped on it and broke her ass, literally. (her coccyx) Fortunately she too had a great attorney and the restaurant was ordered to pay her broke ass $133, 500.

This list goes on and on with stuttering amazement.

My favorite though, before I start to rant, is this…

Larry Rutman, a Kentucky boy, sued himself for throwing a boomerang that actually worked and it came back, much to his surprise, (PBR and lawn sports don’t always mix well) and hit him in the head.

Just as Larry’s luck would have it his attorney noticed he had an insurance policy in this time of need.

The courts saw it from Larry’s attorneys perspective and “awarded” Larry $300,000 for his negligence and carelessness that caused his bodily damage.

“I paid all this insurance for a long time just in case something unforeseen like this ever happened.”

Well fuck, you redneck dumbass, please, have this donation as a gesture of our remorse for insuring your .

Serial litigators are folks slightly smarter than the aforementioned, or they just have better lawyers.

These are the folks that look for the quick buck over and over, much less honest than the guy with the metal detector on the beach.

Doug Costello, a 66 year old fella, sold an old back and white printer on Craigslist for the outrageous price of $40. Much to his chagrin, the asshole he sold it to was a savvy repeat suer. (is that another word I made up? As this unfolds s-e-w-e-r may be the better spelling to describe Gersh Zovodnik. Better stated, something that floats in the sewer.

For six and a half years Mr. Sewer had Mr. Costello back and forth in courtrooms.

The sewer said the printer didn’t work and was missing parts. Being an immigrant from the Ukraine on political asylum didn’t understand nor accept Mr. Costello’s offer to refund the $40 and decided to file a civil suit asking for the maximum $6000. He only wanted justice for people stealing his money. That’s fair, right? Unfortunately for Mr. Sewer, his case was thrown out because he had no evidence. He had thrown the printer out. Aww, poor dumbfuck.

(Insert the voice and slicked back hair of Rod Serling and the familiar music…the twilight zone…

Mr. Sewer, represents himself in all his claims and wasn’t about to let this go.

After a rigmarole of utter bullshit, wasting court time and money, the Ukrainian sewer was “awarded” $30,044.07 for breach of contract on Mr. Costello’s part.

An appeal has been filed and the clock ticks away…Mr. Sewer has filed more than 150 civil lawsuits since his arrival to the U.S. in 1987. This is, as we all know, the land of opportunity.

Gersh Zavodnik poses in a room in his home, Tuesday,

(here he proudly sits with the files from all the lawsuits he has filed)

My favorite serial litigator is the Cheetos colored asshole, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the pretentious fucktard, yes indeed, I’m talking about the “Donald”.

Trump claims we can make America great again with him at the helm.

You know he’s a brilliant bankruptcy billionaire. You know he is orange skinned with really bad hair. You know he is a liar and a bigot. But did you know one of his favorite pastimes is suing folks?

He, as I posted not long ago, has been involved in more than 3,500 lawsuits since the mid-eighties.

At the beginning of his climb in the business world he sued two brothers for having the same last name as he because they were calling the corporation the Trump Group.

He sued his ex-wife, Ivana, for breach of contract and fraud because she, allegedly ( and who fucking cares really) promised not to talk about their relationship. Perhaps he was worried the truth would be told. Ya know, the old adage, “you know what they say about a guy with little hands?”

He sued Palm Beach county for $100 million because planes were flying too close to his resort.

He tried to sue the band Earth, Wind and Fire for not being an “A-list talent” when they didn’t sellout the show his company booked at the Taj Mahal Casino. Huh? The judge in this case was sober enough to throw it out of court.

He has tried suing his own attorneys for not winning cases, and, in many instances, has refused to pay folks for work they had done for him.

He sued a Miss America contestant for saying “disparaging things” about the pageant on social media.

There are literally hundreds more vexatious lawsuits he has filed, yet he claims that excessive litigation in the U.S. increases the cost of goods and services and limits job creation.

And let’s not forget, the fucker now wants to be a brick mason and build that wall…

Let’s face it, HE IS A DOUCHEBAG.

Many states are now setting boundaries on serial litigators, aka vexation litigators, and the attorneys that provide counsel to them by having cases get a judges approval before than will be heard.

What we are looking at here is the fact that attorneys put the laws through a prism and distort the true picture of legislation and make a complete mockery of what is referred to as justice. These “interpretations” have only help to build a large part of the corruption in our country.

They’re nothing more than spin doctors that with each case afford themselves bigger houses, nicer clothes and faster cars.

Shyster is another word I like as a descriptor. Few things are more dangerous than being a courtroom as a defendant with money sucking litigators on both ends of an argument.

Ben Franklin, an amazingly quotable fella, said, “A countryman between two lawyers is like a fish between two cats.”

Another great quote, though unrelated…

Mark Twain, one of my favorite egomaniacs, said,  “Lawyers are like other people–fools on the average; but it is easier for an ass to succeed in that trade than any other.”

And one more from him as well…

If you know a good attorney, I have a few cases I want to file now…

I want to sue AC/DC for the Axl Rose debacle.

I want to sue myself for being an asshole.

I want to sue Donald Trump for pissing me off so much.

And I want to sue the lawyer that started this all, Reed Morgan.

Coffee anyone?







My original topic of this post was to discuss America’s fascination with frivolous law suits and serial litigates, but in light of the event on Saturday night, June, 11th, in Orlando Florida that left 49 people dead and more than 50 injured, I’ve decided that that post can wait a bit longer.

It’s impossible for me to find any humor in the wake of this horrible event, but anger is easy…thankfully this piece of shit was put down. I pray it was a slow and painful death. Allahu Akbar, fucker!

Before I actually get started I have to address Donald-Fucking-Trump. He has simply taken one step deeper into the chasm of ignorance. In an act of egotistical masturbation he went directly to Twitter, seemingly his go to for everything given his limited knowledge and grasp of everything from diplomacy to the English language, to say, “Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical terrorism…” (Should a man running for the presidency actually “tweet?”)

Two words to the Orange Asshole: FUCK. YOU.

Image result for trump orlando murders

My anger here has me in digression, but be assured I will take every opportunity to slap this dumbass around in our blog.

What we know of domestic terrorism isn’t exactly what happened in the Orlando attack.

Domestic terrorism, by definition, reads like this: https://www.justice.gov/archive/ll/highlights.htm

Terrorism, as a term in the United States, is categorically broad. This includes too many possibilities to state here, but range from anti-abortion activists to eco-terrorists and beyond.

Since the attacks on September 11th of 2001, 9/11, terrorism has a face. To most American’s this face bears a sparse wiry beard atop a body donning a thobe. (I find it odd that no one has correlated the events to the emergency code 9-1-1)

We know who our enemies are and they aren’t just Islamists. Russia is on a comeback and North Korea and China are big on the list. Then of course there is Trump; the biggest risk to national security.

The senseless acts of violence such as Saturday’s mass murder, by any name or cause, aren’t committed by the religion or the tenets of them, but by the flawed minds and understandings within. The truth is, as in any faith, there are those incapable of maintaining sensibility and sanity. The lack of mental health isn’t relegated to one religion.

Muslims are a passive, peaceful and passionate people by and large. And for the same reasons most in our country hate them, they hate us. Propagandists upbringing. For years it was the Russians, the Germans and Asian folk that drew our hatred.

Being called “radical” doesn’t give the acts any more or less reason. (The word best to describe these fucktards is SAVAGES.) The fact that it’s random, heinous, poisonous to the populous and deadly leads to the question of “WHY?”.Why target a dance club? a theater? a certain life choice? an iconic landmark? It’s just too unpredictable. Are they crimes of passion? Acts of a misinterpretation of scripture? What the fuck is it? There’s no thread.

Since 9-1-1 there have been no less than 28 documented terrorist attacks on U.S. soil. 10 of them by jihadist fucks, and the remaining 18 by bigoted Americans a.k.a. “the far right wing.”

How do we better assure the safety of America?

The far rights and the jihadists are hard to target unless we have some sort of foreknowledge. Religious fanatics come in many forms and aren’t always looking to hurt or kill those they don’t agree with. Nonetheless, they are folks of concern. Then those that act alone like the Timothy McVeigh and Charles Whitman are also a threat. Omar is one such asshole (maybe) and, as well, a native born American.

With the help of Google, the NSA, via the Patriot Act, is picking up speed on the ever growing database with profiles on virtually every American.(And know if you have kids, be confident that they’re already running a historic tab with our government.) They have engineered programs with algorithms to divide and discern our threat levels. Our “history” of searches on the web, including research, proving yourself in a bar debate or browsing the daily news sites are coupled with our actual records both public and private to define us in the eyes of homeland security.

So, what’s being missed here? A myriad of things.

For instance, not everyone uses the internet as a place to research or develop. Some are simply instructed by their “leaders” because they are part of the “flock”…the fucking sheep. In these cases people are attracted, lured and then become dedicated to a charismatic personality with an extreme agenda as opposed to forming their own opinion based on the facts and the true possibilities of an idea or ideal to move forward with a plan based in reality. (now that was a run on sentence!)

They’re separatists. Examples: Louis Farrakhan, David Koresh, Reverend Jim Jones and Marshal Applewhite. In a “nutshell”, cult leaders. I would even throw Jessie Jackson and Oral Roberts into this category.

So let’s make something clear here…ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) is not an army. They are little more than just another cult. ISIL is just a politically correct courtesy coined by Obama (most likely one of his advisers) to broaden the scope of the anagram with the “L” to define a much larger area known as Levant. (BTW, ISIS/ISIL has now taken to referring to themselves simply as “IS” hoping to widen their “appeal.”)

“IS” is a loosely organized gang attacking with rudimentary weapons and tactics. The only reason Americans are dying overseas is because they are there fighting wars we have no business in.

Funny, in the not funny way, “the Donald” says there should be an increase in military presence. Another show that he’s an idiot. Our military can’t act on American soil.

Anyway, it’s my belief that these cult leaders simply became so fucking lost and corrupt in their own irrational misgivings that the answer was to gather the gullible in support of bizarre delusion.

One widespread cult that I love to point out whenever the subject of bullshit religion, self-aggrandizing fanaticism and manipulation arises, is Joseph Smith, the “creator” of the Mormon “religion.” Though they aren’t terrorists, they are funny. And something funny needs to be in this post…

“Good Old Joey” claimed he found a pile of rocks that, through God, told the past and the future (the seer stones) and laid out the world as it should be. He wouldn’t let anyone else see the rocks because he was told, by God, not to. This guy got folks to move across the country, many dying on the way, (also prophecy) to take up roots in Utah and spread the word. For the purpose of legitimacy, last year they released a picture of one of the stones.

Amazing! Now I’m totally convinced! I thought this shit was totally made up since they don’t believe in anything that isn’t in the bible. (the King James version, and no, not Lebron’s) To them the world is just over 6,000 years old, so dinosaurs never walked the earth. (Dinosaurs are scary. Did you ever see Jurassic Park?!?!?)

Foreign-domestic terrorism…

Until the attacks in September in 2001, there hadn’t been an act of war on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

What do we do?

More restrictions on immigration? Probably. More scrutinized itinerary analysis of those on the verge of the no fly list, either through association or destination? Yup. Better gun control laws? Yes.

Here’s the rub…

Omar had been on the FBI’s suspected terrorist list, not once, but twice. (the terrorist screening list)

In 2014 he was relieved from scrutiny after “intensive investigation” didn’t lead to an arrest. His travels back and forth to Saudi Arabia (keep in mind he is a native born American), his comments of wanting to kill to co-workers just wasn’t enough. Nor were his known associations with other suspected terrorists. Hmmm. The FBI, in their defense, states now that they were restricted by the “probable cause” restrictions.

Said to be a regular at “Pulse”, the predominately gay club he shot up, a member of several gay dating sites (dude was gay), his wife stating, “he’s unstable”, Omar declared his allegiance to ISIS in a phone call (hopefully not an iphone) to 911 as he began slaying innocent people. Acting on his own, as far as we know, Omar Mateen was allowed to purchase guns just days prior to the murders; An AR style assault rifle (sig sauer .223) on June 4th and a glock 17 on June 5th.

Now, considering the 29 year old’s past of suspected terrorist links and statements, investigations by the FBI, whether they bore fruit or not, should, in my opinion have been red flagged for such purchases. A nonstarter, ya know? A big fucking hole in the system to protect. It should have been obvious that he wasn’t going bird hunting. Hell, I got a DUII and can’t legally own a gun until March of next year!


Since these jihadist attacks stem from (aside from the obvious mental instabilities) religious impurities let’s play their game and get biblical on their asses. Eye for a fucking eye! (let me also state that I am totally against the insanity plea. If you’re no fucking good then be subjected to the decision to make the world a better place.)

Domestic terrorism shouldn’t be excluded from this equation either and should be punished with the same conviction.

We live in a country that is confused, afraid, stuck in a place that places too much importance on the “politically correct” without a sense of the absolute right thing. This makes us weak.

Our (lack of a true) justice system has been reduced to attorneys finding loopholes, interpretations of laws and “lack of proper procedure” to keep justice from being exacted. “corrupt bullshit” I believe is the legalese used to describe it.

So, unfairly, and without need of “Due Process,” others, unlike Omar, that didn’t meet Allah, like the remaining Boston Marathon brother, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, are dealt with in a court of law. Allowed attorneys to drag shit out, go for the insanity plea then an appeal and cost tax payers money with their defense when they actually had none. Found guilty (duh) and take another bed in an already overcrowded prison, be protected from other inmates, isolated with special treatment and their names placed in the annuls of monsters that have made history committing heinous acts. The loved ones of those he killed will have to live with the courts decisions granting life in light of the deaths of the innocents they have slain.

After killing 3 people and injuring 260, admitting to doing so, Tsarnaev’s legal team actually asked for a new trial because the jury couldn’t be impartial. Then actual Americans protested that he was given the death penalty! WTF?!?!

True Justice…

I firmly believe that cases without a reasonable doubt should never see a courtroom, jail and certainly not involve an attorney.

The media should be called in to view, the public should be called to congregate and the execution should be aired over the internet, every network known to man, recorded and shown repeatedly followed by pictures of his body strung up and rotting on a light pole as a statement that, in the words of Dee Snyder, “We’re not gonna take it!”

good idea. bad idea.

And here we go…

As the poles closed on the final state caucuses we can now rest assured that we only have to hear the word “presumptive” for just a few more weeks. I really hate that word. Really fucking hate it.

As predicted a year ago when this clown show began, we have Hillary and “The Orange Menace”,  floating on top as we look down into the hole of the Porta-Potty, as the presumptive nominees.

The Mid-July National Conventions will hold no surprises just as the race hasn’t thus far. The only notices here have been just how fucked up this nation is and that it has gone so beyond repair that we have ended up with a female version of Obama and the dumber of dumb and dumber.

Actually, let me clarify…

Dumb folk are capable of learning and thus, dumb can be undone, but there’s no cure for stupid and “The Donald” has proven time and again that he is clearly stupid.

And why, I’m not sure, has Bernie pledged to continue until the July showdowns?

Not that we should expect less than lies from politicians, but his run is detracting from the most important issue in America right now. Keep Trump away from the White House! He shouldn’t even be allowed on the grounds as a tourist.

Bernie told us in the beginning that should he fail to capture the majority he would do the right thing and drop from the race and throw his support to Hillary. We see what that has become.

And though this is the weirdest fucking presidential run of all time, can he really believe that enough delegates will change their minds at the democratic convention for him to overpower Hillary? Homie, Puhleeze!

As you all know by now, Trumpelstilskin took a racist jab at Gonzalo Curiel, a federal judge, last week that has rocked the republican party. Paul Ryan, almost simultaneously, broke under pressure and gave his endorsement only to be appalled and then denounce Trump’s blatant bigotry. Then saying, of course, that he still backs him. Let’s see what happens with the lever behind the curtain, shall we?

Remember, he promised.

All week long Trump has displayed himself as himself and went full throttle defending his statements of racism but then tries to tell us now that his comments were misconstrued. What? He must have read my blog about the short attention spans and minute short term memory of the average American.

Clinically , “The Donald” is a pathological liar, a complete pejorative asshole (yep, that’s a clinical term) and a disassociative sociopath. Look it up!

Now even though the circus sideshows continue we can breathe easier knowing the primaries are over?

The skinny on the Dem side…

Even under the FBI probe and the (slight) possibility of indictment for email faux pas that I refer to as “Hillarygate” , we see a nation largely in fear of Trump. And for good reason.

Do we think the powers that be will, in majority, push to sink HRC knowing what will come of it? Ummm, no?

In and on defense of “Hillarygate”…brilliant tactics…

Four of Hills former aides are using the same lawyer. I can’t help but think this was a suggestion from a “higher power.” This little tactic enables a conference so to speak, within the former camp, to disavow claims against our democratic presidential hopeful. It’s not a difficult task to fill in the blanks here. Whomever made this idea an understood strategy is a fucking  genius. Confer, re-confer, consult, rely and lie, all with cohesive testimony. This is war and battle plans win wars. Defense should be offensive and that is what this decision offers.

The House of Clinton is trying to find focus under duress and formulate a game plan not solely built on slamming Trump. Good idea or bad idea?

My take is this…

If she changes tract and tries to be issue focused she is handing her party the nails for her nominational coffin. This entire push for the presidency has largely been driven by fucktarded Donald and no one involved has a single memorable moment speaking of, or regarding policy.

Its all been slanderous and liable and, to be honest, complete bullshit.

Should Hills get political she is going to sound like one of the adults on Charlie Brown.

Obama has sat on the sidelines, being mostly quiet, (except for some serious trump talk) waiting on today’s results. Tada! He plans a large tour to support and campaign for Mrs. Clinton. Good idea or bad idea?

The rub…

Today, Obama has his highest popularity rating (since his first moments in office) at only 50%.

Beats a blank, no?

The biggest problem here lies a true issue that has been swept under the carpet in lieu of the three ring circus of Trump, Clinton and Sanders. Obamacare. Dems and Repubs want it to disappear. Obama is currently under investigation for the misappropriation of some $15 million that, in his hands, slipped by the National Treasury to fund the fuck-up known as the affordable healthcare act.

He has also spent more money on war and personal agenda than any other president in history. Again, the debt clock is still ticking.


Stay focused on bringing Trump into the light for what and who he is. An idiot that has a sole agenda. Stroking his own ego. We all know his little hands aren’t up to the task.

This presidential hopeful is little more than a White Supremacist.  (He bears a striking likeness to the world’s biggest bigot when he takes off his “game face.”)

His blatant disregard of the melting pot, his world views and his statements to and about people based on sex, ethnicity, color and position (the press) speak volumes of his ignorance.

The Orange Idiot’s quote of the Week: Friday June 3rd at his rally in Redding, California. “Look at my African-American over here. Look at him. Are you the greatest?”

The black gentleman on the receiving end of the clueless remark states he isn’t a Trump supporter.

Trump’s political views, if you can call them that, are based solely in his bigoted persona. I find it too bad, so sad, that there are enough inbreds in the country to get him this far.

Obama’s biggest strength here, as an aide to Hillary, is that he is a man of color and can rally the black population, and perhaps, the Muslims and Hispanic folk that have signed on to vote. The influence will help the Clinton campaign capture the vacated delegates that Bernie will inevitably leave behind.

The Repubs…

Presumptuous Trump has his popularity fading. Slowly, however, fading.

The judge shit has him in deep doo-doo. Even those that endorsed him are coming to see that, in the span of a week of critical error and a lame attempt at pity, and are jumping ship.

From the beginning of his bid he has seen resistance from the Repubs and claimed their ignorance at fault.

(This really happened!)

He also claimed to be a conservative. In truth, he is everything this country hates. A giant douchebag. From the birth of the nation to now there has been a growth in humankind. The archaic thoughts of one race or sex being better than the other has slowly deteriorated. Unfortunately, it hasn’t quite gotten to the point of national evolution and the only reason trump has made it this far. A thing I didn’t realize before now is that there are those in seats of congress that are still thinking of the nation as pre-emancipation proclamation.

The only way you can get behind Trump is if you are categorically a racist, misogynist and retarded. None mutually exclusive. He is the whole package and so must you be to cast a vote his way.

Repubs against Trump…

Not out of character for this election…

Hillary’s camp started a website called:”republicansagainsttrump.org”

Who can love and laugh more than me?

The list of once in a lifetime career republican politicians that say that for the first time in their lives are going to vote for a democrat is growing exponentially. You’ll have to look it up because there are just too many to mention. It’s a blog, remember.

We will head to the booths in November and both candidates will head to court.

Hills for “Hillgate”, the email scandal with a (judicial helping) hand.

And the shitbird racist dumbfuck that is the result of a few centuries of shitting without flushing, “The Donald”, in the room for fraud. This certainly isn’t a new claim. It’s just the newest claim.

Trump has been involved in roughly 3,500 (1900 as plaintiff-1450 as defendant-150 in bankruptcy) law suits in the last several years with more than 100 current. Opposing his lie to never to settle because it would lead to more people suing him, has settled more than 60 cases.

It’s coming down to this…

Good idea. Bad Idea.

Our choice: The lesser of two evils or risk it all?

And, by the way, Donald, we just said goodbye to “The Greatest”: a Muslim black man.


next edition we discuss Sue-Happy America…Litigation…

It all started with a cup of coffee.

Bad Business

A bit more on the bid for the presidency. Specifically “The Donald”…(did you know he named himself that speaking of himself in third person? What a fucking dick.)

I really want to get off this subject, but like seeing a midget or Christina Ricci chained up in white cotton panties, I just can’t stop fucking staring!

In the wake of Hillary’s email scandal, (which yeah, she fucked up) there is the growing popularity of Donald-Fucking-Trump. Even Stephen Hawking, hailed as the one of the smartest people alive, can’t figure it out. He states what a lot of us know, “He is a demagogue that appeals to the lowest common denominator.”

Image result for stephen hawking

(Hawking didn’t like Obama either. Here Barack tries to strangle him.)

We know Trump openly hoped for the real estate crash so he could vulture in. “I’m excited for the housing crash. I always make more money in bad markets…”

We know he uses less than ethical business practices.Sometimes, part of making a deal is denigrating your competition.”

We know he has insulted veterans, specifically POWs. (John McCain) “He’s a war hero because he got captured. I like people who weren’t captured.”

We know he is racist. (Speaking about an employee) “I think he’s lazy. And it’s probably not his fault because laziness is a trait in blacks. It really is, I believe that.”

We know he is a misogynist.“You know, it doesn’t really matter what they (the media) write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.”

There are entirely too many quotes to list that make up the true wealth of this dumb-fuck. Megalomaniacal-Induced-Hatred. (Yeah, I made up another word. (and a new term. a hyphenated adjective actually)  Shakespeare made up over 300 words. I’m allowed a few.)

We know he’s a fucking liar and less than a great businessman…

(here he is again talking about the size of his penis and how it will make America great again)

The speculation (not really speculation at all) is that he refuses to disclose his tax returns is because he is a shady motherfucker. There’s little doubt he manipulates taxes, is a fraud and lies about his net worth. Hell, most everything that comes out of his mouth is a lie, and at best double talk.

His ego alone is a much bigger sum than his bank account. He claims to be “the richest, the classiest and the best of everything.” He says this shit openly!

First: The piece of shit has zero class.

Second: His wealth is questionable.

(I either have $2 or $200 billion. That’s for me to know and you (not) to find out)

And third: Best a what exactly?  Lying? He really isn’t even good at that let alone the best. He spews a lot of bullshit but is more often than not, called out on his lies only to deny them. Of course, he can’t tell us why it’s a lie or even make up an excuse as to how the truth became a lie then again became the truth.

There’s no doubt that his businesses generate revenue (most of the time) but how much of that money is profit or how much goes into his pocket? We don’t know be cause he refuses to show us.

We do know that he is selling off properties and businesses and accruing debt. This doesn’t sound like the wealthiest man to me.

He’s been taking campaign contributions after stating in the beginning of his run that he would never do it. He said he was financing his race for the presidency on his own.

His estimated personal debt is about $500 million.

Image result for trump in debt

Lots of businesses create what is known as cash flow. It is basically recirculating the same money to keep going. I believe Trump has been doing this for a while and now has run into the problem of pulling the money out of circulation to finance himself and is, in essence, fucking himself. Again.

Let us not forget that this idiot that has the potential (unbelievably) to “run our country” (into the ground) and has filed for bankruptcy 4 times!

He claims this: “I used the law four times and made a tremendous thing. I’m in business. I did a very good job.”

the breakdown…


His Taj Mahal casino racked up $3 billion in debt while Donald was on the hook for $900 million in person liabilities. He lost his ass! Here, taking advantage of the system that seems irrevocably broken still saw him lose his airline, yacht and half of his ownership of the casino. His ass basically.

The “richest” selling his yacht is telling of failure my friends.


Trump Plaza Hotel in New York (housing a casino), which he bought for $390 million in 1988 was in debt for over $500 million. This banckruptcy, again, saw him lose his ass. He gave his interests to 6 investors and was given the figure head position of CEO but he wasn’t getting paid. It was just an attempt to save face.


His entire empire which was called “Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts” which included the Taj Mahal casino (again) as well as at least three other casinos came up with $1.8 billion of debt. Ass losing repeated.

He lied and said this was only 1% of his wealth.


Trump Entertainment Resorts (formerly Trump Hotels and Casinos Resorts), citing the recession, missed a $53.1 million dollar bond payment. He stepped down as company chairman and, not surprisingly, lost his ass. Again.

I see a trend here…

Trump’s four bankruptcies were all related. They were all casino businesses. Gambling establishments.

Now I’m not a gambling man but I would wager here that Trump isn’t classified as “lucky” at the craps table. Unless of course, you’re talking about taking an actual crap.

Our country has an astounding deficit thanks to Obama’s war on America. (at least he’s charming though, right?) The national debt clock still ticks away at an astonishing rate and as I type is rapidly approaching $20 trillion.

Our country isn’t even capable of paying the interest on this debt and our great great grand children will still be suffering from this near impossible huge deficit thanks to the current administration. Trump says he can pay of this debt in 8 years. Really? How, Ambassador of Aquanet? Tell me now before I vote for Hillary!

Answer: “I’ve been wheeling and dealing all my life. In pursuit of personal advancement, I have made ‘great deals’ to build my company and my net worth. Elect me president of the United States and I will place those talents and services at your disposal.”

So, if your betting on Trump to fix it…

America can file Chapter 9. Do you think he knows how?

The Welfare System


The welfare system dates back centuries, and at it’s inception was something good. (which it still could be)
During the roman empire emperor Augustus started a program to allot grain to citizens who couldn’t afford them.

In America, the great depression of the 1920’s left a serious problem. Even the rich were poor and, of course, the poor became destitute. Roughly a quarter of the American work force was unemployed. This didn’t stop the breeders from breeding and the country saw an ever growing population consisting of a fuckton of starving children.

I do understand when you have nothing to do with your time other than sit around looking at the walls, balling the wife is a few minutes of entertaining distraction. It’s either that or jump off a building, right?

The problem was largely ignored until the thirties with the establishment of social security and evolved from there. Rather than install an order to slow the population more programs for the needy were created. At this point it was incorruptible and became something truly helpful. It was honest.( Imagine something from our government that was honest. Today that’s like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy; a complete fucking fairy tale that you wished you could still believed in)

This isn’t a history lessen, but as I get started I feel there needs to be at least a starting point to understand fully the following rant.

Skipping forward to the 20th century: 1996 saw the first true reform, though lofty and pipe dreamy, Bill Clinton gave each state, based on population, a certain amount of money for aid to those already on welfare and those soon to be with the caveat that the states be working on getting these people working. Oddly, during his administration our country had one of the slightest percentages of the unemployed since the great depression.

The (personal side of the) 1980’s…
I spent most of my formidable years in a south eastern rural Kentucky town. I witnessed rampant abuse of the welfare system, from food stamps to social security insurance. I knew one family the bred with my, by proxy, half family (the adoptive side of my mother and one true uncle) abuse every single part of the system available. It was, and continues to be their life’s work.

They all went to the same corrupt quack doctor (I’m not sure how he might have made money from it, but my assumption is that he must have) and got what they referred to as “crazy checks.” Life long government subsidies for being mentally incapable of functioning in society. %100 of this family and my half family received it. One running joke was, “when the doctor told me to sit in the blue chair I sat in the red one.” I wish it was funny, but instead it’s fucking sad.

I remember when I was 16 yrs old my half uncle, his two toddler sons and I were at the hospital where my actual grandfather had just had bypass surgery.

While I was standing outside on the sidewalk while my half uncle smoked, one of the boys darted across the lane into the parking lot. When my half uncle spotted him he yelled, in his very thick hillbilly accent, “Somebody catch ’em! That’s a $123 a month in food stamps ’bout to get run over!”

Now that was actually funny but still had ironic sadness.

Now it would be absurd and naive to think that the abuse of the system is confined to this cross-bred family in hicktown Kentucky. Statistics speak of a growing number of Americans receiving benefits. I have to believe these folks are huge supporters of Trump. They have no book learnin’ but they have generationally, neighborly and hereditarilly learned to take advantage of a system and further push the boundaries in the wake of government cut backs that deteriorate oversight much like Trump has.

According to the  U.S. Census Bureau more than 110,000,000 people were receiving welfare benefits at the end of 2012. That’s roughly %36 of the population. %46 was the last reported figure of non-tax paying citizens, but that number has ebbed and flowed and I can’t find exact figures to post. We do know, however, that Obama hasn’t helped folks get jobs, deter fraud or even actually help with anything.

Well, perhaps “human rights?” (nigga please, that’s not running a country, that’s just soap boxing)

Also, Mr Sympathy is in the immigrant corner handing out benefits to the illegals and not me. Is it because I was born in this country?

The Obama administration has brought more people into the welfare system (a %32 rise in welfare spending) than any president since FDR and Harry Truman during the WWII and great depression era.

In the current race for Obama’s chair we have two candidates that I have a difficult time supporting. One more than the other. (It’s a known fact that I despise Donald Trump. He’s a fucking know-nothing dangerous idiot.)


She has mostly shied away from the topic in her current campaign, but has stated that republicans and conservatives are the downfall of the welfare system. (Agreed)

Supporting hubbie Bill in her soliloquy, she champions that reform is indeed necessary. That’s important to remember. She worked hard to get the votes for the reform and truly believed it was the best option. From what little she has said in this election year, and from what I’m understanding regarding it, is basically the same thing Bill urged. Let’s get these fucking deadbeats working for a living. Let’s place a limit on how far benefits can extend and to whom. I can get behind that.

(remember the cigar?)

The question is how do you make that idea actually work? There is little question that Bill’s attempt failed, so her avoidance on the issue is simply adding to the question. It’s a bit disconcerting considering the awesome number of people in the system.


His view is decisively harder to understand because he’s a dumbass waste of skin; an actual bag of human excrement wrapped in elephant dung and encased in an old person’s spotted liver then shellacked with hairspray.

He mentioned the system being broken. (Duh)
He says single teen mothers should have to jump through hoops to get help. (Huh? What?)
He says that, unlike Bill’s 1996 reform, should deal with all the programs (78 in total) and not just the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). (Agreed)
Then he double-talks that ultra wealthy people like himself, should relinquish social security benefits to help. OK. But that will never happen. Greed doesn’t die.
Neither candidate talks about the median age of welfare recipients, the length of time that they have been receiving benefits, nor asks the question why?
The fact is, both candidates are soft on the issue because they don’t have a clue or a plan.

What is the answer when no one is paying attention to the one trillion dollar a year “industry” that is the welfare system? Being in a “job training” program doesn’t mean that they’re looking, or even willing to work. No oversight to regulate the “addiction” (dependency is addiction) on the free ride. No one is looking at family trends, community trends or the amount of people in the same demographic, generationally, living off of the system that allows them to do nothing.

The rub…
The old woman that lived in the shoe should have kept her pants on, crossed her legs, and perhaps burdened the free clinic for some birth control.
Shouldn’t there be a limit on how many children a habitual welfare recipient can bear? Some mandatory tube tying? Sterilization for some? I mean this is how these people get a raise.

Let’s help them get them to work shall we? There are inmate programs that could be applied here.
Let these able-bodied welfare sucking leaches work to earn their checks like the rest of us do.
They can clean roadsides, sidewalks, parks, mow grass, empty trash, clean after the useless homeless (or join them), pick cotton or whatever. There’s no shortage of shit work that no one else wants to do. Get their asses out of bed before noon and make them earn the Budweiser and government cheese. Then, watch the numbers fall off. The habitual abusers aren’t going to show up to work and their benefits will be cut off. They’ll shack up with another loser until the next one gets cut off and it will create a domino affect that will see the welfare system reform itself. It’ll weed out those that can help themselves. I mean why use a weed-eater in a park for a $750 (per person) a month check  when you can get a PAYING JOB doing the same thing earning minimum wage and take home, depending on the state, between $1000 and $1500? The down side to this is the average welfare family has four members and the figure doesn’t include food stamps, medical care or WIC etc. I still believe the forced labor will deter these fucks.


Send them off to war.

Perhaps another aid might be, ummm, say… drug tests? You piss dirty you’re out of the fucking program for life. Period! Why should I pay for your fucking drug and booze habit?

And no more disability for the fat fucks that eat until they can’t fucking walk comfortably! They troll around on their little motorized carts with their swollen purple legs because they’re so fat their stomachs cut off their circulation. Instead of food stamps for those sloppy pigs, we’ll take that amount, give it to meals on wheels, not allow the driver to go to the door and make their fat asses waddle to the curb to pick up a fucking salad!

This will leave only those truly in need of assistance. Actual assistance.

Ta-mutha-fuckin-dah! Welfare reform…

Social Degradation


“The Decline of Western Intelligence”

Tidbit #1: The average American’s attention span is down to a mere 8 seconds. The winning bull ride get’s our full attention while things that may actually matter go, literally, unattended because we obviously lack the ability to focus.

Unbelievably, a goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

Focus groups back in the late 60’s and early 70’s were put to task to watch television shows without interruption. The consulting teams that worked for advertising agencies began interjecting incremental breaks in the action, so to speak, by playing with impulse, interests and color to see how folks would react.

If you’re still reading then you’re either over 35, a quick reader or you want to know where this is going…

Since the digital age began the underlying focus has been how to gain influence, rise in popularity, and, of course, make more money. I guess that has probably been the case since the beginning of society and just progressively gotten worse.

The advent of social media has seen not just America’s, but the entire world’s attention span decrease. Cable TV can’t even wait the seven and a half minutes it used to to interrupt your “viewing pleasure.” Now advertising banners come across the screen, popup ads draw your eyes to social media sites and then come the 2 minute commercial breaks. And if you notice, the advert agencies have been doing their work and commercials are getting shorter and shorter.

In America the effect is tremendous. Try talking to someone about your day and watch their eyes glaze over. (I don’t mean a text with emoticons or a tweet. A tweet? Really? Why? I’ll get to that in 8 seconds) Set a stop watch on your iPhone. They’re already on to their next thought or waiting for you to shut up so they have their 8 seconds.

Tidbit #2: Ever walk into a room and forget why you’re there?

Short term memory: The average duration of short term memory is between 15 and 30 seconds. (repeating, whether oral rehearsing :acoustic encoding, (I’m a big fan of helping my lady friend with her oral rehearsals) or written reminder can increase the duration that the information is kept.

Let’s add this to the equation.

Tidbit #3: I.Q. (intelligence quotient) the average is around 90-110, below average (dumb) 80-89, with only 1.5 percent of the population ranking above 110 and included in that figure are the few that rate above 140 staggering into genius territory.

So, over 70% of the population range from dumb to “eh.”

Tidbit #4: There are over a million words in the English language and the average american uses 5,000 and in writing maybe 10,000.

That leaves a lot of words unused. Odd fact: the vocabulary list mostly consists of the same 5000 common words person to person. Of course there are new words created all the time, twitter, selfie, twerk and Google (Google is a fucking verb!) all coming from the dumbest and laziest generation of all time.


Social media is eating our brains!. The fucking digital zombie apocalypse.

Twitter has become one of the most popular forms of communication in America today and has relieved us of the question, “Do you have anything useless to add or just something completely stupid to say?” The answer, of course is “#yes.” Yep, it also gave us the re-purposing of the pound sign. Hashtag. Hashtag? Why? I’m lost. How can anyone read a recipe now? Thankfully, Twitter has a maximum of 140 characters per tweet.

Donald Fucking Trump…

His popularity completely astounds me. He’s a short-sighted, lying, ignorant bigot.

This guy that has a lexicon smaller than his hands, he can’t stay focused on issues (though he doesn’t know anything about them) and can’t remember if he used the aliases “John Miller” or “John Barron” to act as his own P.R. guy.

Playbacks of taped phone conversations of him pretending to be John “whichever”, nor court transcripts where he admitted to using the aliases have jogged his memory and he is currently the republican front-runner in line to be the next President of the United States of America!

According to a recent study by Merriam- Webster, the most frequently searched word’s (totaling 41%) relate to Trump’s campaign. They are tycoon, pussyfoot and schlong.

Word’s he has used frequently along the campaign trail. This makes me sad that sophomoric jabs at his opponents have seemed to only effect his run in a positive manner. It also speaks poorly of the “average” people of this country.

How the million meme man, the tweeted twat that is making me dizzy, has gained such popularity without having a single honest informed answer to a single question during his entire campaign is completely beyond me.

So here we are. The world is processing systemic social erosion and the new generation coming into their own with a lexicon the size comparable to an ant next to an elephant, no attention span, no short-term memory and a declining “average intelligence” that will soon lead to grading work performance on a curve.

They have more future than past and are soon going to be controlling this country.

“How does this happen?” you ask. Please see above…

Problems, problems…Solutions?

I have to continue my thoughts regarding the homeless situation in Portland-Fucking-Oregon because I’m so fucking pissed.
Post my last post we’ve been introduced to a new idea in regards to sheltering the useless troglodytes that burden society, disgrace the species and degrade civilization.
Benson Polytechnic High school freshmen are “learning geometry” by helping build structures for the homeless.
So much for frowning on other countries for putting children to toil. Fourteen year old Kids have been put to work framing housing for the “future of Portland’s homeless.”
Please tell me you’re fucking kidding?!?!?
Nope. It’s for real…for-fucking-real.
Do you think theses kids actually give a fuck about the homeless? Not unless they are the child of some oddly obese (not odd in Portland) vegetarian pacifist.
(when I was 14 I loved to hammer anything! gutters people. get your dirty minds back on track!)
My stomach wretched as I read the reporting. It was meant to be a social puff piece as though this is a good thing.
This falls into rants planned for the future where this “liberal” town, Portland, Oregon, continues to fail. How could this be a positive? Are we seriously to influence our children (the future) with sympathetic thoughts that it’s ok to be a bum? That we should take time away from things that actually matter to carelessly administer our tax dollars to breathe life into the dead hopelessness of a growing degenerate cult-ish congregation of drug addicts, drunks and thieves?
This act of ridiculousness, set to action by former mayor, Sam Adams, (decent beer, shitty Mayor) deemed as “kindness and understanding” during the “Occupy Portland” movement opened new lanes on the highway to the “homeless” to make their way here and call Portland “home.”
It was ok if you stole, drank, shot up, shit on the sidewalk, as long as you stood for something.
This “occupation” was predicated by ‘Occupy Wall Street”, which wasn’t occupied by shitty pantsed homeless. It was a serious attempt to bring attention to the 1% and the pronounced influence and effect they have on the rest of us. In Portland, it wasn’t a bunch of wanna be revolutionists, it was a place for the societal drop-outs to congregate, share drugs, fight, commit crime and plan on the ease of which it all came together. Too easy thanks to a pushover mayor who was in trouble from the beginning of his administration for having sex with an under-aged boy in his campaign headquarters.
Sam Adams took his chances by not resigning, counting, instead, on the passive governing body of P-town to do exactly what they did. NOTHING.
Not only is there the fact that he wasn’t fired that pointed to the flaws of Portland politics, there also stands the fact that he wasn’t even charged with statutory rape, which is exactly what happened.
Perspective: We had a sex offender running our city. One that should have been registered and going door to door in his neighborhood alerting people to the fact that he likes to fuck little boys. Is that a problem? He would have been publicly executed in other parts of the world. What happened here, though, is quite a different story…
It led to a situation…the election that brought us Charlie Hales, (an extremely low voter turnout) that didn’t catch the attention of Portlanders because now no one gave a shit. Mayor? What Mayor? We have a new one? It all led to the same allowances via Sam Adams with one exception; you don’t have to stand for anything. Just be a pathetic dirty beggar and it’s “all good.”
Hales isn’t running for re-election this year so his plan, I assume, is to Obama the shit out of Portland and leave a huge disfigured mess.
Again, I will bring alive the idea (the need) for eugenics. This time, in a more direct way, as I guess I was roundabout in my last issue, I’ll attempt to be more direct. I understand that at times I will fall into the rut of being in Portland for too long.  we can take them to the “shelters” that put animals down when they’ve outlived their chance for adoption. In my mind the animals far outweigh the homeless in importance and viability. A pet vs. a turd. You wouldn’t want a homeless guy licking your face would you?
More than probable here is the idea that our fair city will use more of our tax dollars to pay for port-a-potties to house the shit of these cretins and not mix it with aggregate and cement to fill the potholes. But if their ground up decaying bodies were added, we have “solid ground.”
Is this a real city?
Some New York businesses have cemented broken glass in the sidewalks that create their threshold that would otherwise be parking spaces for the cretins, to keep them from camping. Great idea! Let’s tip them with poison!
Cities across the world employ many “defensive architectural” techniques to keep the vagrants away.
My favorite being “anti-homeless” spikes.
Japan is famous for creating the pay per minute benches that push discomforting studs through the seats when time expires. Perhaps the spikes would be even more effective?
There are tons of designs in varying degrees to create “discomfort.” Statistics show they are working in these places. The thing that has it working successfully though are the cities, communities and businesses are intolerant and not willing to build camps in support of an abandonment of decency. The message is clear.
Image result for kill homeless
This points to something, that I not only find interesting, but a necessary intolerance.
I can’t say that I know why every homeless person is homeless, but I can say that the majority have created the stereotype. Lazy shameless begging white entitled addicts and drunks that wouldn’t work to support themselves if you offered to pick them up and take them to a fucking job.
Stereotypes (would it be more PC to say statistic instead?) exist because people are stereotypical. That’s just a fact.
I get so sick of hearing racist this and racist that because the jails are full of black men. Statistically, (STEREOTYPICALLY) black males commit more crimes.
Females in jails are mostly white trash meth addicts.
I didn’t create the statistic that is the stereotype. Ferfucksake people, can’t you see?
You want to help?
Bring on gas showers, lethal injections and assisted “suicide” ordered by the people that want them gone. (assisted suicide is the process of letting go of the hopeless) Give them a choice: find a job and get off the street lest you be treated like the walking talking human detritus that you’ve made yourself to be. I didn’t wad you up and throw you away.
I’m sick of not being able to comfortably walk downtown without being approached for a handout.
Here’s my hand out you piece garbage…a cyanide pill and my complete elation for the absolute lack of worthwhile existence you are to cease existing. (would it be more politically correct to give them a bar of soap, a roll of toilet paper, a tent and a neighborhood to put it? Fuck that!)
Should Hales have his way, us folks that work will soon be out numbered by the homeless that will be given a free pass and a home just because of the pathetic sympathy and the greatest thought ever…you need not worry, we got you.
I’m tired of paying for a place to live, paying bills, car payments, insurance and buying food and beverage with my own money, too. Maybe it’s my time for my free ride. But I want to live in your opulent house, away from the homeless camps that you’ve so conveniently planted far from your address, Mr. Hales.
You and your family are welcome to take over my apartment, or, better yet, take up residence in one of the many camps you’ve allowed.
Hales and his “aide” Josh Albert, being appointed as the new chief of staff amid controversy and a lawsuit (look it up) are pushing for more and more homeless sympathy before his term ends in January.
Hales lives a few hundred yards from a golf course. A huge expanse. It looks like a beautiful place for a homeless camp. It will keep it out of downtown view, “middle class” neighborhoods and the already impoverished communities that can’t afford crime. Hell, they can shit in 18 holes.
A new encampment, NOT waiting for approval, on SE Woodstock and 93rd, is being set-up for women only. Specifically women who have been subjected to sexual assault on the street.The plot at SE Woodstock and 93rd, where the camp will sit.
While i’m certainly not in support of women being abused but, without policing, who’s to secure the idea? In my mind this is simply centralizing these women, purportedly defenseless, to be abused. Fuck, these scumbags won’t have to hunt. It’ll be like a shopping center.
Anyway, any and all of these encampments are only to exist with an attachment to a non-profit organization. Guess what? None of them are. NONE OF THEM.
Before our government, and lack of governing, decide what and where the solutions are for these fucks are to be, or how it should be handled, shouldn’t we consider the housing market ruled now by the migrating Californians that can no longer afford their state? (I actually hate them as well.)
The state and people that have nothing original to offer. They interfere with our homeless dilemma by moving here and pushing others into poverty and out of their homes creating actual victims of circumstance that get washed into the sea of scumbags for no other reason than the greed of landlords and realtors. Let’s build a fucking wall that keeps Californians out! They already pushed their homeless here, why do we need them?
Umm, the answer is we don’t.
As the problem gets more and more out of hand, and the police not being allowed to police, what the fuck are we supposed to do?
If we could take the 14yr old’s geometry student’s structures, fill them with the homeless, call Orkin, have them tent and exterminate, that would be a pretty good fucking start.
Since, in reality that isn’t going to happen, and Portland being filled with people who won’t say shit with a mouth full, really, what are our options?
Is it ok that the homeless sleep on the sidewalks in downtown? (something that has been approved as well)
Are the struggling businesses ok with these shitbags on their storefronts deterring patrons by asking for handouts, deterring customers from patroning because our city government says they can? Is it ok for travelers and tourists to be harassed as well? Is it ok for the less than affluent neighborhoods to be inundated by (un)sanctioned camps?
Are we to just lay still take it? Should we just pull up stakes and move and let the homeless have it? “Portland-Fucking-Oregon, a new settlement for those that just want a free ride.”  YAY!

Who will stay and take care of them, Mr Hales?

The only good idea being enacted here is from the Portland Housing Bureau. They are spending tens of thousands of dollars on one way bus tickets for these fucks to get the fuck outta here. They have to prove they’re headed to greener pastures first. In other words, “DON’T COME BACK!
A question to Portlanders: Are there enough of you with a backbone in this place to stand up and take our little city back? Make it safe and pleasant again?
I’d be down with being part of a citizen organized urban task force to patrol our neighborhoods and keep our friends and family safe. Are you?Since the police are crippled and our mayor is endorsing the infiltration, we really only have these two choices: leave or take it upon ourselves.
We can’t help Ozzy. Sharon has kicked him out for fucking the hair dresser.  We can’t help AC/DC. They now sound like a parody of the once great band thank to the addition of “Fat Vegas Elvis” Axl Rose.
So let’s help ourselves.

Issue #4 Problems and Solutions. (the homeless and eugenics)

This is most likely to be a very controversial subject and post.
The humanitarian sort are surely going to be either offended, pissed or both. I’m definitely OK with that.
I speak my mind, and, as always, look forward to your comments.
I want to talk about some problems and possible solutions regarding the ever growing population of homeless in America.
I’m going to focus on Portland, Oregon, as that is where I have lived for the past 16 years.
When I first moved here in 2000 the homeless “situation”, the sheer numbers of beggers, (panhandlers) was huge, and continues to grow towards astronomical levels.* It is, by far, the worst I have ever seen.
It’s fucking beyond annoying!
We have more “sympathetic”programs here than anywhere in the nation. Don’t fucking tell me that isn’t a draw!  “I can live for free and it’s accepted?” duh. They’re “moving” here.*
When I first arrived, the homeless were migratory. They moved seasonally between San Francisco and Portland. Californians became intolerant and they (the “homeless”) decided, actually without choice, that this is the place to be.*
With the help of city officials, both past and present, it seems to have been the grandest of choices.
Enter Mayor Charlie Hales…
For the homeless; here is your savior. For the rest he’s simply a dumbass.
The Mayor of Portland-Fucking-Oregon, Charlie Hales, not only allows homeless tent camps, but endorses them, has restricted police from “bothering” them, gave them areas to set up camps, (mind you no where near an affluent neighborhood) so the rampant drug use, public deification and nuisance is now massive with the Mayor’s support. The crime in these areas has skyrocketed but the police aren’t allowed to intervine.
(He’s definitely voting for Bernie.)
A simple statement of challenge: If you choose to drop out of society then don’t fucking ask me for a handout. You made the choice and I work for a living , and that living isn’t in support of you!
This ridiculous concept is tolerated and supported. I can’t figure out why.
The predominance of the homeless population are addicts, drunks and lazy fucks that see the world as a place that owes them. They think they’re cute with their Sharpie written signs with the phrases, “why lie, I want a beer”, “family kidnapped by ninjas and need money for karate lessons” blah fuckity blah.
The deadlocked kids (with dogs) that are rebelling against their privileged upbringings, “traveling and broke down. Anything helps.” As from the dog, “my name is pooch, my humans can’t feed me.”
I have a way to help…merely a suggestion mind you, but this is how I do it… GET A FUCKING JOB!
Parts of ptown now look like a Woodstock music festival but lack anything remotely cool, and include only a band of fucking degenerates.

(Portland-Fucking-Oregon homeless encampment, in downtown, fer real)
Hales didn’t get this passed through city council, he didn’t even present it. He simply stated that there’s a housing emergency and there you have it.
I believe this retarded idea to be led by a visit from our less than aware governess, Kate Brown. (and if i’m not mistaken, it was her first) But she seems happy with her position, yet she was appalled by two things, both of which are coming to define Portland: potholes and homelessness.
The city so unoriginal that it had to steal its tagline from an actual cool place, Austin, (an oasis in the otherwise “go ahead an annex yourselves” state of Texas) “Keep Austin (Portland) weird” is weeping passive aggressiveness.
Unlike Austin, things here are weird in a completely un-fun way.
While the pothole for every person project seems to be going well the homeless encampment for every neighborhood sans where richfolk live, seems to be falling on it’s ass. (or perhaps, the governess and mayor are trying to build a population of homeless big enough to fill the potholes. Hmm, interesting thought actually.)
They, the homeless, have already begun to sprawl and stretch beyond the boundaries that Hales had set. Why not? He already disarmed the police in the matter, and it’s only a problem to the people in the few miles surrounding that are affected. (Collateral damage?).
This, in turn, is playing out like the welfare system. Just one more thing our tax dollars offer to be abused.
These sub-humans complain about the wait for free meals? Really? Shut the fuck up. I’m not sorry that there isn’t more free shit for you that I pay for.

Take this thought for a test drive……
Have the illegal immigrants in the little townity of Portland- fucking -Oregon, (which there is no shortage of either) be put to work cleaning after the fucking homeless.
Better yet…“de-port” the fucking homeless to the small villages in mexico and give the immigrants the camps? At least they will work for a fucking living, right?
Let’s face the simple fact that the illegals, even when allowed citizenship and become the “legals”, will do the jobs none of the rest of us want to do. All I ask is, please learn to speak English. Really. Make that the ONE single-most important requirement.
Where my daughter attends school they pay interpreters rather than require the students to learn to speak the national language. The fucking entire society of america has become such a bunch of fucking passive retards that being politically correct is more important than actually being correct. WTF?!?!?!
(a brief aside: when and why did the word retard become politically incorrect? The word means slow, people. Retards never thought being called retards as a bad thing. Who’s dried up vagina made it derogatory? Really, get a hold of yourself and perhaps think about something important like you’re granola community garden and where you’ll get your next jug of patchouli. Fuck. Liberal pussy bullshit.
It’s as though the “moral majority” has been castrated. No one has balls anymore. It’s stupid and sickening.
Alright, back on track…
I could break into the political failure that Portland has become, talk about the New York times retracting it’s article on Portland’s city model being great, the liberal cracker barrel that wouldn’t know liberal was even a word without the hack known as Ralph Nader, or the simple truth that the little town’s road and highway systems were designed by a fucking “retard”, but I won’t…

I’m staying on track here, people! Dammit!
Upon my arrival here in 2000 the last bits of the Reagan “reforms” were being played out. The funding to the state mental hospitals was cut and all the patients were turned out on the streets. Literally.
So, numbered among the homeless now are the truly insane, without medication, padded rooms, restraints and other “necessities” i.e. homes, are ambling about like short circuited robots. Screaming, talking, crying, arguing and laughing with NO ONE, being, on a good day, just a disruption and a reminder of our country’s failure to do what is necessary.
Until the late 1970’s Sweden still practiced eugenics. other countries, mostly middle eastern, still practice eye for an eye justice, and things aren’t nearly as out of hand there.
Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch. I’m speaking on direct issue and not the entire stream of governing, but I will say that if we grew up in another country then that norm would be our norm. right? There’s really no arguing that.
(Note: Some, as an act of temporal fuck ups that lose their “permanent address”, as I once did, fight and find a way out. Meaning we didn’t choose it, we landed there, didn’t want to be there, and found a way to a proper, more suitable sort of permanent address.)
You know where I’m headed with this?
Kill these fuckers! Black lives matter. White lives matter. Brown, yellow, green, piss burnt orange, blah fucking blah.
I now need to retract a statement; All lives shouldn’t matter. There are those weeds in the garden that should be pulled. Lives that are worth something matter. If you can’t function, if you can’t do more than walk about screaming into the air at nothing and nobody, if you are an unproductive piece of shit that play pitiful for the penny with a cardboard sign and want someone to hand you money because you refuse to join the human race then ,please, just fucking die, would ya?
Let’s use a word, like retard, that too, resounds a situation by definition. INVALID!
Somehow the pronunciation is different by what you speak of. Like something that means nothing, offers nothing, is called, invalid. (in-val-id)
a person that can’t move (in-vuh-lid)
What’s the fucking difference between the two?
That’s right, the pronunciation.
Herbert Spencer, post reading Darwin’s “On the origin of species”, coined the term “survival of the fittest.”
It was an embraced concept beyond an idea. It’s the process of natural selection. The way of the world prior to western medical science’s “advances.”
The promises of the medical technologies is to allow the weaker species to survive and breed a weaker and weaker species through generations rather than allow nature to take it’s course.
Eugenics directly opposes this nonsense with making sense, by using real and actual logic. “kill it before it breeds!”
I know you’re thinking this is Hitler-esque, (provided you haven’t been reading the words as the science they enlist, but rather what you may perceive as hatred) but I’m far past the belief in a Utopian society, a perfect species or a peaceful world. And to further the Hitler thought that you have, these fuckers need a shower. (ooh, too soon?)
While we’re on this train of thought, can we include violent sexual offenders, child rapists and molesters, animal abusers (Micheal Vick) and O.J Simpson?

The real point here is that there are solutions. Problems meet solutions = less problems. Fact vs passive-politically correct-liberal bullshit = homeless camps that can’t be regulated or fucked with because blind eyes need to stay blind in favor of reelection by the 1% that rule the delegations. This is but one example of many.
Most of you want the problems to go away by themselves so you don’t have to see them; So you won’t have to make a “difficult decision”,; or, God forbid, do something to make the changes that are necessary yourselves.
Society can’t survive on favor or sympathy. Most people aren’t capable of true empathy and the rot festers. Society continues to degrade because you shut your fucking doors.
You think handing a dollar out the window to a bum puts you in God’s light? Does it make you feel “charitable?” You’re simply contributing to the problem by, not only allowing it to continue, but helping it grow.
My lady friend, who is a fantastic woman with her own opinions, asked, “Who has the power to make those decisions?”
Answer: the governing bodies that allow and create the atrocities that coddle to the purposefully homeless, the ones that make the decisions on abortion, gay rights, equality, taxes, the death penalty and welfare.
I know most of the homeless don’t read my blog because it lacks the taste, aroma and effect of cheap booze, meth, heroin, piss, shit, vomit and body odor. I’m good with that.
But the next time you’re stopped at a red light and someone is pacing with a sign begging you to help them continue a wretched, useless and invalid existence, just remember, you actually don’t owe them a fucking thing, and if you want to make a difference, run them the fuck over.

(the final statement is for effect and punctuation of a point, not intended for actual use. Dumbass)
*Many statistics were omitted from this post for the sake of keeping it a blog and not a book.

Issue #3 (Exit stage left…wing)


I have to begin by saying thanks to all of you that have read, shared and are continuing to indulge me in my little rants.
I’m totally awed, stunned and thankful.
The second post had nearly 1500 hits in one day! (compared to just over a hundred on the first post, that’s pretty amazing)
Thank you also for all the wonderful emails and comments. I’m truly humbled.
URGE you to comment. Our collective thoughts and rantings may become a voice loud enough to perhaps make us heard.
And PLEASE feel free to bitch when you don’t agree. This is, after all, about “other comments”, not just mine.

I’ve attached social media links. Do with them as you will.

Now, let’s party like it’s 1999…

In my travels today, donning my pajamas and robe,(I rarely get dressed when I don’t have to) I had many wonderful discussions regarding the current race for the presidency. (is it really a race?)
It’s odd to me to call it a race, because though it does have a start and an end, it has a definite end date, not a finish line crossed by who gets there first, right?
It’s a contest. And as we have discussed, not one we, necessarily, in this by and for the people country, get to declare the winner with our registered opinions, i.e. our votes.
Sorry, I’m being semantic…

One of the discussions today, actually my first, was at the convenient convenience store down the road.
Post my morning constitutional, I arrived in my pajamas and robe just after setting my coffee to brew at home, to fetch a paper and a pack of smokes.

When I laid the paper on the counter, the clerk, who I see on a regular basis, bopped over in time to the hip-hop music emanating from his little Bluetooth speaker behind the counter, grabbed my smokes and asked me how my morning was going.
I love this kid. He’s 23 years old, lives with his girlfriend, works 5-6 days a week as an assistant manager, always smiling, always wearing a tie and a ball cap high on his head tilted to one side. You know the guy, right?

Anyway, I tell him it’s too early to tell. He smiles, points to a headline on the front page of the paper and asks, “What do you think of this?”
I look down and it’s a Bernie Sanders headline that asks, “Is Bernie done?”
I chuckled. (he knows nothing of this blog, yet.)
I said, “Ya know, this shit has me rubber neckin’ like it’s a big fucking crash. It’s not a run for the seat, it’s a fucking train wreck.”

The update, if that’s what you want call it, is pointing to the fact that Bernie should be done. (most of us have known this for a while now) He should be withdrawing from the campaign, backing Hillary as he said he would do in the beginning should his run turn into the sludging trod it is, going home to Vermont, eating some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food and crying on his wife’s already soggy shoulder.
(note: my oldest daughter, a huge Bernie supporter, has “unfriended” me on Facebook)

This coming Tuesday will be the final nail in the coffin. (god, I hope he doesn’t die. I would feel like shit for that one)

There are 5 primaries happening Tuesday and Bernie is behind Hillary by a huge margin. After losing in New York earlier this week, a victory he desperately needed, his little coven is at another point of reevaluation.

Remember he said he would not stoop to mudslinging in the beginning, fell behind, (actually was never ahead) began slinging mud, fell further behind and now needs to re-reevaluate? Umm, Bern, old buddy, when are you going to stop beating that dead horse?

NPR, one of my favorite news sources, today posted the numbers I was curious to read. (I feed off of NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera, and the A.P…they’re the least biased I can find. We will always have to filter and form our own opinions. It’s what makes “other comments” important to me)

Hillary has more than double the delegate pledges than Obama ever had in their “run”.
Bernie has to win by at least 20 points in ALL the remaining “contests” to even stay in the game, and the independents aren’t allowed to vote. Wasted votes anyway. Insert Ralph Nader here and Bernie’s confused stance on himself not being like him. This shit is funny: http://www.latimes.com/politics/la-na-sanders-clinton-20160424-story.html

It’s just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It’s pretty simple fucking math; not calculus…

As of today Hillary has 1428 delegate pledges and 513 super delegates. Bernie has 1153 delegate pledges and 38 supers. Granted supers can change their minds, but they rarely every go against the popular pledges.

Bernie says, “Poor people don’t vote…That’s just a fact.”
Straw grasping muthafucka! What? Tell me you’re joking?!?!?!?

Of course they do you fucking asshole! I’m one of them!
Your “tax-bullshit-reform” and it’s subsequent crush on the lower class (I so resent that fucking term) is the reason you don’t have “the poor” in your corner.

In urgence from his campaign manager and his family, Donald Trump
was asked to tone it down and “act” more presidential. He acquiesced. At least he said he would. He hasn’t a clue what that means.
The kind and gentler, more presidential Trump just can’t shut his fucking mouth. He needs a fleet of trucks to tote his bloated ego from rally to rally.

He attacked John Kasich because he couldn’t pronounce his name. “Can we ask him to change the spelling of his name? Are we allowed to do that? “Aren’t you in a campaign with him as part of your opposition? Perhaps you should have yourself informed. (by the way, it’s kas-ick)

This tells us all that this arrogant douchebag isn’t even close to paying attention. He truly believes he’s in this circus all by himself.

If you don’t know who and what you’re up against, how can you possibly run our country, fucknut? Are you going to Homer Simpson us with looking at the globe and chuckling out, “You are gay” for Uruguay? Will Niger become nigger? You are simply a tumor. All we have to do is see a “doctor” and have you removed. You’re definitely benign.

(Actual size shown: “My wiener is this big!”)

In his tamed self-righteousness, he called Kasich and Cruz “one and a half men”, quickly rephrased to bellow, while wearing a red trucker hat, (maybe sponsored by the freight company that he  hired to tote his ego and hairspray) “Maybe just one! A half and a half! They should both just get out!” He states that he’ll become “more presidential later.”

Oh Donald, please, go have sex with yourself. You will only the be the president of your own fan club.
Have I mentioned that I hate your face? And hair?

Cruz and Kasich are fighting a losing battle with each other.  Like coming in second and third on Jeopardy and ignoring the winner. Let me add here that I DO NOT ENDORSE CRUZ, I simply stated that he is the most qualified candidate. I certainly don’t support his views on the LGBT issues and bathroom policy. No one is suggesting, as far as I know, that urinals be added to ladies rooms or tampon dispensers in men’s rooms. (though both may be useful)

As I stated before, one of them should turn tail and run so the other has a broader appeal, a chance to win the vote. No matter really. Alas, my comment here is the sad but true; Donald will win the republican nomination.

The Republican numbers…
Oddly, the rules have changed a bit in the GOP and super delegates can’t change their minds and must vote for the candidate their state delegates have pledged. It more or less erases the supers in the context used by the dems.
Here’s that breakdown as of today…
Trump has 845 delegate pledges, Cruz has 559 and Kasich with 148.
The math isn’t difficult here either unless,of course you’re giving Trump the abacus…

The real math supports my prediction of Hillary being the victor, and thus our new Prez.

Fuck, she could release porn from her college days, or God forbid, current video bangs, and still come out ahead. (Ugh. Leave the pun where it lies! Move along people! You’re disgusting! Secretly, that’s why I love ya. Ha!)


Trump’s total pledges: 845
Hillary’s total pledges: 1941

(1941-great movie! I miss John Belushi. He was funny on purpose. He always had my vote,)

Say the foundation of your house is cracked and crumbling, what do you do? Do you try to put a new roof on to fix it? Good luck with that.
I actually believe that a complete GOVERNMENT REFORM is needed. It’s our only way out.

It’s been four days since Prince died. Have any of our presidential hopefuls weighed in?

Currently, I’m dressed as a mourning catholic wife clad in a black dress and veil, candles burning on the altar and pipe organ renditions of Purple Rain are playing in the background as I write to you in hopes you’ll join me. Not only in my rant, but in my sorrow. (though, I never meant to cause you any). Another genius musician has left us with fucking Donald Trump still breathing.

Next up: We’ll discuss welfare reform, immigration, deportation and eugenics. Not mutually exclusive…

Issue #2 (more on issue #1. Sorry)

I do not intend for this blog to be one of pure political rant, commentary or satire, I swear!
I’m days behind on this post because I changed my mind of ranting on my feelings about Portland-Fucking-Oregon, at least for now, because the current presidential campaign is still sticking in my crawl.
We’ve got a race that seems so comical that it could be depicted in Mad Magazine.
The funniest thing about it all, in that seriously unfunny way, is that it’s all really happening.
Everyone has crossed the line of appropriate, attacked one another in the media and the hoi polloi has spoken.
According to an NBC news article yesterday, only 6% of the American public trusts our government and the media overall.
More democrats than republicans. Surprised?
I find it interesting that this leaves 94% of the U.S. public showing signs of intelligent life. Whodathunk?
Our candidates are walking further and further away from issues and topics that matter to basically slander each other at rallies and during press, radio and T.V. interviews.
Do you give a shit if Hillary has big money fundraisers? She claims she is distributing the money to others in the democratic party. I trust her just as much as any other politician to tell me the truth. Who the fuck cares?!?!?
Oh yeah, little Bernie. Why should you care? If it really bugs you ask for more than $27, dumbass! And why would your supporters throw dollar bills at Hillary’s motorcade? This seems more than just stupid. It’s wasted money. You could have made some nice fliers with that thousand bucks, Bernie. Ah well, just another missed opportunity.
Face it, “Bern”ing man, a run for the presidency is big business. Huge! Mega-Fucking-Huge! Godzilla-esque!
Staggering away from the things that actually matter to sling mud seems, to me anyway, counter-intuitive.
We, the constituents, have a waning interest in our future president’s diggings at the opposing side on a personal level. We want to be satisfied that they know what the hell they are talking about. Unfortunately, we aren’t.
Trump makes me dizzy, but I’m glad to know he went to 7-11 rather than be an unhinged American on 9/11. What? He seriously spoke about the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 referring to it as 7-11.
I truly hate that guy. Truly.
I was speaking with a neighbor this afternoon about the race for the seat, and he told me he was going to vote for Trump solely based on the fact that he isn’t a career politician.
Well that’s the logic that is Donald Trump. (rather the lack thereof)
Fortunately, like his hair, Donald’s popularity is receding.
Our biggest remaining problem where he is concerned are his competitors. Though both are gaining ground they are splitting the votes that would otherwise kick Trump from the top of the steaming heap of shit this electoral bid has become.
Should Kasich step out of the way I’m positive Cruz would stomp to the top of the pile of shit and knock Trump off. Kinda like a game of King of the Mountain, but with higher stakes.
Another, smaller, but no less important obstacle, is time. As we get closer to the November primaries the less time the opposition has to pick up the needed vote. Underdogs can win! Just look at Rocky Balboa! He was on time!To further expound on the fact that our votes really don’t matter and the underdog viability…
In the New York primaries this Tuesday, Cruz was ahead of Kasich in popular vote yet Kasich walked away the victor by grabbing more delegates. Bullshit?
More (predictable) bullshit is Trump taking the state.
I do love New York’s U.S. Representative, THE Peter King (I love that he chose to keep the name) stating that he would take cyanide should Cruz win the nomination for republican party. (please, please, please let Cruz win if for no other reason)
I’m going to jab at Bernie for a minute here…
His promise to boost the economy by way of “tax reform” is of course to be supplemented by further taxing us on income. But not taking into account that higher tier incomes should be taxed a little heavier. His proposal is a flat increase of 2.2% straight across the board, and when I say straight across the board, I mean everyone from the poor (tentatively excluding, yet to be determined, families, FAMILIES, with a combined income of $28,800 or less) to the stinking rich. This would also require employers to pay a 6.2% tax on each employee to subsidize the then defunct healthcare benefits. If such a thing were to happen we would certainly “Feel the Bern.”
(Kinda like the burning you feel during the morning piss following a night with the stranger that left you a special little gift of gonorrhea, but without the fun of the of the romp.)
This increase would help to pay for the truly confusing reform that will cost tax payers 1.7 trillion, but with a national debt of nearly 22 trillion, which will undoubtedly be 23 trillion by the time I’m done typing this, what difference does it make? (take a look at this debt counter http://www.usdebtclock.org/current-rates.html It is truly astounding!
Further under this aside…Under the reign of Obama, government spending and loan accrual is tallying at a rate of roughly $3 billion per minute, increasing the national debt by over 70% during his administration. That’s not the worst percentage of a president, but is, by far, the largest dollar amount increase of all time. Just look at the counter. He isn’t close to finished.
This week we learned that, thankfully, Obamacare is imploding. Unitedhealth, the nations largest healthcare provider announced they are bailing (in most markets) on the failed plan that has literally millions of Americans being penalized for not being able to afford the affordable healthcare. Oxymoron? Can everyone say jumbo shrimp?
I could honestly give a shit that these insurance companies are feeling the strain of the lessened financial gains in their sanctioned rapefest of the American public, but I do like the fact that the entire infrastructure is falling in and down. Imploding.
This will spark more fires under the “act” to act and the subsequent results will be its demise.
So where does this leave us? Where will be the fate of the American healthcare system? Why hasn’t anyone chimed in on the fact that the easy logical fix is to simply put a cap on the pharm-cos and insurance companies thus creating something along the lines of affordable and then simply give us the choice again? Cruz is headed in this direction in a roundabout way, but the facts are going to detail the outcome. Wealthy folks are out of touch with the public that lives paycheck to paycheck. I don’t believe that any of our politicians involved in this race have a clue what it’s like to struggle financially. Our fucking government considers our net earnings “expendable income!”  Like we have no other obligations with that money. No rent of mortgage. No utility or phone bills, car payments and the like. So naturally we have tons of cash to spend on healthcare for ourselves and families. This is a serious point of contention for me and the answer just seems obvious. The problem here is that insurance and pharmaceutical companies are huge corporations that, without question, are big players in the corporate government of America.
Do we need healthcare reform? Duh.
Do we need tax reform? Duh.
How will this ever happen? Easy. Government reform.
Will this ever happen? Easy. No. It’s just too far gone, and as has been iterated here, our votes don’t count.
So next we see…
It’s going to make no difference in who wins the republican nomination. None.
Without the use of my crystal ball, I can pass on this little tidbit of the future of our country.
Hillary Clinton will be our next President Elect. Period.
In the words of the greatest pro wrestler of all time, Ric Flair, “Like it, love it hate it, get used to it. Whooo!”
So my final issue is this…
Why aren’t these presidential hopefuls concentrating on things that really matter?
Do they know that Guns and Roses has reformed to fill their empty bank accounts?
Do they know that the iconic AC/DC has been fraught with one disappointing and devastating loss after another? Phil Rudd on meth and trying to have someone killed. Malcolm has dementia. Brian Johnson lost his hearing, ferfucksake! And now they have installed the younger Young brother to fill Malcolm’s unfillable shoes and Axl Rose is going to sing in Brian’s place!WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!
Can you imagine what that’s going to be like? Fucking Axl caterwauling with his demonstrative swaying snake-like swagger singing Back in Black with that annoying whine and the fucking aye-yie-yie. Please don’t make guns illegal yet.

So, this diatribe has to wind down now. My new lady friend has just arrived, I’ve lit the charcoal, opened a nice bottle of wine for her and I need to pay attention to things other than politics.

“What a world! What a world!”
Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch. Thanks for reading…


State of the Union a.k.a. Issue #1 (I love double entandres)

*Disclaimer: The federal government strictly prohibits, well, almost everything. The views and opinions expressed in this work directly reflect all those involved in it’s publication and are agreed upon by the producer and affiliates of the ranting author.

Before I get started let me take a moment to thank Katie at GoDaddy for her patience and help to get this site set-up. She totally rocks.

Issue 1:

As we near the end of one of the worst presidential administrations in history we are entering the debacle of debates to potentially lead to not only one of the most controversial elections in the history of the country, but an unintentional satirical look into the heart of America.

I will admit that in the election of 2008 that Obama got my vote. It wasn’t for his platform, which just like most president’s since I have been alive, was filled with empty promises and outright lies. It was because it gave the opportunity to break down a barrier. A black man (well, mostly black) took the Commander in Chief seat.
Yay, whoohoo, yipee and good for rebutting the overall picture that paints most of America as racist rednecks waiting on the south to rise again. (This isn’t to disregard the rebel flag wavers that really are. My sister lives directly next door to one. But, they are more a minority than the black lives matter folk who really have bags of chips on their shoulders. Subsequently, shouldn’t all lives matter?)

So here we are again faced with another potential barrier breaking election. A woman in the driver’s seat.

Hillary Clinton, I’m sure, by now has gone through menopause, so we can rule out the madness that accompanies the 28 days not associated with drug and alcohol rehab?

I have to say here that despite her known digressions, she was a large part of Bill’s administration. And, despite his transgressions ; a questionable trade agreement and a cigar and blowjob incident or two, he had our country in the best economical and world standing in history. We had no deficit, other countries owed us money, we were more respected than feared on a global level and we, by and large, liked the guy.
(Hell, I would have given to a fund to get him a blowjob and Cohiba a day to keep up the good work!)

Anyway, do I agree with Hillary’s platform? Not in it’s entirety, but she has some good points. But…

Hillary wants to uphold the (un)“Affordable Healthcare Act”.
Hey Hillary, let’s trade bank accounts for a year.
Obama’s lame-ass bullshit “Affordable Healthcare Act”offered me this…
$389 a month for basic shitty coverage with high deductibles. Affordable my ass!
What was my penalty for being too broke? A $966 fine on my tax filing! Eat a Dick! Actually, Eat a Bag of Dicks!
And here’s the real kick in the balls…
If I were an illegal immigrant my benefits are paid in full by our government. WTF?!?!?!

Just more keeping in line with Obama. I’m sorry (not), I just don’t agree with the idea 0f the so called reform. Should this reform be to continue allowing illegal immigrants to work without paying taxes, send money to their families in Mexico and get free healthcare while they’re here, and then aid them further in the depletion of our own benefits and tax dollars while they go through the process of citizenship? You know, the step they were supposed to take before entering the country? Can we at least make a basic command of the English language a requirement? as it stands it’s basically condoned and rewarded robbery. 
Fuck You! You lost my vote. (Just kidding. You never had it.)

Donald Fucking Trump…

What can you say about a guy that spends more money on hairspray a year than I make?
There’s actually a lot to say, but for the sake of curbing an encyclopedic rant, I’ll just brief the highlights.
(I really want to like you, Donald, for real, but I hate your face. AND your ridiculous hair. I’m sure you must have a good quality, maybe two, but I can’t get past the fact that I hate your face. And hair.)

I agree with some of what he says. I really do. But, he is an idiot and volleys his stances based on where he is campaigning.

His statement is to do away with Obama’s bullshit “act” and find something better and more affordable. I like that idea. A lot. But what is that looking like, Sir Aquanet?

“Let’s build a wall!” yells the ridiculous comb over clown.
Yeah! Let’s! We can get Pink Floyd back together, have them perform the album in its entirety and then tear the fucker down. Dumbass.

Enough on him. I am sitting here getting pissed just thinking of his idiocy.

Bernie Sanders…

He’s a cute little guy.
I also like some of what he says. I love his catchy little phrases to get the crowd hyped up. And let’s not forget the cutest campaign moment of all time; the little bird landing on the podium in Portland Fucking Oregon.

“…a right, not a privilege.” Agreed. But Bernie, how do we proceed? Hmmm?

“Let’s let everybody in. C’mon folks. The more the merrier.”
Liberal Pussy.

The biggest problem,though is he has no answers to his proposals other than to raise taxes, impose new taxes and tax taxes with more taxes. Interesting plan now that the middle class has all but disappeared in the tax heavy U.S. of A.

I think a vote cast his way is like the olden days of voting for Ralph Nader. Wasted.

John Kasich…

I’m not going to spend any time on this idiot. His platform is to just continue what Obama has started and hide behind religion for the answers he doesn’t have.

This brings me to who I consider the only real qualified politician in the race.

Ted Cruz…

A mistress or two? Eh. By the looks of him, he’d better get it while he can.
Just run the country like Billy did. I don’t care where you put your wiener.

Yay! Repeal the stupid fucking healthcare act with an answer.
In short, a commonsense reform giving people a choice. A real choice with the ability to choose when, what and who. Disempowering the government on the issue. (returning) Power to the people!

His wall idea, for whatever reason, makes more sense. Perhaps it’s all the details of the framing, support and operations. But he forgot to include the motion activated Gatling guns. And, I still want Pink Floyd to play before we tear it down.
The rest of his stance on immigration, legal and illegal, I agree with wholeheartedly.

There are tons of other issues impossible to cover here. (It’s a blog not a book)
But if you take the time to actually look at each candidates platforms in depth rather than what’s reported on by the biased media, you can, hopefully, make an informed choice even though it doesn’t matter.

Remember popular vote doesn’t mean shit. The electoral college elects the president. Delegates from each state who aren’t voting with a conscience. They’re going to vote with their agenda and what the candidate has promised them. And the states with the most electoral votes? California, New York and Texas. Ugh. Go hairspray! Isn’t that murdering the ozone?

Let’s face it, they’re all fucking liars, and sadly our country is run by corporations. They grease the palms of the politicians who in turn do their bidding. YOU and I know it’s the truth.

What can we do?

In the immortal words of the great and powerful (Oz)zy Osbourne, “Let’s Start a Riot!”