The Welfare System


The welfare system dates back centuries, and at it’s inception was something good. (which it still could be)
During the roman empire emperor Augustus started a program to allot grain to citizens who couldn’t afford them.

In America, the great depression of the 1920’s left a serious problem. Even the rich were poor and, of course, the poor became destitute. Roughly a quarter of the American work force was unemployed. This didn’t stop the breeders from breeding and the country saw an ever growing population consisting of a fuckton of starving children.

I do understand when you have nothing to do with your time other than sit around looking at the walls, balling the wife is a few minutes of entertaining distraction. It’s either that or jump off a building, right?

The problem was largely ignored until the thirties with the establishment of social security and evolved from there. Rather than install an order to slow the population more programs for the needy were created. At this point it was incorruptible and became something truly helpful. It was honest.( Imagine something from our government that was honest. Today that’s like Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy; a complete fucking fairy tale that you wished you could still believed in)

This isn’t a history lessen, but as I get started I feel there needs to be at least a starting point to understand fully the following rant.

Skipping forward to the 20th century: 1996 saw the first true reform, though lofty and pipe dreamy, Bill Clinton gave each state, based on population, a certain amount of money for aid to those already on welfare and those soon to be with the caveat that the states be working on getting these people working. Oddly, during his administration our country had one of the slightest percentages of the unemployed since the great depression.

The (personal side of the) 1980’s…
I spent most of my formidable years in a south eastern rural Kentucky town. I witnessed rampant abuse of the welfare system, from food stamps to social security insurance. I knew one family the bred with my, by proxy, half family (the adoptive side of my mother and one true uncle) abuse every single part of the system available. It was, and continues to be their life’s work.

They all went to the same corrupt quack doctor (I’m not sure how he might have made money from it, but my assumption is that he must have) and got what they referred to as “crazy checks.” Life long government subsidies for being mentally incapable of functioning in society. %100 of this family and my half family received it. One running joke was, “when the doctor told me to sit in the blue chair I sat in the red one.” I wish it was funny, but instead it’s fucking sad.

I remember when I was 16 yrs old my half uncle, his two toddler sons and I were at the hospital where my actual grandfather had just had bypass surgery.

While I was standing outside on the sidewalk while my half uncle smoked, one of the boys darted across the lane into the parking lot. When my half uncle spotted him he yelled, in his very thick hillbilly accent, “Somebody catch ’em! That’s a $123 a month in food stamps ’bout to get run over!”

Now that was actually funny but still had ironic sadness.

Now it would be absurd and naive to think that the abuse of the system is confined to this cross-bred family in hicktown Kentucky. Statistics speak of a growing number of Americans receiving benefits. I have to believe these folks are huge supporters of Trump. They have no book learnin’ but they have generationally, neighborly and hereditarilly learned to take advantage of a system and further push the boundaries in the wake of government cut backs that deteriorate oversight much like Trump has.

According to the  U.S. Census Bureau more than 110,000,000 people were receiving welfare benefits at the end of 2012. That’s roughly %36 of the population. %46 was the last reported figure of non-tax paying citizens, but that number has ebbed and flowed and I can’t find exact figures to post. We do know, however, that Obama hasn’t helped folks get jobs, deter fraud or even actually help with anything.

Well, perhaps “human rights?” (nigga please, that’s not running a country, that’s just soap boxing)

Also, Mr Sympathy is in the immigrant corner handing out benefits to the illegals and not me. Is it because I was born in this country?

The Obama administration has brought more people into the welfare system (a %32 rise in welfare spending) than any president since FDR and Harry Truman during the WWII and great depression era.

In the current race for Obama’s chair we have two candidates that I have a difficult time supporting. One more than the other. (It’s a known fact that I despise Donald Trump. He’s a fucking know-nothing dangerous idiot.)


She has mostly shied away from the topic in her current campaign, but has stated that republicans and conservatives are the downfall of the welfare system. (Agreed)

Supporting hubbie Bill in her soliloquy, she champions that reform is indeed necessary. That’s important to remember. She worked hard to get the votes for the reform and truly believed it was the best option. From what little she has said in this election year, and from what I’m understanding regarding it, is basically the same thing Bill urged. Let’s get these fucking deadbeats working for a living. Let’s place a limit on how far benefits can extend and to whom. I can get behind that.

(remember the cigar?)

The question is how do you make that idea actually work? There is little question that Bill’s attempt failed, so her avoidance on the issue is simply adding to the question. It’s a bit disconcerting considering the awesome number of people in the system.


His view is decisively harder to understand because he’s a dumbass waste of skin; an actual bag of human excrement wrapped in elephant dung and encased in an old person’s spotted liver then shellacked with hairspray.

He mentioned the system being broken. (Duh)
He says single teen mothers should have to jump through hoops to get help. (Huh? What?)
He says that, unlike Bill’s 1996 reform, should deal with all the programs (78 in total) and not just the Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC). (Agreed)
Then he double-talks that ultra wealthy people like himself, should relinquish social security benefits to help. OK. But that will never happen. Greed doesn’t die.
Neither candidate talks about the median age of welfare recipients, the length of time that they have been receiving benefits, nor asks the question why?
The fact is, both candidates are soft on the issue because they don’t have a clue or a plan.

What is the answer when no one is paying attention to the one trillion dollar a year “industry” that is the welfare system? Being in a “job training” program doesn’t mean that they’re looking, or even willing to work. No oversight to regulate the “addiction” (dependency is addiction) on the free ride. No one is looking at family trends, community trends or the amount of people in the same demographic, generationally, living off of the system that allows them to do nothing.

The rub…
The old woman that lived in the shoe should have kept her pants on, crossed her legs, and perhaps burdened the free clinic for some birth control.
Shouldn’t there be a limit on how many children a habitual welfare recipient can bear? Some mandatory tube tying? Sterilization for some? I mean this is how these people get a raise.

Let’s help them get them to work shall we? There are inmate programs that could be applied here.
Let these able-bodied welfare sucking leaches work to earn their checks like the rest of us do.
They can clean roadsides, sidewalks, parks, mow grass, empty trash, clean after the useless homeless (or join them), pick cotton or whatever. There’s no shortage of shit work that no one else wants to do. Get their asses out of bed before noon and make them earn the Budweiser and government cheese. Then, watch the numbers fall off. The habitual abusers aren’t going to show up to work and their benefits will be cut off. They’ll shack up with another loser until the next one gets cut off and it will create a domino affect that will see the welfare system reform itself. It’ll weed out those that can help themselves. I mean why use a weed-eater in a park for a $750 (per person) a month check  when you can get a PAYING JOB doing the same thing earning minimum wage and take home, depending on the state, between $1000 and $1500? The down side to this is the average welfare family has four members and the figure doesn’t include food stamps, medical care or WIC etc. I still believe the forced labor will deter these fucks.


Send them off to war.

Perhaps another aid might be, ummm, say… drug tests? You piss dirty you’re out of the fucking program for life. Period! Why should I pay for your fucking drug and booze habit?

And no more disability for the fat fucks that eat until they can’t fucking walk comfortably! They troll around on their little motorized carts with their swollen purple legs because they’re so fat their stomachs cut off their circulation. Instead of food stamps for those sloppy pigs, we’ll take that amount, give it to meals on wheels, not allow the driver to go to the door and make their fat asses waddle to the curb to pick up a fucking salad!

This will leave only those truly in need of assistance. Actual assistance.

Ta-mutha-fuckin-dah! Welfare reform…

Issue #3 (Exit stage left…wing)


I have to begin by saying thanks to all of you that have read, shared and are continuing to indulge me in my little rants.
I’m totally awed, stunned and thankful.
The second post had nearly 1500 hits in one day! (compared to just over a hundred on the first post, that’s pretty amazing)
Thank you also for all the wonderful emails and comments. I’m truly humbled.
URGE you to comment. Our collective thoughts and rantings may become a voice loud enough to perhaps make us heard.
And PLEASE feel free to bitch when you don’t agree. This is, after all, about “other comments”, not just mine.

I’ve attached social media links. Do with them as you will.

Now, let’s party like it’s 1999…

In my travels today, donning my pajamas and robe,(I rarely get dressed when I don’t have to) I had many wonderful discussions regarding the current race for the presidency. (is it really a race?)
It’s odd to me to call it a race, because though it does have a start and an end, it has a definite end date, not a finish line crossed by who gets there first, right?
It’s a contest. And as we have discussed, not one we, necessarily, in this by and for the people country, get to declare the winner with our registered opinions, i.e. our votes.
Sorry, I’m being semantic…

One of the discussions today, actually my first, was at the convenient convenience store down the road.
Post my morning constitutional, I arrived in my pajamas and robe just after setting my coffee to brew at home, to fetch a paper and a pack of smokes.

When I laid the paper on the counter, the clerk, who I see on a regular basis, bopped over in time to the hip-hop music emanating from his little Bluetooth speaker behind the counter, grabbed my smokes and asked me how my morning was going.
I love this kid. He’s 23 years old, lives with his girlfriend, works 5-6 days a week as an assistant manager, always smiling, always wearing a tie and a ball cap high on his head tilted to one side. You know the guy, right?

Anyway, I tell him it’s too early to tell. He smiles, points to a headline on the front page of the paper and asks, “What do you think of this?”
I look down and it’s a Bernie Sanders headline that asks, “Is Bernie done?”
I chuckled. (he knows nothing of this blog, yet.)
I said, “Ya know, this shit has me rubber neckin’ like it’s a big fucking crash. It’s not a run for the seat, it’s a fucking train wreck.”

The update, if that’s what you want call it, is pointing to the fact that Bernie should be done. (most of us have known this for a while now) He should be withdrawing from the campaign, backing Hillary as he said he would do in the beginning should his run turn into the sludging trod it is, going home to Vermont, eating some Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food and crying on his wife’s already soggy shoulder.
(note: my oldest daughter, a huge Bernie supporter, has “unfriended” me on Facebook)

This coming Tuesday will be the final nail in the coffin. (god, I hope he doesn’t die. I would feel like shit for that one)

There are 5 primaries happening Tuesday and Bernie is behind Hillary by a huge margin. After losing in New York earlier this week, a victory he desperately needed, his little coven is at another point of reevaluation.

Remember he said he would not stoop to mudslinging in the beginning, fell behind, (actually was never ahead) began slinging mud, fell further behind and now needs to re-reevaluate? Umm, Bern, old buddy, when are you going to stop beating that dead horse?

NPR, one of my favorite news sources, today posted the numbers I was curious to read. (I feed off of NPR, BBC, Al Jazeera, and the A.P…they’re the least biased I can find. We will always have to filter and form our own opinions. It’s what makes “other comments” important to me)

Hillary has more than double the delegate pledges than Obama ever had in their “run”.
Bernie has to win by at least 20 points in ALL the remaining “contests” to even stay in the game, and the independents aren’t allowed to vote. Wasted votes anyway. Insert Ralph Nader here and Bernie’s confused stance on himself not being like him. This shit is funny:

It’s just NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. It’s pretty simple fucking math; not calculus…

As of today Hillary has 1428 delegate pledges and 513 super delegates. Bernie has 1153 delegate pledges and 38 supers. Granted supers can change their minds, but they rarely every go against the popular pledges.

Bernie says, “Poor people don’t vote…That’s just a fact.”
Straw grasping muthafucka! What? Tell me you’re joking?!?!?!?

Of course they do you fucking asshole! I’m one of them!
Your “tax-bullshit-reform” and it’s subsequent crush on the lower class (I so resent that fucking term) is the reason you don’t have “the poor” in your corner.

In urgence from his campaign manager and his family, Donald Trump
was asked to tone it down and “act” more presidential. He acquiesced. At least he said he would. He hasn’t a clue what that means.
The kind and gentler, more presidential Trump just can’t shut his fucking mouth. He needs a fleet of trucks to tote his bloated ego from rally to rally.

He attacked John Kasich because he couldn’t pronounce his name. “Can we ask him to change the spelling of his name? Are we allowed to do that? “Aren’t you in a campaign with him as part of your opposition? Perhaps you should have yourself informed. (by the way, it’s kas-ick)

This tells us all that this arrogant douchebag isn’t even close to paying attention. He truly believes he’s in this circus all by himself.

If you don’t know who and what you’re up against, how can you possibly run our country, fucknut? Are you going to Homer Simpson us with looking at the globe and chuckling out, “You are gay” for Uruguay? Will Niger become nigger? You are simply a tumor. All we have to do is see a “doctor” and have you removed. You’re definitely benign.

(Actual size shown: “My wiener is this big!”)

In his tamed self-righteousness, he called Kasich and Cruz “one and a half men”, quickly rephrased to bellow, while wearing a red trucker hat, (maybe sponsored by the freight company that he  hired to tote his ego and hairspray) “Maybe just one! A half and a half! They should both just get out!” He states that he’ll become “more presidential later.”

Oh Donald, please, go have sex with yourself. You will only the be the president of your own fan club.
Have I mentioned that I hate your face? And hair?

Cruz and Kasich are fighting a losing battle with each other.  Like coming in second and third on Jeopardy and ignoring the winner. Let me add here that I DO NOT ENDORSE CRUZ, I simply stated that he is the most qualified candidate. I certainly don’t support his views on the LGBT issues and bathroom policy. No one is suggesting, as far as I know, that urinals be added to ladies rooms or tampon dispensers in men’s rooms. (though both may be useful)

As I stated before, one of them should turn tail and run so the other has a broader appeal, a chance to win the vote. No matter really. Alas, my comment here is the sad but true; Donald will win the republican nomination.

The Republican numbers…
Oddly, the rules have changed a bit in the GOP and super delegates can’t change their minds and must vote for the candidate their state delegates have pledged. It more or less erases the supers in the context used by the dems.
Here’s that breakdown as of today…
Trump has 845 delegate pledges, Cruz has 559 and Kasich with 148.
The math isn’t difficult here either unless,of course you’re giving Trump the abacus…

The real math supports my prediction of Hillary being the victor, and thus our new Prez.

Fuck, she could release porn from her college days, or God forbid, current video bangs, and still come out ahead. (Ugh. Leave the pun where it lies! Move along people! You’re disgusting! Secretly, that’s why I love ya. Ha!)


Trump’s total pledges: 845
Hillary’s total pledges: 1941

(1941-great movie! I miss John Belushi. He was funny on purpose. He always had my vote,)

Say the foundation of your house is cracked and crumbling, what do you do? Do you try to put a new roof on to fix it? Good luck with that.
I actually believe that a complete GOVERNMENT REFORM is needed. It’s our only way out.

It’s been four days since Prince died. Have any of our presidential hopefuls weighed in?

Currently, I’m dressed as a mourning catholic wife clad in a black dress and veil, candles burning on the altar and pipe organ renditions of Purple Rain are playing in the background as I write to you in hopes you’ll join me. Not only in my rant, but in my sorrow. (though, I never meant to cause you any). Another genius musician has left us with fucking Donald Trump still breathing.

Next up: We’ll discuss welfare reform, immigration, deportation and eugenics. Not mutually exclusive…