Amid the in-fighting, nepotistic, unqualified, yet bitchy and whiny, White House allegory lies the issue of national healthcare and it’s need for reform.

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I’ve stated numerous times that Obamacare wasn’t a fit plan. In its inception, it was a good idea as it took most of the first draft from Hillary’s pitch back in 1993. For “republican reasons” the plan failed to pass congress.

The King of Combovers is waiting on Obamacare to “explode.” His moronic self can’t see the difference between “ex” and “im.” It’s caving in on itself.

Obamacare went through so many changes from proposal to bill it was hardly recognizable. The republicans kept deleting, adding, and rewriting the document until it was a freaking Frankenstein-like tome. Over 800 pages. Try to read the damn thing.

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I did love it when White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer brought the document to the podium and showed the size difference with the Trumpcare proposal looking like a fucking pamphlet sitting next to the “Affordable” healthcare act. (similar to Trump’s hands versus a man’s hands.) Mr. Spicer, you dumbass, that’s because Trumpcare had nothing to offer. It’s all a take away game. The filthy rich have nothing to lose no matter what coverages are delete.

This take away game looks like this…

  • No paid maternity leave.
  • No prescription plan
  • No mental health care
  • No emergency services
  • No pediatric care
  • No hospitalization
  • No rehab
  • No preventive care
  • No labs
  • No ambulatory services

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Well, tell me you fucking orange idiot, what the hell is left? Oh yeah, nothing. Well, that’s affordable.

The ugly Oval Office Ornament is now open to discussions with anyone that may know what the hell is actual healthcare.

I’m here to help, so here goes…

First let’s look at income ratios and expendable income.

The folks that voted for Trump are made up mostly of the “unenriched.” Those folks within and below the poverty level. (the ones freaking out about the threat of their free insurance being taken away) The ones putting down their Busch beers asking, “What have we done? This feller is taking away part of our free ride and is in cahoots with the danged Russians.”

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The next tier is the ever decreasing middle-class. The ones out working for a living and just getting by. Trying to get the slice of American pie. Ya know, buy a house, have a couple of kids, a dog, a retirement plan and some fucking insurance that they can actually afford! Ha! Bend over and grab your ankles folks cuz you’re getting’ reamed, and I don’t mean in that happy elevator sex kinda way.

The next tier doesn’t matter because the wealthy can afford healthcare.

According to our beloved government, expendable income is our paychecks after taxes. Not after paying bills, but after TAXES!

Let’s start here…

Expendable income should be based on the income bracket a person falls into, and the average cost of living in your demographic, and not a national statistic. Born from this we get a much clearer picture of what “expendable” income is.

Let’s look at this example…

Portland, Oregon

Median income: $55,000 ($4,583 monthly gross: roughly $3600 net)

Median home value: $406,000 (amortized over 30 years with average 5% interest rate=$1842 monthly)

Home owner’s insurance: $1400 annualy ($118 monthly)

Utilities: $170

Food and house/cleaning products: $500

Phone: $100

Car payment: $400

Car insurance: $160

Gas: $160

Expendable monthly income: $150

This is a MONTH, folks! Living high on the hog, right?

Basic health insurance via Obamacare based on 55K a year: $380

Do the fucking math! No wait. I just did.

So, if you take all the assurance out of insurance we have Trumpcare. Meaning no insurance. Yay!!! Though we have yet to get the proposed cost for nothing I’ll still bet it’s more than I can afford.

Let’s now reform this bullshit…

Since it’s obvious the disappearing middle class can’t really afford to have diarrhea because it costs too much for toilet paper and flushing we’ll have to approach this aggressively yet kinderly. By this I mean let’s Robin Hood the hell out of it.

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First off health insurance needs to mimic, in a way, car insurance. Modules. If you’re not going to need maternity leave, my man, then there’s no need to pay for it. If you’re a priest, nun, a eunuch, or Morrissey, you won’t be needing child or prenatal care. You see where this is going?

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Everyone, with the exception of the habitual welfare system abusers (I’ll explain why in a minute), should have the absolute right to beneficial healthcare. How do we get there you ask? Simple. We let the Trump’s of the world pay the way. They have true expendable income so their insurance should be “affordable” accordingly.

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Let’s make the average cost of basic healthcare 1% of “real” expendable income. Johnny Brokeass living in Portland, Oregon that has $150 after working his ass off and paying his own way should have his health benefits for around $1.50 a month. This depends of course on the modules chosen, but for the sake of argument let’s include the essentials Trump wants to relieve us of minus what Johnny doesn’t need, but not forgetting Jane. She may have a module or two that she requires.

The guy with an annual income of 15 million bucks and has household expenditures (not fucking luxury spending) of $25,000 a month has $1,225,000 as expendable cash. His healthcare costs $12,250 a month. That’s total fair and completely reasonable, right? Argue with me. Please!

Now back to “basics”…

There will be four basic plans: Males 18-55; Females 18-55; Children from birth-18 and the populous 55 and above. Additional modules will cost a bit more and still work from the cost of living-income ratio.

The welfare abusers get dick. (please read, or reread, my post on welfare reform, published May 24th, 2016, before you start bitching) They brae like asses about Mexicans taking jobs but they won’t work. They have a blatant disregard of a “working society,” and a lack of self-respect. They abuse a system built to help those truly in need. This shall leave them with nothing. Since they don’t have income they get no fucking coverage. If they’re not participating then they’re wasting valuable resources. Message to those: Get a fucking job or die in a ditch that a Mexican dug you fucking air-sucking waste of skin! (I mean that in the nicest way. Really.)

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No more bullshit. No HMO. (health maintenance organization) No PPO. (preferred provider organization). No EPO. (exclusive provider organization) Moving forward there will only be AIM. (America’s inclusive medical. And yes, I just made that up.) And there is no medical professional exempt. All doctors will be paid the same regardless of who they see; Trump and Johnny Brokeass receive the same care. Period. This will also aid in weeding out the archaic practitioners and the fucking quacks that work for the pharmcos and those that simply work to milk the insurance company.

Prescription drugs are inclusive and nothing will be out of range because co-pays won’t exist. i.e. Drugs are free to the policy holder and the insurance company is 100% responsible. This likely will lead to the government capping the pharcos as the pillaging of the poor man’s bank account has been arrested.

We won’t need subsidies like Medicare and Medicaid or Aetna because our benefits will be fully comprehensive customized to our needs as we are the ones who put our modular plan together.

What happens to the jobs of those subsidy companies, you ask? Easy. They work for the ONE insurance company we now have. By law, the once largest legalized thieving insurance companies either merge or dissolve. They’ll be zero need for underwriters because there is only ONE company for insurance. Period.

Deductibles under this reform, if any, will be soley based on the income-cost of living ratios. Meaning NO set minimums or maximums.

The employees of Congress, the Senate, the House of Representatives, and the White House will be given an expense account with a cap and deductibles for travel, security, and hotels. No free dinners or entertaining on our tax dollars. This money will go towards aiding the health of the people, not the wealth of a slimy fucking politician.

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All medical research will be paid in full by the federal government, and in part, by stopping the frivolous spending of our tax dollars by the politicians.

As well, we need diplomats not increased military spending, or a wall. Fuck Donald-Fucking-Trump and save billions for the health of America.

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Planned Parenthood will be free to all, but redefined. The right to choose will be an absolute in given circumstances. It will not be an advanced form of birth control. If a woman is sexually assaulted, the baby is going to have a debilitating birth defect or will harm the woman then abortion is an option.

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Should this be a consensual act or “oops,” you’re having a baby. Adoption shall be a choice with no stipulations, but abortion is only for extreme circumstances.

A vasectomy or tubal ligation shall always be free and sans a waiting period.  Mandatory if you are a Trump. (“Make America Great Again” = No Trumps!) Contraceptives are always free to the public thanks to one less tank in Iraq.

Healthcare will include, at no cost, non- modular euthanization. It shall be mandatory for rapists, murderers, (not those in self-defense) child molesters, those not fit for society whether it be mental or physical disorders where they are dependent on the state. This includes welfare and SSI cases. In cases of zero doubt those unrehabilitate-able shall be put to death immediately. This cares for our health i.e. Healthcare. No sense wasting the tax money keeping them alive or paying for Trump to play golf while his wife shops in Manhattan. Our government isn’t broke; we are.

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So there you have it…


Now go plant a tree. We’ll discuss the environment,soon.

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