Issue #2 (more on issue #1. Sorry)

I do not intend for this blog to be one of pure political rant, commentary or satire, I swear!
I’m days behind on this post because I changed my mind of ranting on my feelings about Portland-Fucking-Oregon, at least for now, because the current presidential campaign is still sticking in my crawl.
We’ve got a race that seems so comical that it could be depicted in Mad Magazine.
The funniest thing about it all, in that seriously unfunny way, is that it’s all really happening.
Everyone has crossed the line of appropriate, attacked one another in the media and the hoi polloi has spoken.
According to an NBC news article yesterday, only 6% of the American public trusts our government and the media overall.
More democrats than republicans. Surprised?
I find it interesting that this leaves 94% of the U.S. public showing signs of intelligent life. Whodathunk?
Our candidates are walking further and further away from issues and topics that matter to basically slander each other at rallies and during press, radio and T.V. interviews.
Do you give a shit if Hillary has big money fundraisers? She claims she is distributing the money to others in the democratic party. I trust her just as much as any other politician to tell me the truth. Who the fuck cares?!?!?
Oh yeah, little Bernie. Why should you care? If it really bugs you ask for more than $27, dumbass! And why would your supporters throw dollar bills at Hillary’s motorcade? This seems more than just stupid. It’s wasted money. You could have made some nice fliers with that thousand bucks, Bernie. Ah well, just another missed opportunity.
Face it, “Bern”ing man, a run for the presidency is big business. Huge! Mega-Fucking-Huge! Godzilla-esque!
Staggering away from the things that actually matter to sling mud seems, to me anyway, counter-intuitive.
We, the constituents, have a waning interest in our future president’s diggings at the opposing side on a personal level. We want to be satisfied that they know what the hell they are talking about. Unfortunately, we aren’t.
Trump makes me dizzy, but I’m glad to know he went to 7-11 rather than be an unhinged American on 9/11. What? He seriously spoke about the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 referring to it as 7-11.
I truly hate that guy. Truly.
I was speaking with a neighbor this afternoon about the race for the seat, and he told me he was going to vote for Trump solely based on the fact that he isn’t a career politician.
Well that’s the logic that is Donald Trump. (rather the lack thereof)
Fortunately, like his hair, Donald’s popularity is receding.
Our biggest remaining problem where he is concerned are his competitors. Though both are gaining ground they are splitting the votes that would otherwise kick Trump from the top of the steaming heap of shit this electoral bid has become.
Should Kasich step out of the way I’m positive Cruz would stomp to the top of the pile of shit and knock Trump off. Kinda like a game of King of the Mountain, but with higher stakes.
Another, smaller, but no less important obstacle, is time. As we get closer to the November primaries the less time the opposition has to pick up the needed vote. Underdogs can win! Just look at Rocky Balboa! He was on time!To further expound on the fact that our votes really don’t matter and the underdog viability…
In the New York primaries this Tuesday, Cruz was ahead of Kasich in popular vote yet Kasich walked away the victor by grabbing more delegates. Bullshit?
More (predictable) bullshit is Trump taking the state.
I do love New York’s U.S. Representative, THE Peter King (I love that he chose to keep the name) stating that he would take cyanide should Cruz win the nomination for republican party. (please, please, please let Cruz win if for no other reason)
I’m going to jab at Bernie for a minute here…
His promise to boost the economy by way of “tax reform” is of course to be supplemented by further taxing us on income. But not taking into account that higher tier incomes should be taxed a little heavier. His proposal is a flat increase of 2.2% straight across the board, and when I say straight across the board, I mean everyone from the poor (tentatively excluding, yet to be determined, families, FAMILIES, with a combined income of $28,800 or less) to the stinking rich. This would also require employers to pay a 6.2% tax on each employee to subsidize the then defunct healthcare benefits. If such a thing were to happen we would certainly “Feel the Bern.”
(Kinda like the burning you feel during the morning piss following a night with the stranger that left you a special little gift of gonorrhea, but without the fun of the of the romp.)
This increase would help to pay for the truly confusing reform that will cost tax payers 1.7 trillion, but with a national debt of nearly 22 trillion, which will undoubtedly be 23 trillion by the time I’m done typing this, what difference does it make? (take a look at this debt counter It is truly astounding!
Further under this aside…Under the reign of Obama, government spending and loan accrual is tallying at a rate of roughly $3 billion per minute, increasing the national debt by over 70% during his administration. That’s not the worst percentage of a president, but is, by far, the largest dollar amount increase of all time. Just look at the counter. He isn’t close to finished.
This week we learned that, thankfully, Obamacare is imploding. Unitedhealth, the nations largest healthcare provider announced they are bailing (in most markets) on the failed plan that has literally millions of Americans being penalized for not being able to afford the affordable healthcare. Oxymoron? Can everyone say jumbo shrimp?
I could honestly give a shit that these insurance companies are feeling the strain of the lessened financial gains in their sanctioned rapefest of the American public, but I do like the fact that the entire infrastructure is falling in and down. Imploding.
This will spark more fires under the “act” to act and the subsequent results will be its demise.
So where does this leave us? Where will be the fate of the American healthcare system? Why hasn’t anyone chimed in on the fact that the easy logical fix is to simply put a cap on the pharm-cos and insurance companies thus creating something along the lines of affordable and then simply give us the choice again? Cruz is headed in this direction in a roundabout way, but the facts are going to detail the outcome. Wealthy folks are out of touch with the public that lives paycheck to paycheck. I don’t believe that any of our politicians involved in this race have a clue what it’s like to struggle financially. Our fucking government considers our net earnings “expendable income!”  Like we have no other obligations with that money. No rent of mortgage. No utility or phone bills, car payments and the like. So naturally we have tons of cash to spend on healthcare for ourselves and families. This is a serious point of contention for me and the answer just seems obvious. The problem here is that insurance and pharmaceutical companies are huge corporations that, without question, are big players in the corporate government of America.
Do we need healthcare reform? Duh.
Do we need tax reform? Duh.
How will this ever happen? Easy. Government reform.
Will this ever happen? Easy. No. It’s just too far gone, and as has been iterated here, our votes don’t count.
So next we see…
It’s going to make no difference in who wins the republican nomination. None.
Without the use of my crystal ball, I can pass on this little tidbit of the future of our country.
Hillary Clinton will be our next President Elect. Period.
In the words of the greatest pro wrestler of all time, Ric Flair, “Like it, love it hate it, get used to it. Whooo!”
So my final issue is this…
Why aren’t these presidential hopefuls concentrating on things that really matter?
Do they know that Guns and Roses has reformed to fill their empty bank accounts?
Do they know that the iconic AC/DC has been fraught with one disappointing and devastating loss after another? Phil Rudd on meth and trying to have someone killed. Malcolm has dementia. Brian Johnson lost his hearing, ferfucksake! And now they have installed the younger Young brother to fill Malcolm’s unfillable shoes and Axl Rose is going to sing in Brian’s place!WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!
Can you imagine what that’s going to be like? Fucking Axl caterwauling with his demonstrative swaying snake-like swagger singing Back in Black with that annoying whine and the fucking aye-yie-yie. Please don’t make guns illegal yet.

So, this diatribe has to wind down now. My new lady friend has just arrived, I’ve lit the charcoal, opened a nice bottle of wine for her and I need to pay attention to things other than politics.

“What a world! What a world!”
Have your people call my people and we’ll do lunch. Thanks for reading…