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This post is about almost nothing at all. There’s subject; there’s matter; there’s just a lot of nothing.

The focus is the spew of nothing coming from the White House. They speak, but it’s next to impossible to know if they are actually trying to communicate because they just don’t make any sense and they say different things answering the same question. It’s a big fucking pile of nothing.

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There’s no question that the current political landscape is a warming “climate change” to a category 4 hurricane.

We, and OUR government, are “led” by someone so ignorant and beyond deeply concerning deeply concerning. He has serious mental health issues ranging from sociopathy, narcissism, megalomania through hyper-insecurities. Disorder after disorder to create nothing more than disorder.

On both sides of aisle, we have people under qualified in their positions. People ranting. Concerned with the fact that there’s no law against lynching. (Murder?)

Playing race and gender cards, political correctness. A litany of truly hyperbolic nothing.

Then there’s the important stuff. Climate change, immigration, war and peace.

Then there’s Donald Trump. Mr. “What the fuck am I saying?”

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(DJT taking a shit. From mouth or ass? Both?)

This man lives via twitter. It’s his heroin. If he truly gives a shit about fighting addiction, he needs to start with his own. He can’t. The reason being it’s who he is. It’s his “soul.” (That’s assuming he actually had one.) He’s simply not in control. Like Hitler, he’s very dependent on the praise of others. The slightest compliment spins him like a ballroom dancer. The slightest criticism spins him like a tornado. This leaves him in a perpetual manic dervish.

His “presidency” is a war on truth. His administration isn’t just based in alternate reality and alternate facts; it’s based in alternate definition and hyperbole that is so contradictory that it nullifies itself over night.

Trump is an octopus of sorts. His limbs are made of the people that either agree out of fear, blind loyalty, or just plain stupidity.

Trump, Sanders, Conway, and Giuliani are the best/worst examples, allies, and/or enemies.

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From alternative facts to “I meant to say would instead of wouldn’t”; the point is clear: NOTHING IS CLEAR. They’re lying and getting choked on their comments and we are unable to digest what they try to feed us. And then, more times than I can count, they just avoid the question, or in Trump’s case, just speak for an hour to say absolutely nothing.

He quotes people and stats that don’t exist and then rips on the press for unnamed sources. He’s not an oxymoron, he’s just a fucking moron…

He thinks all people are dumber than him. In the case of his base, he’s mostly correct, but he is just too stupid to realize that almost everyone is paying attention; we have the internet and cable TV. We watch it live and then he tries to deny just because “Fox News Parody” doesn’t speak of it.

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But, WE THE PEOPLE are left with uttered incoherencies…

Trump is quickly approaching the 4000-lie mark and it’s only 18 months into his daily spotlight. He’s not a president. He’s not a leader. He’s an insecure, antagonistic, ego driven, sociopath. Everyday sees him more confident and comfortable in his psychosis. He went from five lies a day to eight.

The rallies (supposedly in support of the republican party in the mid-terms, but where he only talks about himself) and Fox News feed his massive insecurities and giant fucking ego “bigly.”

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(Waiting for Putin. BIGLY)

He says whatever he wants. He makes up stories, statistics, economies, jobs, history, and “other things” because he truly believes people believe what he says. I think he probably believes what he says. He’s a very sick individual.

His support system lies with other liars. Giuliani, Conway, and Sanders can’t keep up with his lies.

Guilani is suffering from some sort of dysplasia. Sarah Sanders will just avoid answers by stating Trump already said what he meant, and Kellyanne will just interpret the lies into her own version of the lies. They lie in support of his lies and he, inadvertently, Tweets and calls them liars, too. All in a day’s work.

The words are clearly English. The points are confused. The messages muddled or negated. The meanings unclear. Then there’s clarity…

It’s a fucking big bowl of salad. Mixed greens. The radicchio is in contest with the watercress. The romaine disagrees with the red leaf. The spinach doesn’t understand the iceberg. The vinaigrette tastes like shit. Wait. It is shit. It’s diarrhea of the mouth.

This administration needs its own dictionary. We, THE PEOPLE, are perhaps just confused because we are used to Merriam-Webster’s definitions and have been spoiled by the “commoner’s” lexicon.

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The Trump dictionary, which I’m almost positive is being written by a moron that has his “full and total support” and is the ABSOLUTE opposite of what all of those with an I.Q. surpassing double digits. (This excludes him and his followers by and large.

We can surmise from his terrorist reign and rhetoric of the past 18 months (I’m alleviating the campaign trail for purpose of the post) that he means these things unequivocal, and very matter of fact in definition:

People: “ME”

Country: “ME”

Us: “ME”

Lies “Truth”

Truth: “FAKE NEWS”

Intelligent: “DUMB”

Dictator: “GREAT MAN”


Evidence: “WITCH HUNT”

The definitions are being written and rewritten daily.

Trump stood before the world and took the word of a despot over THE ENTIRE AMERICAN INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY, (granted he has no intelligence unless you count his self-proclamation of genius.) further shamed the office of POTUS, and retracted by not retracting. He just keeps going.

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(Open the fucking cage! They’re murdering drug dealers!)

This is a guy who lies about the weather. He’s entrusted to the highest office in the land. He stood in front of a crowd, cameras feeding the world and said, “Stick with us. Don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news. … What you’re seeing and what you’re reading is not what’s happening.”

Even as it’s happening, I can agree. I can disagree. One thing is for sure: IT’S HAPPENING AND I DON”T WANT TO BELIEVE IT”S HAPPENING

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