Words of the Year…kakistocracy and post-truth


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Words of the year…

Kakistocracy: noun-Government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens.

Post-Truth: adjective-relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion and personal belief.

Well, this pretty much sums it up and I could stop typing now, but of course I won’t.

But since we’re on the subject of important words…

Kellyanne Conway, in an interview on Meet the Press, defended incoming Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, after he literally lied through his teeth during a press briefing claiming that Trump’s inauguration had the highest attendance in history. Anyone paying attention knows better.

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Kellyanne told reporter, Chuck Todd, that Spicer was using “alternative facts.” WTF?!?!?

Chuck was quick to point out that she was just using other words for LIES.

Merriam-Webster, via the POTUS’ favorite medium for communication, Twitter, posted the definition of “alternate” and a link describing “fact.” they also posted a jabbing tweet regarding an early morning post from Trump where he said he was “honered” which he deleted, replaced with the correct spelling and then proceeded to delete the post again. Merriam-Webster tweeted “honer” was a person that hones. (fuck, I love them more than Oxford now.)

(There is a question of whether this deletion was legal, even of the first one with the misspelling. Once the full investigation is made clear I’ll update you.)

Let’s get to the rest…

On January 20th, 2017 the Cheetos-colored monolith of ignorance was sworn in in front of a much smaller crowd than HE expected, but larger than I thought. Most of us folks were too busy hating this fucker to be bothered to gather at the west front of the U.S. Capitol. We had other places to go…plus we didn’t want to listen to Heil to the Chief.

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Left: 2009 Obama inauguration-Right 2017 Trump inauguration

Attendance at Trump’s inauguration in FACT, though not the smallest in history, (there have been some real shitbags in the Oval Office. See Bush Jr.) with an estimated turnout being somewhere between 700,000 and 900,000, but it met with an actual first place with an outstanding record-setting amount of protests. In D.C. alone there were at least a half a million in the Women’s March on Washington, and that’s not to mention the thousands of men doing their own thing. Then there are the literal hundreds of thousands more of outraged folks that span from Boston to Los Angeles. Add to that the several millions protesting in other countries around the world and total is in the tens of millions. (The Kremlin, though, gives their full support.)

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An important part of his day one agenda, after he finished his temper tantrum regarding the low attendance of his inauguration, was to change the White House website. Check it out. There is now the complete deletion of the Global Warming page. And, rightfully so. You see he has the inside scoop, and we obviously have all been propagandized by the Chinese government. There’s simply no such thing as Global Warming. (do you smell the rose laden fart of sarcasm?) I’m truly not sure what China has to gain by this considering they have an air quality ranking among the worst in the world and they largely contribute to the verified holes in the ozone.

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Second on the website was an update to remove Plastic Woman’s clothing line on QVC from her bio. What the fuck are they thinking? I love QVC! Oh yeah, the conflict of interest thing.

On that topic, Shitbag McFucktard has yet to divest himself from his business ventures. His plan was to hand the reins over to his “children”, but perhaps he doesn’t trust them with his money because they aren’t him or Jews. He also still has interests in foreign countries, as well, the hats worn for his inauguration were made in the motherland, China. This all is a total contradiction to one of his inaugural quotes; “Buy American. Hire American.” (I guess, like most things Trump, it only applies to everyone else.)

When Trump took the podium, he waved just like (his idol perhaps) Adolf Hitler. I imagined him with a little shit-wipe mustache and it made me laugh. Then he went on to quote a pre-WWII white supremacist after being advised not to. Better still, he plagiarized Bane! (see Dark Knight Rises) The address was almost verbatim and ideologically identical. (really; check this shit out!)

Image result for trump inauguration speech

In typical Trump blow-hard speak, he promised that we, the people, (in order to form a more perfect “union”?) have met with an historic period where our country is now run by us ”Again”, as he stated. (I don’t remember ever running the country, but there was a time when I drank a lot and blacked out often.)


Plagiarism seems to be a theme in the world of Trumpelstilskin. First his wife “borrowing” from Michelle Obama’s 2009 address, Trump’s inaugural Bane quotes, and now onto…

Monica Crowley, a republican foreign policy adviser, was tapped to be the White House Press Secretary, but has since tapped out due to serial plagiarism. Too bad, huh? Now no one will remember her since Playboy no longer does nude pictorals.

Another of Trump’s cabinet picks dropped out before the swearing in. Not for plagiarism, but for playing around. Jason Miller was tapped to be the White House Communications Director, but backed out just before Christmas following accusations of having an affair with another “transition official.” AJ Delgado, a Trump advisor and blogger, says that Miller is her “baby daddy” at the same time Miller and his actual wife are expecting their second child. Delgado has frequently defended Trump on his sexual harassment allegations. Jerry Springer? Are you there?

In his first official act “the man without a plan” signed a “one time” waiver moments after being sworn in. This waiver overturns the mandate set to federal law that disallows a member of the military to take the office of Secretary of Defense. In steps James “Mad Dog” Mattis. He’s a man without planning experience (sound familiar?) who will now help Trump in his war on “Radical Islam.” This could be your Muslim neighbors that he has  the FBI searching through their garbage as I type.

He does, however, seem to be a great negotiator for peaceful resolution when it comes to our ‘“enemies.”

He says…

 “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: If you fuck with me, I’ll kill you all.”

This man, as you can see, is a kind benevolent human being. His statement gives hope to all Americans wishing for peace. I’m truly hoping when he says all that he means ALL. We certainly wouldn’t want to leave civilian women and children to have the chance to breed more of these assholes, right?  We need total eradication of those that oppose us. Peaceful transition?

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(a man that truly loves his work)

New Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, former CEO of Exxon with ties to Russia, said, prior to King Aquanet’s swearing in, or his own confirmation…that the United States has to “send China a clear signal that, first, the island-building stops, and second, your access to those islands also is not going to be allowed.”

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Despite sanctions against North Korea they continue to purge forward with their nuclear program.

Also prior to being sworn in, Trump “sent a message” to Baby Huey in North Korea when he said we would send missiles “at any time.” Of course, Dumbshit took to Twitter…

“North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the US. It won’t happen!”

Image result for north korea

Cleary, Baby Huey, a man that has had members of his own family executed publicly, doesn’t give two shits about what Cheeto has to say. (Putin is secretly throwing a party every night celebrating the absolute stupidity of our new president.)

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Why out of the gate does this new administration poke the bear?


Putin helped an idiot to become POTUS by hacking the DNC. Rumor also has it that the Kremlin helped fund the Trump campaign. Something we may never hear the actual truth about.

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(“I’ve got you right where I want you.)

Putin is a brilliant tactician. My thoughts are that he will use the art of deception, which won’t be a difficult task considering Trump can be easily distracted by negative Tweets and then spend days posting his childish defense with more of the lies and denials he is famous for. Putin is undoubtedly funding and arming ISIS, North Korea, Assad in Syria, as well as China. His end goal is to recapture Soviet Glory. By funding the “wrong side” he will help spread ours, and other countries, military and intelligence agencies too thin to be effective. By not being directly involved in the conflicts (boots on the ground) he has a sort of clemency and will focus his attention to growing his military and arms. He doesn’t give a shit about the U.N. or any treaties, pacts or potential embargos. He’ll retake the surrounding geography, that since the end of the Cold War have ceded from the once powerful Soviet Union.

Let’s get back to his cabinet “appointees.” Only two of his proposed cabinet members were confirmed on day one. (Obama had seven confirmations his first day.) The aforementioned “Mad Dog” and another Marine General, John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security. He, as a choice, makes much more sense. His career, though evidently ineffective, boasts he’s an “expert” on drug smuggling and immigration and was overseeing central and south America’s land and waters.

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The rest of Perpetual Bad Hair Day’s cabinet picks (nicknamed ”The Swamp Cabinet”) in proposal consists of shady billionaires like himself and bankers. None of which have ever held a political office.  They’ve made careers, built extravagant lifestyles, and skirt the law as a practice. Greedy fucking loophole hunters dependent on high-priced attorneys to keep their asses out of prison by “reinterpreting” the laws. Money isn’t everything, but it can sure as hell beat the fuck out of the system.

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In another brilliant move, President Know Nothing is seemingly playing into his former “reality” T.V. show persona and has fired all U.S. ambassadors without anyone to replace them. They were ordered to relinquish their posts by mid-day on inauguration day. While it isn’t uncommon for political appointees to resign at the start of a new administration, it’s certainly rare that there are no folks immediately assigned to their posts. Evidentially, being a bullying shyster businessman accompanied by a gung-ho General are all we need for foreign relations. Diplomats? Who needs ‘em?

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Keeping promises…

In his first hour after being sworn in and promising that the middle-class would be taken care of, the orange idiot kicked us in the balls. As though the ink in his pen might dry up before he could do more harm, he signed an order indefinitely suspending a scheduled cut in mortgage insurance premiums that will cost the middle-class at least $500 per year. Why was this so important to him? Why was it on his mind in the first hour after taking office to fuck most of America? Could it be that in helping the middle-class is a magic trick? “Watch me make this problem disappear. Hehehe, I’ll make them poor and come in and seize the crashing housing market. ”Again!” Another problem solved.

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My favorite news bit came a few days leading to Douchebag’s swearing in. Scientists have named a moth “neopalpa donaldtrump” because it has a scaly head and similar hair. (Fuck yes! Science hates him too!)

Image result for trump moth

Today Trump reversed Obama’s Executive Action on abortion and has reinstated the Mexico City policy. What does this mean? it has nothing to do with Mexico City other than that is where it was first brought into order. What it does exactly is it prohibits foreign non-governmental agencies that receive funds from the U.S. government for International Development from promoting abortion services, including counseling that includes language regarding abortion.

Trump has made several comments regarding abortion and most infamously said that women who have abortions should be punished.

Image result for trump abortion

Speaking of Mexico…Trump’s “hypocritic” oath…

Cheeto has proposed a 35% border tax on Mexico that has economists predicting a resulting global recession that will hit hardest first in America due to driving up costs, especially in the auto industry. T-bag has targeted GM and Toyota in his first comments on the subject, though he promises to extend this to all companies doing business in other countries. (Wait. Toyota? Aren’t they a Japanese company that we manufacture for?)

During the presidential race the FACT  was brought up several times that he does business in other countries. Twelve other countries to be exact. Including Mexico.

When asked during the primaries in Miami why voters should trust him to run the country differently than his businesses he said;

“Because nobody knows the system better than me. … I’m a businessman. These are laws. These are regulations. These are rules. We’re allowed to do it. … I’m the one that knows how to change it.” (let me remind you once again that the hats worn at his inauguration were made in China. This was day one folks!)

Image result for trump hats made in china

He also promoted outsourcing as part of the curriculum at Trump University stating that it created jobs in the long run.

Seriously, these are comedic and frightening times.

I’m sure I’ll get shut down at some point for reporting fact as our thin-skinned POTUS will have the NSA searching for those that oppose him. There are no less than millions of us, so it will simply depend on the “firing order.” Though Madonna may be the first to be imprisoned. In a speech she made last night she stated she has thought about blowing up the White House since Trump is there.

Image result for madonna trump

There is simply too much to cover. This is the longest installment I have written to date, and believe me, I’m not even close to finished. Neither is Chettoh.

(And here I was worried about having nothing to write about post the election, but the Twitter twat that is now POTUS will keep me in plenty of material.)

Let us define this day with another word…

Shitbag: noun; a person of low scruples. See Donald J. Trump.

Peace out…or is it actually out with peace? Perhaps we should outsource it while we still have freedom.

Stay tuned…

(next up…healthcare, civil rights, the 1st amendment and much much more)


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